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Johnny Depp Inserts Foot in Mouth in Vanity Fair Interview

Johnny Depp Inserts Foot in Mouth in Vanity Fair Interview

Johnny Depp is the highest paid actor hauling in piles of cash to make crappy movies about being on a pirate ship in the caribbean and then making pretty unwatchable films based on Hunter S. Thompson books. I don’t fault the guy for doing his passion projects because he has the clout to do pretty much whatever he wants.

But he said two stupid things in a new Vanity Fair interview.

First he said:

Basically, if they’re going to pay me the stupid money right now, I’m going to take it.

So the guy freely admits that he is making stupid movies and that is getting paid upwards of $300 million dollars to do stupid things. A woman could never make these statements because first, I have never heard of a single woman making that much for a film. Can you imagine if Meryl Streep who I feel is as worthy an actress compared to Johnny Depp made $300 million? Oh my god. I think time would stop.

And Johnny said that he is taking the money for his kids. Johnny what kid needs $300 million.

His more egregious comment has to do with comparing getting photographed by the paparazzi as being raped.

You just feel like you’re being raped somehow, Raped… It feels like a kind of weird… just weird, man


Johnny – you are an official idiot. Maybe you should meet some actual rape victims before you say something this stupid and closed minded.

I think you should take some of that money you are saving for your kids and make a big gift to the rape crisis center near where you live.

Update: Johnny clearly saw how the quote was playing and released this statement of clarification:

I am truly sorry for offending anyone in any way. I never meant to. It was a poor choice of words on my part in an effort to explain a feeling. I understand there is no comparison and I am very regretful. In an effort to correct my lack of judgment, please accept my heartfelt apology.

I still think he should give a big donation to his local rape crisis center.

‘It’s like being raped’: Johnny Depp causes outrage after comparing photo shoots to sexual abuse (Daily Mail)

Johnny Depp: “If They’re Going to Pay Me The Stupid Money Right Now, I’m Going to Take It” (Vanity Fair)

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True enough, comparing having his image ‘stolen’ to being raped is overblown and insensitive. At best but also, maybe at worst, a terrible, thoughtless word choice.

Beyond that – and mind you I’m no analyst but David is right – in fact, your article reeks of a very layered and complex form of penis envy and really, says nothing more!
Depp knows great work, makes some seriously good films and practices an art that’s beyond your capabilities – which he does with grace and ease.
Of course he’s offered opportunities to make easy money, play acting in fluff and it’s a lot of money and he chooses to take it once in a while. He is also disarmingly honest about it and not concerned with defending his ‘serious actor’s’ reputation or his ego, since he knows both will be just fine!


“But to your first point—- what he said was nothing more than the FACTS.”

Duh. That’s not the point. Depp can get away with biting the hand that feeds him, while rubbing it in the face of many other talented actors who cannot dream of being overpaid to do something they feel is beneath them. Women working in Hollywood can’t ever dream of getting paid that much money to do a *good* job, let alone sleepwalk through their roles like Depp can.

That’s one privileged asshole talking. Which leads into point 2…


Yeah, I agree with what you said. The first thing he said was blunt. The second thing he said was very ignorant and insensitive.

Also, though, if you watch his Inside the Actor’s Studio episode he said some very feminist things. In fact he said that he believes women are the stronger gender especially after seeing his children born. He also said he would be honored to play a woman in a movie just because he has so much respect for our gender and said we’re the better gender (it makes more sense if you watch the interview.) Preach, Johnny, preach.

I know this is the every-movie-made-in-the-1990’s-starring-Johnny-Depp-was-perfect fangirl talking but, I love him. :)


“you are an official idiot” followed by calling someone else close-minded. awesome! thanks for the well-thought out criticism.

B.D. Gallof

His comments are in the usual actor ignorance bubble.

I have more an issue that you have called Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas “unwatchable”. But to some…not their cup of tea. Ok, I get it.

MOST concerning is that you insinuate that you have indeed seen another HST movie with Depp in it, in Rum Diary. I would like to question to veracity of that statement of yours.

And submit a lot of what you wrote, to be honest, was unreadable.



Hasn’t he worked with and defended Roman Polanski?

So his careless comment about feeling “raped” don’t surprise me.

Also, most of his movies are crap right now. He used to do great movies like “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?” But I guess those types of movies don’t offer paydays like “Pirates” and “The Tourist.”


Agree with your 2nd point. At the least, an ignorant, if not completely narcissistic projection.

But to your first point — what he said was nothing more than the FACTS.

Hollywood makes largely stupid movies, at mind blowingly stupid costs and payouts and Depp gets a piece by… doing make-believe. Adult pretend. That’s it. Those are the FACTS.

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