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Film Clips from “Gangs Of Roses 2” (You KNOW You Want To See It)

Film Clips from "Gangs Of Roses 2" (You KNOW You Want To See It)

C’mon confess…admit it…don’t be ashamed. Go to the rooftops and declare to the world that you want to see this mess called Gang of Roses 2!

Yeah, you can talk all you want about seeing quality uplifting black cinema, but your heart says that you want to see this craptacular. I do, and I’m not ashamed to admit it either. Why should I? I mean, if this sequel is half as ridiculous and as wretchedly bad as the first one, then this is going to be one hell of an entertaining movie.

Oh and wait until you get a load of the clip with the “bald headed beast” (as they call her on the black gossip blogs) Amber Rose’s dynamic performance in the film. I think I smell an Oscar nomination coming. (Oh yeah one question though: where did black women back in the Old West get their yaki weaves like the women in this movie have?)

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LMAO I actually like the 1st one. My sis and I watch it when it comes on. Sounds like a bunch of losers with miserable lives. I hope when I get old like all of you I don’t become so hateful. ok back to homework.


Sounds like averagejoe is getting all hot and bothered just with the idea of watching a film with these no-talent D-list (I mean Z list) actresses. And I use the term “actress” VERY loosely. I’m sure he’s expecting some girl-girl yaki weave action in the film.

As for none of us being saints I stand guilty as charged speaking for myself. I am the Whore of Babylon

Gigi Montes

@averagejoe Numerous comments on every single blog that posted this and 99% of the comments are NEGATIVE. That’s not “hating” that’s being real. Sounds like your feelings got hurt. lol


Sounds like a bunch of haters! Its obvious that this movie was not intended to be an authentic western. Must be tough to watch other people do what they love because they can. If non human blood sucking vampires can live next door why not have hip hop black chicks in a western setting?! As far as who these women have sleep with i’m sure there are no saints posting here.


This from folks who watch porn. Y’all so picky now.

@Tamara: Don’t know where you live, but in America, women don’t take their hats off indoors, only men. Just sayin’.

Lori Williams

No need to have talent these days. Just be a skank. Or do like Eurika and sleep with the married director. Such an embarrassment. Calling on BET and TV One to stop putting that trash on tv.


No wonder Teyana Taylor had a fight with the director. Those clips are embarrassingly awful and I still don’t know why the FUCK this movie is getting made. After sitting through “Video Girl” and seeing these clips, it’s official that these are certainly our last days on earth.

Gigi Montes

HOT A$$ MESS!! LMAO! WOW. We’ve got to do better, Black people!


I’m still laughing from the clip titles! LMAO!


LMBAO Tamara, I’m surprised you put that much thought into it. Sometimes a pile of poo is just a pile of poo… :-P


LOL Claudia’s performance wasn’t as cringeworthy; however, Kellita’s was…surprisingly. The barkeep knew to call Amber’s character “little lady”…but why? When her head’s shaved and at first, brief glance, she could easily be viewed as a boy. Rosci as the prodigal daughter? seeking forgiveness maybe? or guidance? but couldn’t show respect and remove her hat inside the chuchhouse? Teyana… No words. Funny stuff. Intentionally? Good luck with alla dat.


Lawd help us Jesus.


Good question about the weaves. Maybe cut off their horse’s tails?

Somebody out there must really love this movie.

LeonRaymond Mitchell

I don’t understand, is this a Horror film?

Kirby Ashley

I shuda know’d dere was gonna be a sequil when I saw de riginal on de cable TV not long ago!


Oh. Shit. LMBAO

If ever there was a time to wipe your ass with celluloid… LOL

It looks like those wild west photos you take at the hotel gift shop when you’re on vacation :-(

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