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Gabourey Sidibe’s ‘The Safecracker’ Character Poster for “Tower Heist”

Gabourey Sidibe's 'The Safecracker' Character Poster for "Tower Heist"

Here’s a poster of Tower Heist, featuring Gabourey Sidibe in her character of The Safecracker.

Tower Heist, about a group of vengeful maintenance workers who use their knowledge of the building to rip off an under house arrest Bernie Madoff-like Wall Streeter, will open in theaters nationwide November 4th.

See full poster and trailer after the jump.

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I hated Sidibe before, but after this disgraceful fake-Jamaican, obese (because that is what Jamaican women with their fruits and vegetable eating, protein and grain cookin', miles a day walking behinds look like), self-centered, criminal incarnation of a character came into being with this f@@l Sidibe gladly collecting her check of this sh!t, I am now certain that she is an idiot.

Shawn Taylor

A fat black women in a maid’s outfit? Really? Between her crap faux-patois, and Eddie Murphy’s bug-eyed cooning, this flick looks to do more damage to black people than Tyler Perry X Homeboys from Outer Space X Precious.


Quite possibly the worst Jamaican accent IN LIFE! LOL. Lawwddd ham’mercy!


Well, I’m black and I think she’s adorable, so complimenting her definitely doesn’t insult me. She’s the reason I want to see this movie, bad accent and all, even though the two black characters are a maid and a thief. But I’m with BluTopaz–I love this exchange between the two of them. If they take that somewhere, it’ll be worth the (matinee) price of admission.


Beautiful black women? Please don’t insult black people. White people might read this and think that we actually consider that hippo beautiful. She’s as big as an elephant. That’s disgusting. Look at her elbo for gods sake. It’s hangin out of her shirt. Respect yourself black people! Eat healthy, exercise, and take care of yourselves. I don’t respect people that allow themselves to look like this.




@ Urban,

Yeah, the miss cleo Jah-fake-an accent is atrocious to me and I’m Black American. But i think her exchange with Eddie here in the clip is hilarious-lol.

Urban Cineaste


If your of Jamaican descent please be careful viewing this film as it has possibly the worst screen example of the accent in history.

Sorry Gabby but it was plan awful.


She could play opposite Shemar Moore, Morris Chestnut, Blair Underwood, Will Smith, Denzel Washington. I think she’s worthy like any other beautiful black sexy woman! Let’s celebrate our black women today shall we?

Duncan MaNutz

She looks like “The Help” to me.


Could have been a decent pic if she didn’t look so mean.


Could have been a decent pic if she didn’t so mean.

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