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iW’s Project of the Day: “Tomorrow We Disappear,” A Doc about India’s Last Magicians’ Colony

iW's Project of the Day: "Tomorrow We Disappear," A Doc about India's Last Magicians' Colony

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“Tomorrow We Disappear”

Tweetable Logline:

A feature documentary about the Kathputli Colony, India’s last magicians’ colony…that’s about to be bulldozed.

Elevator Pitch:

Since the 1970s Delhi’s magicians, puppeteers, and acrobats have called the tinsel slum, the Kathputli Colony, home. Last year the government issued relocation permits to the colony residents; the slum is to be bulldozed, cleared for development. High-rises and a shopping mall are planned in it’s place. Our story is about what you give up to get the things you think you want. In its modernizing, the world is losing places like Kathputli, and no one notices.

Production Team:

Director/Producer/Editor: Adam Weber
Interactive Director/Producer: Jim Goldblum
Cinematographer/Interactive Producer: Joshua Cogan
Cinematographer: Will Bassanta

About the Production:

“About a year ago, we found a short blurb online about how the Indian government had sold a magicians’ colony to real estate developers. So we rallied two world-class shooters and flew to India. We landed at the Delhi airport, drove 20 minutes down the road, squeezed between two buildings, and found ourselves in an artists’ labyrinth. We’ve seen a magician stick a knife through his son’s neck, and acrobat pick up needles with her eyes, and a puppeteer’s plans for a brand new colony. We have over 180 hours of footage, and only one case of parasites.” — Adam Weber

Current Status:

In Production.

For more information and to support the project:

Kickstarter Page
Film Website

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Ali S

I’m so very impressed! This film sure gets my vote!

janie g

The “Elevator Pitch” says it all, eloquently. This story MUST be seen, heard and FELT.

Anu K

Loved it! The cinematography was incredible.

Mal P

Truly amazing. They were able to capture the essence of these “magicians.” I am glad that their story is being told.

Bobbi Alpert

I love documentaries and this one looks really special. It gets my vote. I’m really can’t wait to see it!

Lois N.

This documentary looks wonderful; obviously produced by a talented group of men.

Judith Fryer

Wish there were more documentaries such as this. Can’t wait to see the full film.

Sunny G.

“Tomorrow We Disappear” is a Time Capsul. The faces, the artists, the skills, the honesst picture of real people should be preserved for future generations to know.


Yes! Even just the trailer was fascinating – would love to see more!


I am mesmerized each time I see some footage. This documentary honors a colony that will never disappear from our hearts. I cannot wait to see this film.


A universal theme set in an urban wonderland – please do.

Lonnie Smoller

“Tomorrow We Disappear” is a must see! It would be a crime for this colony of talented people to disappear and not have their talents showcased.

Susie W

It is a story like this that makes us marvel. I cannot wait to see the documentary.

Chad Greene

Can’t wait for “Tomorrow We Disappear”. Awesome story, great cinematography…how can you go wrong?!

Marjorie Stanek

Looks very interesting. I would like to see this film.

Fred Kremer

Amazing! Very well done!


I’m so, so excited for this documentary. My parents came to America from India when they were really young. I grew up fascinated by their stories of growing up in such an intensely beautiful culture. I felt that fascination again while watching the trailer for Tomorrow We Disappear and want to see more.


Looks like a worthy and compelling story. I’d love to see it.


I think the story is told in a respectful way – the trailer definitely leaves you wanting to know more.


I’ve viewed the trailer and would love to see more! Amazing footage truly needs to be completed for the world to view. If I may suggest a song for the film, Joni Mitchell’s “Big Yellow Taxi.”




From my perch in New Delhi, I have seen many foreign documentary production teams come and go, most of whom end up with shining pieces of voyeurism and souvenir that will be perfectly palatable and marketable in their native bases of origin. The creators of ‘Tomorrow We Disappear’, however, are doing something different and wonderful: they are providing channels and backdrops for the people of the Kathputli Colony to tell their own stories, to express themselves about their lives and what is happening to and around them. And that this is not only about ‘them’; it is about ‘us’, which we can feel only because of the extraordinary universality, humility, dignity that underly the production of ‘Tomorrow We Disappear’.

Although tomorrow we may all disappear, in the meantime, may stories such as this one light our way to the future!


Fascinating! I’d love to see it!

Meghna Sethy

India is a country full of culture, art and hidden talent. This culture, art and talent remains hidden because modernization has become the epitome of everything. Modernization and development is needed but not by pushing such artistry aside. It should be done hand in hand with this. Incredible talent is the essence of colonies like Kathputli. Such riveting and talented cultures in a very big way is one of the faces of India!
This documentary will bring this topic to light. It can bring that much needed change in the government’s attitude.


The trailer and miscellaneous footage is absolutely beautiful. Can’t wait for the finished product.


i can’t wait for this documentary to become a reality. what a great topic!


Yay, KICKSTARTER and INDIEWIRE for showcasing a film that already is riveting and wonderful and needs to be completed and seen. We mustn’t let the ASTOUNDING (and, basically, undiscovered) talents of those living in Kathputli disappear!!


This has the potential to be a fantastic story-I hope they get the chance to tell it.


Awesome. Truly.


this looks amazing!


I would really love to see more of this! What an interesting story!


the trailer is amazing — can’t wait to see the film!!


Love the trailer. music/footage is stellar. already in for my puppet via kickstarter.

Jamie Pearlstein

I absolutely want to see this documentary! An artist’s community is the foundation for some of the greatest creative achievements…ever! The demise of this very unique collective is emblematic of a worldwide transgression towards imagination!

alyson stanley

yes please!!!!

Kevin Hess

Incredible footage, need to see the rest. It will succeed and garner international acclaim.




enchanting, beautiful, challenging. yes, please!

troy lachance

Yes please!


Magic, chaos, beauty. Acha!! xxx

Harry Speakup

I can’t tell you how excited I am to see this film. The story sounds incredible, the footage I’ve seen on vimeo brilliant, and the whole sound of the project fills me with something… well, I’m not sure what it is but I know it’s positive!

Marjorie Shiekman

This film sounds amazing. I hope it gets fully funded so this story can be told.

wayne given

lets see this film! It sounds interesting.

Piyush Pande

I live in delhi and was the part of the whole production while shooting. I really think this unknown world of the Magicians and jugglers should come infront of the world , specially India where importance of real raw magic is getting vanished day by day. May be by watching this documentary government will realise the mistake they have made and will take back their decision .

Himanshu Vora

Yes, I want to see this docu asap.


Amazing flim about a vanishing culture – bring it on.


The footage is insane!

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