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Fox Launches Writer’s Intensive to Target Diversity

Fox Launches Writer's Intensive to Target Diversity

Described as a highly selective writer’s initiative held at the Fox Studios in Los Angeles from February to May, the Fox Writer’s Intensive (“FWI”) is a new program launched by Fox’s Audience Strategy division.

Deadline reports that unlike Fox’s other diversity programs that seek entry level opportunities for young writers, this initiative targets more experienced writers, and is open not only to ethnic minorities, but to anyone with a diverse background – including LGBT, foreign-born, etc.

10 writers will be chosen to participate in four months of intensive training, including seminars, workshops, and interactive guest-speaker sessions with established writers, showrunners and directors.

While the unpaid program doesn’t guarantee employment for its participants, it does aim to staff the FWI writers on one of Fox’s scripted shows. It will also provide each FWI writer with a first look on his or her submitted original script, and announce the “Fox 10 to Read” list to entertainment trade publications, with agencies, management companies, and across all Fox units.

One outstanding writer will also be chosen as the FWI Fellow, and will have his or her script purchased and developed by Fox.

Regarding eligibility, candidates must have published or produced material “or other accomplished presentation of their work” in TV, film, literature or theater. New writers are encouraged to apply to the Fox Writer’s Residency, launching in Fall 2012.

Candidates must also be nominated through one of the program’s partnering organizations or submitted through a talent agency/management company. Candidates cannot apply directly.

Nominating organizations include:

Film Independent
Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
New York Foundation for the Arts
Visual Communications
Writer’s Bootcamp
National Association of Latino Independent Producers
Organization of Black Screenwriters

FWI is a pilot program, so depending on the results with its inaugural class, we may see Fox develop it into a signature program.

For more information, visit the Fox website.

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/Bottom line, the studio is going to have to see some money in this or some face- saving that prevents them from losing money. Basically the outcome for movies and serious actors will be – they will hire and write for an increasing number of ambiguously brown people who can visually portray various ethnic roles beyond their own type (i.e. Northern Indians/Pakistanis can play any Middle Eastern type; Filipinos can play East Asian/South American and similarly, people from some parts of Mexico can play brown Asians if needed; goes without saying [Star Trek] that Chinese can play Japanese, Koreans, or whatever non-brown Asians). Luckily (for Hollywood at least), no audience is expecting (or paying for) a plot involving multiple Black people in complex situations. For Blacks, we can continue as usual with a few per movie in the standard types: Pimp, Mean Ho’ Heart-of-Gold Ho’, Mammy, Sacrificial Hero; Celibate but Smart Detective; Drug Dealer, Funny Buffoon, etc. For better or worse, the White-Boy-Sidekick role is increasingly being played by non-Blacks.


A “gainfully employed” talent/literary agent, thank you, Toexplain. Not to speak disparagingly against you or anyone else who’ll deem this unpaid opportunity a worthwhile one; I posted my comment only because I only seek out paid opportunities for the artists/writers with whom I work. However, I considered your point–it was well taken, and thus I did read on. And as an agent, I would be willing to submit any interested party–or help in any other way possible. (This is a serious post — based in Los Angeles)

eshowoman, the cranky film critic

I hope this goes better than the Sony initiative. They made two movies and called it off.


A shame if you stopped reading at “unpaid” Many would kill for the opportunity. I will assume you are gainfully employed writer/director


I stopped reading at “unpaid.”

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