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Kaufman’s Meta Frank or Francis, Craig and Mara Pose in Empire

Kaufman's Meta Frank or Francis, Craig and Mara Pose in Empire

– Check out Empire’s spread of Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig, as they continue to build hype for David Fincher’s The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo. More details on the issue and why Lisbeth Salander is “not a superhero” here.

Thompson on Hollywood

Thompson on Hollywood

– ThePlaylist has read Charlie Kaufman’s script, Frank or Francis, and shares all the details you want and none you don’t. They describe the script as “a sprawling, super ambitious and hyper meta-textual. It’s also hilarious, completely bizarre, multi-layered, dense and therefore the ne plus ultra of Charlie Kaufman-esque.”

Here’s more:

Frank or Francis, in our estimation, feels like a deliciously good and contemptuous (though self-aware) screed/send-up of the film industry, not only, the graffiti-with-punctuation bloggers, but the entire machine: fatuous filmmakers, vapid PR people, self-absorbed writers, blowhard actors, and last but not least it serves up a jiujitsu-like takedown on the ego-driven, vacuous meat-parade that is the Academy Awards. No stone is left unturned nor is there much of any kind of hero in the story as everyone is as equally moronic and narcissistic as the other.”

The Guardian interviews Kaufman about what makes good writing.


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i heard this project is at sony right? get FINCHER on board to direct it. i love Kaufman, but Synecdoche was more of a puzzle than an entertaining trippy movie(which Kaufman’s script is always do when its directed by a Michel Gondry or Spike Jonze).

i mean come on, the Spike Jonze relation might help Fincher get on board. Kaufman seems clueless on how he’s going to adapt this on screen. Fincher CAN disect the script and work with it with Kaufman. postponed 20,000 league and GET HIM ON BOARD. this idea looks entertaining but we might end up with Synecdoche if Kaufman directs it(i know there are people who love that movie, but why not make a movie that a lot of people will enjoy, kind of like Eternal Sunshine, Adaptation and Being John Malkovich)

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