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Holly Robinson-Peete To Star In CBS Sitcom ‘Mike & Molly’

Holly Robinson-Peete To Star In CBS Sitcom 'Mike & Molly'

So back in August I quite innocently posted an item about that loud and unfunny comedian (with the weirdest, jacked up, creepiest smile I’ve ever seen) Sheryl Underwood replacing Holly Robinson-Peete after she had been dumped from CBS’ The View rip-off The Talk.

That little item unbelievably garned more comments than any other post so far in the history of S&A. Seems that Holly has a HUGE following out there as well as the fact that the my piece obviously was posted around the internet on other sites and people had to respond to it.

Well there’s no question that CBS has also been paying attention to the outcry about Holly and decided that they needed to do something fast to save their rep by all those furious hard core Holly fans out there and well as to milk her popularity for ratings.

As a result the network has announced that Holly will be returning to the network to star in a multiple episode story line on their popular hit sit-com Mike & Molly . According to the network, Holly will play the new girlfriend of Mike’s cop partner Carl, played by Reno Wilson, who lives with grandmother and has been struggling with women.

Whether this will lead to a permanent place on the show or a lead role in another CBS show is too soon to say.

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a sexy unknown stripper would be funner than Holly!
Carl should have a new weird date every other week.

Dankwa Brooks

I hadn’t seen Holly since she was on ’21 Jump Street’ until she showed up on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ and WOW was she a force to be reckoned with winding up in the final 2 in the finale. I think she would have won the show if Trump hadn’t given the pity vote to Brett Michaels after he literally climbed out of his hospital bed to attend the finale.

I was further impressed as she was one of the best things about that dry ass talk show…’The Talk.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see her headlining her own show next season and this ‘Mike & Molly’ stint might just be a precursor to test her sitcom likeability.


I look foward to seeing her on Mike & Molly, it’s a funny show.


Yay!!! More Holly, more Holly!!!

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