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Join Us Now! S&A Livecast Hot Topics Show (Shonda Rhimes and John Singleton’s Lawsuit)

Join Us Now! S&A Livecast Hot Topics Show (Shonda Rhimes and John Singleton's Lawsuit)

So guess what today is? It’s another fun and lively GROWN FOLKS live podcast show at 8:00pm/est with the S&A crew. If you haven’t been listening, you probably should tune in now because we plan to have another Hot Topics show and address some of the comments written on the site. So what’s on tap?

-Monique’s opinion post on Shonda Rhimes seemed to ruffle some feathers and we plan to delve into this issue even more, no holds barred as usual.
-John Singleton’s lawsuit with Paramount and the “invisible” racial aspect tied to it.
-Since so many tv shows are being cancelled, what exactly is everyone watching?

You can listen HERE and call in at (347) 215-8777. We want to hear from you and don’t forget to join in the chat room as well. See ya there!

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Who Cares?

“I figured. One thing to post on a site, another to go toe to toe with somebody live.”

You’re right, because Monique is clearly Michael Eric Dyson. She could talk rings around anyone in a debate with her wit.These are her best talking points:

1. “I’m a dark girl.” 5x
2. “I’m a big girl.” 3x



I figured. One thing to post on a site, another to go toe to toe with somebody live.


Hi JMac,

Save your energy, people like to post repeatedly using different names, but it’s the same person. People talk a lot but they never call in. It’s easy to be a keyboard warrior, harder for some to actually speak their mind.


Where were you guys during the show? If some of you called in or posted in the chat, it would’ve been less dull.

Shutter Island Guard

How can someone preach about unfairness, when its vehicle is not? Those truly concerned with those blacks would take issue with the person with the true power; the network president who green-lighted the fall lineup. What this is about is sensationalist tactics to gloat about how people are “ruffled” by words, not changing things.

Why be the Internet version of The Inquirer, okay with being despised as long as people click on the slanderous articles? The trailer clearly shows Kerry as the lead with all other actors as her subordinates. Isaiah Wash doesn’t see her as some Uncle Tom and was grateful to her for the job. What was he in prior?. If you have some grudge with her because she won’t grant you an interview, leave us out of it. You seem to be fractous when not treated like a princess. Or Mike Fleming.

I guess the trailer for Scandal is going to post here in 5,4,3,2…


I’m sorry but this isn’t Fox news, nowhere in our description do we state we are, need to be or will be Fair and Balanced. We have opinions, we exercise them and you have the right to counter them.

Inmates Running the Asylum

If it [Scandal] was any good, it wouldn’t be a mid-season replacement. It would’ve been in the fall lineup.”-Cynthia

You mean, like Charlie’s Angel’s, Playboy Club, and Free Agents? LMAO. Seinfeld was a summer rerun replacement. The Simpsons was a mid season replacement. LEARN THE INDUSTRY. Get a clue guys. And a job on the Warner Bros. lot.

Good job Emmanuel for at least attempting to be fair and balanced!

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