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Is He Just A Cop Or Something More? Pics Of Joseph Gordon-Levitt In ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

Is He Just A Cop Or Something More? Pics Of Joseph Gordon-Levitt In 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Sorry 99%, Christopher Nolan Won’t Be Shooting In Zuccotti Park

So “The Dark Knight Rises” production hit New York City this week and as usual, everyone with a camera is taking pictures of whatever they can, and while we haven’t kept up with the minutia of set photos this seems to be something fresh. Or not. But anyway, when Joseph Gordon-Levitt was first cast in the film it was said that he was playing a Gotham City beat cop assigned to special duty by Commissioner Gordon. Many assumed this was a ruse and that he was secretly playing someone much more important, but as these pics bear out…well, he’s a beat cop. And it looks like he’s assigned to protecting Bruce Wayne. MAYBE HE’LL BECOME ROBIN! Or maybe he’s secretly the Joker’s brother. Or maybe he’s just a Gotham City beat cop assigned to special duty by Commissioner Gordon. We’ll find out eventually.

In other Batman news, remember when it was recently rumored that Nolan and co. would be doing some shooting around Zuccotti Park and the Occupy Wall Street protests? Well, if you’re been there walking around with a placard in the hopes of bumping into Christian Bale, you can give it a rest. There are no plans to shoot down there. Anyway, you already know this, but “The Dark Knight Rises” will land on July 20, 2012. More pics below. [via ONTD]

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No matter JGL plays whatever, he just rocks. Such guessing doesn’t make sense.


Playlist people: What is the reason you guys get so many genuinely mental commenters? Does it show up on fansites a lot, or something? Every so often you get a rash of seemingly unhinged people posting on your articles. It’s quite interesting. Not your fault, of course, but just bizarre. The average Twilight article gets a million nutjobs. It’s as strange as that oddity on Deadline who always mentions how they hope Matt Dillon gets cast in every unproduced movie. Unless that person is Matt Dillon.


Maybe that’s what Nolan wants you to think.


I never understood fans all thinking Levitt must be someone other than a beat cop? I mean, just because he’s a cop does not mean it will be a small or insignificant role. I think Levitt will have lots of screentime and be instrumental to the plot, but yeah he’ll be playing a cop and not some secret villain or proto-Robin in disguise.


@The Playylist- And why should they add a role for Michelle Williams? I don’t think she would come near a tent-pole (unless you count Oz which I guess is the most mainstream she has gone to date) to save her life. Which is great news for fans of the terrific actress because we love her in indie films and opposite Leo & Ryan Gosling (more of that please!) :)

eric blair

I’m guessing he’s Harvey Bullock.

The Playylist

Seriously, JGL looks great but this role looks tailor made for RYAN GOSLING. Hop

also, they really should have added a role for Michelle Williams, the greatest actress of her generation. Also ,the villain role in this film is DR HUGO STRANGE


This looks like an episode of The Wire, JGL really looks like McNulty in these pics…this movies gonna be epic!


correction: he’s playing a brooding gotham beat cop

Kevin Jagernauth

Guys, his hair is method acting.

The Playlist

Seriously, so disappointing. Can they just shut down production?


well he DOES have a stressful job


I am disappointed that Christian Bale’s hair isn’t shorter than it was in the last film. It’s even longer and he’s got gray streaks as well.

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