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Kerry Washington Will Be Jamie Foxx’s Slave Wife Broomhilda In “Django Unchained”

Kerry Washington Will Be Jamie Foxx's Slave Wife Broomhilda In "Django Unchained"

Well… she was rumored to be at the top of Quentin Tarantino’s list for the part, from the get-go, so I guess this shouldn’t be much of a surprise. Though I’m curious who else they looked at.

From Deadline:

Kerry Washington has won the role of Broomhilda in Django Unchained. Director Quentin Tarantino made his choice and The Weinstein Company began exclusive negotiations with her CAA reps last night. She’ll play the long suffering slave wife of Django (Jamie Foxx), who is freed by a bounty hunter (Christoph Waltz) and taught the tricks of that trade.

Deadline notes that while she was Tarantino’s choice from the beginning, the possibility of “making a discovery in the role” appealed to him, and he did perform “a long casting search before settling on Ms Washington for what is essentially the film’s female lead.

I must say though that I didn’t at all expect Kerry Washington to take the part, given what I read in the script. I thought the role would likely go to a young up-and-comer instead.

You may or may not recall this section from my review of the film’s script:

Speaking of its blaxploitation influences… regarding the lead female character in this, named Broomhilda, Django’s slave wife, whom he’s separated from, and seeks. She’s the lead female in the film, but her part is limited to really just physicalities. She has the most screen time of any other woman in the film, which is why I call her the lead female character, but, really, there’s no Shosanna in this one, as there was in Inglorious Basterds. The black female “lead” here doesn’t get the same kind of dignified treatment that Tarantino gave Shosanna. Not even close. Yes, I know it’s a different time altogether, but, I’m sure he could have afforded Broomhilda some complexities, and maybe even made her a heroine in her own right.

There are some 4 or 5 scenes in which the she’s, shall we say, “exposed”… i.e. naked; and they felt gratuitous to me; 2 in which she’s raped by white men. When we first meet her, she’s on the auction block and asked to bare her breasts to potential buyers; later, she’s chased through a hotel, through hallways, and lobbies, etc, by a slave master, completely naked, after being woken up from sleep, with a whip across her naked body; and still later, she’s locked up naked in a steel box as punishment for trying to run away.

Yes, I’m sure these are all scenarios that very well likely could have played out at the time; HOWEVER, Tarantino could have opted to depict her in another light altogether, but instead chose this less flattering, exploitative one. If the intent here is to elicit sympathy for her, and, in turn, ensure that we hate her captors even more, justifying their eventual comeuppance, it certainly doesn’t. Not for me anyway – as someone who’s already familiar with the atrocities of slavery, and didn’t feel like I needed to see a character that’s really the female lead in the film, essentially exhibited almost like Saartje Baartman (aka the Hottentot Venus) was.

I’m betting Tarantino will likely get a well-endowed black actress to play the part, not-so unlike, as I already made comparisons to, the blaxploitation films of the 70s, the most famous female face (and body) of the era, Pam Grier.

Who exactly will take this particular role, I don’t know. It’s not the most glamorous, nor complex. Although, I’m sure there are a lot of actresses who’d gladly sign up for it.

So… unless there have been changes made since the draft of the script many of us have read, this is pretty much a summary of the character Washington will play here.

Granted, the completed film may not be a page for page copy of the script, nor is the experience of watching a film comparable to reading the script its based on; also, gratuitous violence is maybe more Tarantino’s forte than exploitative sexuality; so, I could be totally off about this, and the final product, when it’s in theaters next year, may resonate very differently.

Though I should again emphasize the script’s obvious blaxploitation influences, for whatever that’s worth.

But to be frank, this isn’t a film that I want to see made anyway, given all I’ve read about it thus far.

We’ll see…

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Patricia Kayden

Have never watched a Torentino film and this will be added to the list of "not going to watch". Sounds stupid and racist. Why would Kerry Washington take this role? Hope she backs out.


When I read comments on this blog, it disappoints me. It shows that with black people, you can not win for losing. First we complain that white people dont cast black actors in their films. then when casting directors execute whats called "color blind casting" and pair a black actress with a white actor, black people say, there she goes with a white man. Black people…… get your sh*t together.


Tarantino wrote the role of Broomhilda to be a human mattress, assaulted and bounced upon by the male actors which Tarantino granted the best dialogue, best character arcs, best action sequences, and best performance opportunities. Broomhilda is a rape victim at the beginning, a rape victim in the middle, and a rape victim at the end of Django Unchained. She has no thoughts, dreams, hopes, expectations, will, character growth, character development, or story arc. Her character is static whose three activities in the film are [1] Being raped [2] Being beaten [3] Crying. She doesn't do anything else which reveals the limitations of the screenwriter. Also, the eagerness of the screenwriter to use racial epithets against Black people, going all the way back to Crimson Tide, where Denzel Washington (being an alpha male and very intolerant of racial mind games) confronted him on that issue reveals other inner issues of the screenwriter, yet to be resolved. Note: none of the Black females–Pam Grier, Vivica Fox, Sydney Poitier, Tracie Thoms, Rosario Dawson–cast in earlier Tarantino projects have returned to work with him and have, instead, turned to other directors for work. In addition, other up and coming actresses like Rutina Wesley, Sophie Okinwedo, Naomi Harris, Zoe Kravitz, etc. have sought other projects for 2012. Fortunately, two other Tarantino players–Michael Fassbinder and Brad Pitt–chose to back the other slave epic for 2012, 12 Years a Slave.


So…. Congratulations to Kerry. Hope she can find better roles in the future though.


All I get from this is how confused African Americans' comments seem to be. How exactly is Kerry a 'safe choice'? lol… what?

By the way is this what we were saying about Whoopi when she did interracial roles such as Corrina Corrina, Sister Act, Cinderella and some two other movies, I forget the name. Is every black actress who acts opposite a white guy a "safe choice"?

So what is an unsafe choice since it seems to me every black actress has at least 3 interracial roles in their lifetime? If they act in 'white people movies' at least…

Looks like y'all can't get enough of keeping bw guessing on the whole 'I am universally beautiful' front. Keep trying and you just might stop the wm/bw trend in Hollywood movies that I know you've noticed. That is your goal after all right?
To constantly make bw feel like shit no matter what they do and who they do it with.

Glad I'm not African American. Not falling for the bullshit you seem to think about yourselves. lol@there was no sexual desire in slavery. Then comparing slavery sex to battlefield sex like Bosnia, Rwanda. As if one situation isnt a much longer period and did not involve 'enemies' persay, unlike the others. smdh.

Also, slaves did not have a singular 'look'. Neither do blacks anywhere in the world.


I’d probably prefer to watch 12 Years a Slave starring Chiwetol Ejiofer, Michael Fassbender, and Brad Pitt. Steve McQueen is directing.


In order for anyone to step on your back, you have to bend over.

I do believe Christopher Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Quentin Tarantino will do just that to Kerry Washington to collect their Oscars.


Why is it Hollywoods job to give Kerry more? She has been in over 40 films! She should have been collaborating with writers, directors indie people to get more for HERSELF…she has had her many chances does she really need? She is perpetually trying to break through for ten years now… The audience does not love her like now she is panicked..dumped her fiancé, dated a rapper/actor for street cred, name dropped spence and gwu, showed up to EVERY red carpet event in the last two years, nose job,lipo,skin lightening,weaves, everything! Just so she can become a star..Tyler Perry complained she talked too much on now the white studio heads are letting her have her shot, truthfully it’s like a tragedy just waiting to unfold:(


Kerry wants to be the next halle berry! White men thinks she hot so that probably why Taritiono casted her. She looks extotic enough to play the part and that what she is trying to sell with all that plastic surgery trying to be the next halle! I would think an unknown would have been better because there are so many talent black actresses out there. Kerry was the “safe choice”. She is brown enough to be black,, but exotic enough to be a love interest to Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Foxx and Jordan Lee Gorditt.


And I’m back.

Misha hit the mark on that. Thanks.

There was no intended diss with Kerry but in addition to having that certain oomph, hood cred, or whatever you want to call it, Vivica does have that certain something that makes you want to watch her and she’s always memorable. I hate to say it but Kerry hasn’t given me that same impression. In fact, I forgot she was in Last King of Scotland until it was mentioned here- it could’ve been any other lesser known black actress. I don’t even remember the sex scene although I know I watched it with the attitude of “oh great, here comes the mandatory white guy in Africa gettin’ on with a sister scene.” She played her role and didn’t overpower but she didn’t shine either.


I have noticed that Kerry Washington has started to change her look to appear more Eurocentric. She got a nose job, lost weight even though she is thin, and I think Kerry has even gotten her skin a bit lighter. I like Kerry but I wonder if she is making the wrong decision.

Halle Berry did get big for a minute after Monster`s Ball but she`s fallen off the radar. Kerry is a good actress and it is so sad that Hollywood has not given her the opportunity to shine in a leading lady role. I am guessing this is the reason Kerry chose to take this part. But I just hope that her dignity is not destroyed in this film role. I sincerely hope Kerry does not end up like Halle Berry.


Noooooo! Kerry, pleeeease don’t go the “Monster’s Ball” route to top-tier stardom!


By the way, I think I’m in agreement with Darkan. Kerry hasn’t really “wowed” me in any of her performances. Neither has Zoe for that matter but she has “that look” so….

Bronx Native

I put Kerry in the category of Thandie Newton personally…she does come across as thinking she’s white a lot. Going to Spence School does not make you Gwenyth Paltrow, you’re from the Bronx.

It would have been nice to see new talent, since the girl already has projects. Plus, they will probably use body doubles anyway like they did Jada.


“It might be that she is too big for that character.”

Well that’s part of the problem for me. Tarantino, a man known for kickass female characters is now (seemingly) interested in a “female lead” who merely serves as a side character and one who isn’t the least bit appealing (IMO)? Pfft.


OMG!! There’s so much hate on this post it’s unbelievable..People who hate this much must have some really bad issues. Try picking up a bible sometime, it will help with the demons inside. Congrats Kerry and I’m looking forward to seeing you on your new show SCANDAL.


“I cannot help but think racism is holding her back. It seems Hollywood only allows ONE black woman to be A list and the only one right now is Zoe Saldana. I like Zoe but I think Kerry is a superior actress.”



I think people need to WAIT before you pass judgment on Kerry Washington for taking this role. I hope Kerry`s role isn`t as degrading as Tambay`s description of the script was. I really like Kerry and I believe she SHOULD be on the A LIST by now. Kerry is a good actress but I doubt this role will take her to the A list. The truth is, Kerry Washington SHOULD be on the A list now she`s in her prime, 34 years of age, a very talented actress, and she`s gorgeous. I don`t know WHY Kerry hasn`t gotten to LEAD a Hollywood film on her own, she seems to me to be a VERY serious actress. If you look at Kerry`s acting resume on IMDB.COM she`s taken on very diverse roles.

I cannot help but think racism is holding her back. It seems Hollywood only allows ONE black woman to be A list and the only one right now is Zoe Saldana. I like Zoe but I think Kerry is a superior actress.


Man, Miss Kerry sure brought out the crazies! LMAO!


Wow, I’ve had the best time reading this post! Lol. I’ve never been too hot on Kerry Washington, although I actually liked her in She hate me she has never done anything to prove to me that she’s that “it” chick. Hollywood has a way of making our black sisters play the slut or servants and it’s sad. We need more Angela Bassets and Cicely Tysons. Unfortunately the entertainment world has turned to whoredom. More power to Ms Kerry Washington on this one, because when it’s all said and done I hope she can look at herself in the mirror. Divine summed it up well in my book.


“She has been naked FOUR times and it didn’t manage to push her into the A list..maybe a rape and a “hotbox” will.. ”

Umm, she is the lead star of a primetime drama that is about hit the air on ABC. She actually is one of the most popular Black actresses in her age group. She is not getting roles like Anne Hathaway, because well, there are few major roles for black women to begin with.

Bu Kerry Washington is in the league of Anne Hathaway, while Viola Davis is in the league of Meryl Streep. and NO ONE would put Hathaway in the same league with Streep LOL.

Look, coming from the perspective of a movie-goer, Kerry W. is not penalized from this end for appearing nude. Weren’t all her nude scenes in movies that were critically acclaimed. Come on, in LAST KING OF SCOTLAND, that was an important role, and the movie was Oscar nominated.

Also, none of her scenes were really gratuitous nudity, IMO. Feel like I’ve seen more of Hathaway than K. Washington.


I believe that Keesha Sharpe (Monica from Girlfriends) tweeted about losing the Broomhilda role earlier this week, or last. I would love to see her get more exposure. That said, I also like Kerry and am happy either way with casting. Still, I do not like the premise of the movie and am so sick of the same, tired slave and slave-like tales. Tsk, tsk, progress is in order.

It is a shame that the primary big budget film roles for black women are those of slave (Kerry), mammy (Viola in the Help), whore (Taraji in Hustle & Flow), sex kitten (Halle… in that Billy Bob film). But, what else is new? Paula Patton may avoid the setback with Mission Impossible (not that I am a PP fan).


Wow, that was….interesting LMAO


Listen enough is enough. She doesn’t fit the role but wanted to pull white girl antics(John Mayer was right about her) she made sure a lot of up and coming actresses didn’t get a shot at this…I know a lot who couldn’t audition and in some instances. Casting didn’t even record their auditions!

She better act for blood with this role because a lot if people now see her as desperate for a come up. She has been naked FOUR times and it didn’t manage to push her into the A list..maybe a rape and a “hotbox” will.. She got fed the same bs that they fed Gabrielle,nia long, taraji and Sanaa..those girls were smarter than ms.Washington and don’t try and change the system: take the money and run.There IS a glass ceiling unless you are Viola Davis! But oh ms CAA repped Washington thinks she can go toe to toe withNatalie Portman Anne Hathaway and Keira Knightley..

Piece of advice Kerry. The moment you try and base your failures and successes on proverbial white girls in Hollywood, is the moment you lose. Don’t fall flat on your face ,oh you do already in the movie, naked covered in mud…lol..sucker


I do agree. And I’m truly just asking, not defending or dismissing either actress, I just wanted to be clear. Because both have had strong & vulnerable performances, but they indeed do it differently.

When I think “weak” actor, I think of someone like a Sam Worthington, who tends to disappear and can be confused with set pieces. Kerry, while I wouldn’t say she’s unforgettable, she does tend to gravitate to good cerebral characters who many often overlook, myself included.

And remember when I said about Vivica was the shit up till JUWANNA MAN? SET IF OFF was smack dab in that camp, with SOUL FOOD & WHY DO FOOLS FALL IN LOVE! Then all of a sudden after JUWANNA MANN, KILL BILL aside, it was MOTIVES and all that nonsense. It might be that she is too big for that character. Not every actor can temper their character choices, or ego, to play a side character. Sam Jack was hella thankless in STAR WARS, but he did it. He loves genre flicks tho LOL Don Cheadle can rip leading man all day, but he’ll show up as the side guy for something he likes quick.


Typo. Meant to say, Kerry may give a good perfomance as Broomhilda….


Well Jug, I’m not JMac but I don’t think she was implying that Vivica would try to come in and pull rank nor was she saying that Kerry is a weak actress or person. (And correct me if I’m wrong JMac). To me, they just have very different acting styles. Vivica’s style is more aggressive….she commands the screen. Look at her performance in a movie like Set It Off. There was little to no neck rolling and she managed to wow me…to make me really care about her character. That final scene between Frankie and the cop was memorable because of Vivica. She was so good at showing strength and vulnerability.

Kerry is a good actress, I think (looking forward to seeing her in Scandal) but she just doesn’t give off the same vibe. She’s more understated and doesn’t have the screen presence of someone like Vivica IMO. And thus, put them in the same role and you’re going to get a whole different dynamic. Kerry may give a good performance with Broomhilda but Vivica has the potential to make her unforgettable…a real badass but that doesn’t seem to be what Tarantino is looking for, which is partly why I’m not excited to see the film.


Tarantino is very much like Woody Allen and C. Nolan with respect to what each guy writes, gets in the film. Very little waste from script to screen. Rare for an auteur but these filmmakers know the process up-and-down.

So while I’m nervous about the current draft state of BROOMHILDA, I can’t imagine that Tarantino wouldn’t rewrite the script for Ms. K-Dub to get more out of it. Strange since he such a dialogue-heavy filmmaker.

It’s gotta be on another level, even for blaxploitative-slavery-revenge pic. She already did something like this in LAST KING OF SCOTLAND, and met one horrible end.


Everything about this project sounds like doodoo. Just can’t get behind it in any way.


Ok…I saw the last post (before it was deleted) and I just had to come out of lurkdom to say, “WTF”… LMAO!!!


JMac, I was almost there with you. I’m a big fan of Vivica, up until JUWANNA MAN. TWO CAN PLAY THAT GAME was the last movie for me where I was definitely on the Vivica bus. I think she would’ve be a good choice too, but I’m not quick to say it would “change the dynamic” of the movie. Because let’s face it, as far as careers-her work & life-go, Vivica is doing just fine. She has her straight to DVD stuff, her TV endeavors & her endorsements.

NOW, in terms of us looking at her like a Super Duper star, hell no, Vivica’s career ain’t nowhere NEAR where it should be. So I don’t think Vivica, if she were to be in this, would come in trying to pull ridiculous rank and make the movie about her & make Broomhilda more than it needs to be, if she’s smart, because she can get replaced just as quick. She just doesn’t have that juice anymore, politics of the biz.

Where I differ with you, is the comment that he doesn’t want a strong, reliant female, which implies that’s why someone like Kerry was cast. I’m asking, do you think that Kerry is a weak actress? A weak person? Or someone who can’t that ghetto sass” like Vivica?

And before people start throwing their hands in the air, go watch the fight with Uma Thurman in KILL BILL & see if I’m telling a lie about that “Black” woman fire that Vivica puts on it. But in, WHY DO FOOLS FALL IN LOVE?, Vivica did all the neck/eye rollin’ in the world but was probably the emotionally “weakest” character of the ladies. I loved her in both, she was killin’ it. But the expected “neck roll” or lack thereof, doesn’t always denote strength & self-reliance of character.

I’m asking because it seems like you have a pointed feeling about Vivica vs Kerry. Nothing wrong with that, just asking.


Is anyone here going to watch this in the theater? I might peep it on cable (too see how bad/insulting it is) so I guess I would rather Kerry not be in it. Her previous roles haven’t been as _____ as this.

However, since she’s been brought up on another post, I would’ve nominated Vivica Fox (regardless of her previous Tarantino connection) as Broomhilda but then the role and the whole movie would be changed. She would definitely give it a Shoshanna edge. Obviously, T doesn’t want a strong, self reliant female here.

I have a feeling CC has been around but not using his handle.


I meant bit exploitative role in a film that really stars the men?


They searched high and low for black actresses? Idk but how many women would really wanna do this role? I mean maybe if she was the girl with the dragon tattoo but some bit exploitative film that really star the men?

But I’m not too shocked that Kerry took this role. If like Jurnee Smollett took this role then I’d be shocked.


@ Dangerously Lurking

Those are all blaxploitation westerns, so have fun.


Oh really? *shrugs* Whatever. I’ll see it on bootleg.


Even tam bay the writer of this blog says “but to be frank, this isn’t a film that I want to see made anyway, given all I’ve read about it thus far.”

It’s more embarrassing for her than it will ever be for me.


@disappointed too

Who really wanted to play this role? No one. When we had black films like Lady Day sings the blues and Mahogany what black actress came here to really take her clothes off? There are NO other options and if the top tier actresses gladly do it, you can believe YOU wil have to do it –if you want success and money and an Oscar.

Disappointed Too


Aww girl stop.
Kerry beat you out the role. It’s okay. Breathe. Your agent will get you another.
LOL. I love satire.


Ooh child, where is CareyCarey when you need him lol?

I’m still not sure about this yet. I think the whole “we searched high and low for another actress, but still came up with Kerry Washington” is some bull. Seriously? You searched EVERYWHERE and couldn’t find another good actress? Please. I like Kerry Washington, and she did get bucket naked up in The Last King of Scotland and she still got work after that so I’m not sure what Disappointed’s problem is.

“She doesn’t have a good figure. She got a nose job.” So??? The majority of hollywood has had plastic surgery at some point. And the fact that someone hasn’t studied at the famed Julliard does not make him/her a bad actor. I can go down the line of successful and good actors who have not had the privilege of getting their BFA or MFA in acting. Look it up.

Now about the movie; I’m just gonna have to wait until it comes out so I can make a judgment. Hopefully it won’t disappoint.


For the ppl that say Kerry isn’t an actress, you are crazy. Second, she needs a career boost. She is following the steps of halle


If everyone knew all along she was this type of actress who would GLADLY accept this role, then I am pretty sure she wouldn’t have had as much support. You like her becaus eyou trust her but when is enough enough? She doesn’t need to do this for money. She is doing this for more fame. To become the next Halle Berry.Why would anyone want to do that t themselves? I just think it will backfire on her miserably and she will suffer the consequences harshly. People will look at her in shame not for playing a slave but choosing when she didn’t have to get raped, be naked, spit at, etc. She isn’t a martyr she is self inflicting and bonkers.


And I am now, officially, removing my nose from your bidness :-D


Oh my bad Disappointed, just wondering how most reviews (including the NY Times, LA Times, Broadway Buzz) said the PLAY was lacking but all actors did admirably, especially Spader. And most reviews were disappointed with the underwritten/one-dimensional ROLE of Susan, not Washington’s OR her understudy Afton Williamson’s work.

Yes, I did Wiki them as well, but that’s because I hadn’t read these reviews since it premiered (because I like Mamet & all of the actors involved-DAG, SPader, Washington).

All good to have an opinion, I’ve got mine, but without some facts or a clear reference of POV, it’s some hate.


And I agree with Cherish, Rape is Rape. I think WE as a people extremely overestimate the so-called “white man’s love of the Black female form”. Every conquering force has raped the women of the defeated. It’s pretty much standard operating procedure. Not saying that white men weren’t attracted to black women, just saying that them running around sleeping with Black women wasn’t this all-consuming secret urge to leave their white women for the oh so lovely mocha curves of the African woman like we think it is (sounds like some cliche’d poetry cipher shit don’t it LOL)

Greeks did it, Romans did it, Native Americans did it, Moors did it, Spanish, British, etc etc. Now, the sex angle for titillation’s sake in Quentin’s movie, is right on time with the movies he loved growing up, namely the big booby Pam Grier flicks of the 70s.

Not sure how we strayed into “Halle Berry” is the prototype territory tho LOL



Girl Bye!


Kerry is single and doesn’t have a man so no. I am simply making an opinion based on the script not the opportunity. Sometimes it’s about what helps to tell the story. When you read the bullshit script that was written you will know he would have fathered had Melyssa ford but that wouldn’t fly with Hollywood..but trust me it would have made the most sense! I mentioned Halle because she wins both ways for the audience: she is sexy, fuckable, but also perceived as a decent actress!! I thought it was enough that Halle took her clothes off for Hollywood but clearly they want to see every black actress do it.. I thought Kerry had more class than this, all those dinners with the Obamas, but somewhere in her fat kid body she wants to be seen as “sexy” and I think this will be the end for her. She shouldn’t have done it.

I have every right to say that


Oh do you really want to talk about Popular Actress v Talented Actress? Cos if so we can talk about your precious Halle Berry and how much of a horrible actress she is.


@ JUG if she wasn’t so blinded by jealousy, she would have “wikid” these facts herself. Coming up in here to whine like you are in high school or something.


@jug yeah stay out of it. she got AWFUL reviews on Broadway…what is with you people??

Like I said just cause someone is popular doesn’t mean their good:)


Damn…did Kerry steal your man? You are so simplistic, its actually really sad to read your comments. Type all the damn epistles you want, the bottom line of most of your comment screams HATE. You dont like Kerry and you are so blinded by this hate (work on yourself girl, you dont know this woman) that you can barely offer constructive reasons as to why this is a wrong choice. Kerry is sexy as hell but that is beside the point. This is a woman who is a slave. Who is being raped, who is being tortured by a slave owner just because he can and because he owns her! You think fat mammies never got raped? You must think all slave women looked like Melissa Ford or something. And what the fuck does Halle Berry have to do with this? Why compare her? Seriously did Kerry steal your man? You sound so rabid going on about how she is not sexy. This is the shit kind of logic that makes it hard for people to believe that black women dont get raped. She is not sexy enough to be raped? Are you fucking kidding me?GTFOH with your stupid basic jealousy!


@cherish. You actually believe Quentin tarantino is trying to help tell black people’s story????


Not really trying to get too deep in the Disappointed/Afrostyling battle, just wanted to say that Kerry Washington trained with Michael Howard, a student of Sandy Meisner himself & old boy taught at Julliard & Yale. She’s also walked the boards in NY & got great reviews in Mamet’s RACE. Yes, I did wiki it…I knew she was a trained actress, just couldn’t remember where. Just sayin’…

Because she did two craptastic movies doesn’t mean she’s not an actress, just sounds like she’s not some folks’ cup of tea.


If you don’t think that sexual desire had anything to do with slavery you really were miseducated.

Secondly, he is definitely approaching it from this angle, to give Broomhilda and Django the redemptive ending: they, mostly her, go through so much to get each other in the end. He is very crafty and sneaks in every possible insult a black person can have in this movie. He enjoys it and leaves the viewer in suspense that they mint not survive and then bam, they walk away in the sunset together.

Get this

Slavery wasn’t therapy for black people. It was humiliating and honestly a moment that needs to be taught and discussed more so WE as people ,who are the descendants of those many nameless people who died so we can live, never forget.

I think my concern is that this role would have more if an impact if someone with more of the “sexual desire” and fetish we all know those white men possessed for black women back then, and secretly no, was more emphasized. Could Tarantino cast a vide vixen? No. The credibility of the movie would have been shot but I know he could have cast someone more interesting than Kerry. She isn’t Halle. Even if she desperately wants to be

Dangerously Lurking

“The Legend of Nigger Charley”, “The Soul of Nigger Charley”, “Joshua” and “Boss Nigger”. Gonna make a weekend soon of blaxploitation…as soon as I get off my western kick.


Thank you so much for your comment Cherish. I was going to touch on black women not being oversexed but actually being the victims of sexual assault/abuse during slavery. I guess Kerry needs to find a modern day mammy role to play in order to be considered an actress huh? You really should be disappointed in yourself.


If Tarantino is approaching this film from Disappointed’s view, I’m really concerned….


If Kerry W. wants to be naked & show her boobs and have on screen sex with a white man that’s her choice!

Besides, she has been nude several times in previous works.


“Broomhilda is oversexed and forces these men to go crazy because ofbher body not her intellect. It is slavery. ”

WTF?? You really don’t know much about slavery.

ALL black female slaves were subjected to rape – whether they looked like Kerry Washington or Mammy.

Black women have beautiful bodies, but they weren’t raped and subjected to sexual brutal attacks because of their beauty. White men raped their black female slaves because they can. It was about domination, control, violence. Being allowed to indulge in every sexual depravity without limitation.

From Bosnia to Rwanda, when opportunities exist where men can rape without repudiation, they do. Sexual desire doesn’t have much to do with it.


@afrostyling. You are funny. She isn’t an actress. Viola Davis is an actress. Juilliard actress. None of the actresses from the training schools got this role but a girl who did she hate me and little man did.When you work with Meryl Streep you are an actress. Viola didn’t even take this role, and believe u me she was considered, and Viola has a great figure and would have done this role justice. I know you love her but just because something is popular doesn’t mean it’s good



Yeah, you are still incoherent. I suggest you look up the meaning of the word “actor”.


I can’t imagine the the final movie will have that much exploitative sex scenes as in the script.. either way I’m boycotting this film (financially) and whether I end up watching it will depend on my mood, and how soon a DVD quality version leaks on the Net..


@ afrostyling. She does not have a nice figure. Kerry does not fit this role. Broomhilda is oversexed and forces these men to go crazy because ofbher body not her intellect. It is slavery. Kerry does not posses that. He should have gone for an unknown with a great figure but I am sure she begged for this role-the chance to be naked for white men. I personally think she has gone bonkers the last few years but that has nothing to do with the fact that she is not right for Broomhilda.

Ps. I am typing on an iPad and that’s why it seems “incoherent”


From the cast alone, this looks like it will make a billion dollars!


@Afrostyling-Shiiiiiiiiiiiit, that scene in LAST KING OF SCOTLAND where the sweat was “Glistenin’ All Ovah her Baaaahdee!” LMBAO


I’m thinking there must have been some changes made or there’ll be lots of cutaways where she is concerned.


I definitely noticed it. Plus, you have to be a troll if you believe Kerry does not have a nice body. Go rent “I think i love my wife”. Lol.


Tarantino is just paying homage to some of his favorite blaxploitation films, so of course it’s going to seem exploitative and demoralizing in this politically correct generation; but I give the man props for doing something that a lot of others these days are too afraid to do.

His most obvious influences for this film are “The Legend of Nigger Charley”, “The Soul of Nigger Charley”, “Joshua” and “Boss Nigger. Any complainers should watch those films to get a good idea of what he’s trying to do here.

As for Kerry Washington (she’s awesome), she accepted the role, so she obviously understands what she’s getting herself into, and this isn’t the first time she’s been in a ridiculous role (She Hate Me, anyone?). Pam Grier played a very similar role in “Drum”, but how many of you guys complained about that? I know what you’re going to say, “Different times, different standards”, but that’s what bugs me. Wait until the movie comes out, then judge it.


She must be really thirsty to take a role like this. I’d rather work at the post office.


@Afrostyling-noticed that too huh? Well, I’ll say this. Definitely a symptom of a blog becoming popular LOL


There are way too many incoherent trolls frequenting this blog lately.


She shod not have gotten this role. She isn’t right for it. Casting didn’t allow others more suitable to get close to Tarantino to push Kerry. If she fails, this will be a disaster for her and her career. she will be naked and doesn’t have a good figure. Has had several nose jobs. Who believes her as a slave? She really is a self important person who has kissed a lot of ass.


For some reason, Kerry seems the most likely to take a role like this.

If producers stick to this script, wouldn’t they get the NC-17 rating?

Is it worth it?


I still don’t understand why there’s so many people kissing Tarantino’s ass over this demoralizing, exploitative script. *sigh* I really hope that it turns out differently; I really do.


Great choice!

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