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Karyn Parsons Launches New Web Series Titled “Mommy In Chief” + Trailer

Karyn Parsons Launches New Web Series Titled "Mommy In Chief" + Trailer

Maybe to be forever known as Hilary Banks on the hits 90s TV comedy show The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’s, Karyn Parsons is launching a new web series titled Mommy in Chief — a exclusive that “explores the ups, downs, and everything in between of being a modern mom. “Mommy in Chief” offers a fun, inspiring, and practical take on parenting for mothers in a variety of life stages and child ages.

Parsons will obviously be the star of the series, which will run for 12 episodes, airing on Fridays through December 2011; although no specific debut date is given, but I suspect it’ll begin soon.

Watch the trailer for it below:

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I wish it wasnt on madamenoire as i hate that website format.

Ill check it out. But Karyn has tv $ and her husband is a direcctor w director $. I say this bc they have 4, so are theire problems relatable to tehavg middle class afr am mother ?


She’s still beautiful, I love her!


Geneva Girl

Looks like fun and although I realize that it is an internet production, the production values are very low. I hope they improve with viewership.


Woah. Where has SHE been?


Great! I’ll be tuning in. I think the internet is the way to go nowadays if you want fair representation.

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