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Kim Kardashian Will Be Jurnee Smollett’s BF In Tyler Perry’s “Marriage Counselor” (+ Lance Gross?)

Kim Kardashian Will Be Jurnee Smollett's BF In Tyler Perry’s "Marriage Counselor" (+ Lance Gross?)

Oh man… From Deadline:

In what amounts to her most substantial acting role so far, Kim Kardashian has signed on to costar in The Marriage Counselor, the Lionsgate film Tyler Perry will next direct, based on his stage play. Shooting begins October 26 in Atlanta. The film tells the story of Judith, an Ivy League-educated relationship expert who makes her living dispensing marital advice, but is so bored with her own marriage that she breaks her professional code and cheats with a smooth talking client only to realize she has made a huge mistake.

As already announced a day or 2 ago, Jurnee Smollett will star as said marriage counselor Judith. Kardashian will play “Ava,” a friend and co-worker of Judith’s, who “gives her a big city makeover and new confidence, while she herself also struggles with personal issues.

So she’s (Kim’s) actually playing the BBF role here, minus the first “B.”

I’m curious as to who initiated this. Did Tyler call her up and offer her the part, or was Kim the aggressor?

Anywho… no word yet on what fellow will play the “smooth talking client” who has an affair with Smollett’s Judith.

UPDATE: Just minutes ago, Lance Gross retweeted Kim Kardashian’s tweet announcing that she’s been cast in the movie, and he added the following in response to Kim: “See u on set soon:)

So… from that last sentence, are we to then assume that Lance is also going to be in the movie, even though there’s been no official announcement yet, potentially answering my question, 2 sentences above, asking what fellow will play the “smooth talking client” Smollett’s character has an affair with?

Stay tuned :)

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Am I the only one who thinks TP could be looking for a wife in KK?… Just saying… noone here seems to see that!!! watch this space.


Question…? what you get when you mix a – Hermaphrodite, a Rim Chaser & a Pork Chop Nationalist..?
Tyler Perry, Kim Kardashian & Al Sharpton.

Voice of Reason

This is quite an amusing read. Seems to me that Hollywood (or the stage for that matter) has never been the sole sanctuary of “actors” despite what Samuel L.’s anti-rapper stance years ago suggested. Producers have ALWAYS sought STARS to helm their productions. Many of us are just used to seeing white actors being propped up to star status. Yet it’s rare for black thespians to achieve that level of success without also being musical or comedy hypenates.

I’m curious to know how many posters would’ve been as outraged back in the day when Diana Ross or Whitney were being handed roles over more talented actors. Some of these rants seem to be mostly about Kim & her sister’s dating preferences, unfortunately. I agree, she is not a talented actress, but she most certainly is a TV, tabloid, and internet star. And her role likely won’t be any more significant than Mary J. Blige’s (another non-actor/star) was in Tyler’s last flick.

His films, no matter their quality, are often multi-culturally cast & inclusive. This is one of the more noteworthy qualities he has in his work (imo). If TP is willing to overlook the shortcomings of a woman he’s very likely not attracted to, then why should this be an issue with his mostly female & Christian audience? Just saying…

LeonRaymond Mitchell

I agree -they won’t stay away, they will go out ans support this even with her attached, and that is part and parcel of the true Black Hypocrisy. Cause it’s not about quality although they will preach that’s what they want all day long. Give them that with real substance and a true story and acting and they will never show up -but for this watch them show up and make this a box office hit.


Ya’ll are over-thinking this. TP disciples are not going to stay away from this flick because of one overexposed skank.


Maybe we’re overreacting a bit here. Maybe she’s only a small part or cameo like Dr. Phil was in Madea Goes To Jail or Maury Povich in Madea’s Big Happy Family. We all know how TP loves to typecast as well as stereotype so Kim K is just what the TP doctor ordered. And why should we–the people that don’t care for the quality of his work–care anyway??? I think the big reaction says more about us than it does about him.


I’m glad some people brought up the incompatibility between TP fans and KK fans. I’ve sent some of my TP loving friends a link to this article and haven’t heard anything positive. Also part of his appeal is filling the black movie void for a black fan base. If it looks like he’s trying to crossover (and it does) that’s just a double whammy. Seems like this may well be the first film his fans will intentionally avoid and probably publicly criticize.

Interested to see how it all plays out but I have a feeling it’s not going to be pretty. He’ll need more than the Rev. Al to back him up after this.


Kim maybe all those things you say, but it seems like “White America” doesn’t care about all that. She’s on 3 scripted reality shows, The Kardashians, Kim & Courtney take Manhattan, Khloe & Lamar (guest appearances) and now her little sisters will get their own show. Kudos to Tyler for a being a smart businessman, take it to the bank just like all the others and forget about all the nay sayers. Show Biz is a tough MF, don’t let jealous nimrods stop you from doing you.


Oh my goodness, I have defended Tyler Perry on Shadow and Act BUT even I cannot defend Tyler here!

Also, the reason I think people are upset is not because Kim is white because The Family That Preys did okay and I like Kathy Bates.

Kim Kardashian is not an actress!

The only reason I can think of Tyler Perry offering Kim Kardashian a role in this movie is because he REALLY wants to crossover to white America. The last film Perry attempted to crossover the 2008 film The Family That Preys Together starred Oscar winner Kathy Bates but grossed only $37 million. I think Tyler believes if he has Kim in his movie he will crossover.

But Kim Kardashian is NOT an actress she is such a bad role model for young women she is basically a prostitute. Kim used a sex tape, and her body to become famous and rich.

Tyler talks about having Christian values I doubt his Christian fan base are going to be happy about Kim being in the movie.


“Well that’s the point, put someone totally ridiculous in the film and get people out to see it”

LOL Monique, I was going to add something similar to my post but then I thought, I’m not sure if that is what Tyler is thinking…or at least, what he should be thinking. As a few have pointed out, Tyler’s audience consists of many churchgoers, most of whom I’m sure won’t be thrilled to hear about a Kardashian being in his next film. It’s also no guarantee that Kim’s “audience” will shell out money to see her. I mean, it’s one thing to follow her on twitter or watch her a tv but she is hardly proven to be a box office draw.

And Tyler can just forget about “crossing over.” You don’t do that by casting the likes of Kim Kardashian. How about he cast a young, “hot” (white) movie star? What’s that? None of them would be caught dead in a TP movie? Well then, nevermind.


I’ve lost all respect for Tyler. He doesn’t want a good product, he just wants exposure and to crossover. Ironically, I don’t think he believes he’ll make more money w/KK.

He must realize that for every 1 new viewer brought in by KK, he will lose 1 ‘staple’ TP viewer because of KK. He doesn’t care about the art, or money (arguably), but, rather — wants acceptance from white audiences.

TP has lost his mind and I will boycott. Why would he give KK a meaty role when the girl has very little acting experience? Certainly not enough credits to have a fleshy role in a film. Throwing the talentless KK more money and exposure is sick and my money will not support the illness.


hate to admit it but i’m intrigued. let someone suggest going to see it i might even feign indignant but in the end i know the fun in rubbernecking


Actually I’m with Misha. This is one train wreck that I’m dying to see too

Wow Really

The only movie of his I’ve seen in the theater is For Colored Girls and it was because of some of the other people involved with the film, not Tyler. I think Jurnee is a really talented actress so I feel sorry for her with all this drama that is and sure to grow around this casting. But she’s talented, I think she’ll get past it.

It IS gonna be interesting to see how this all affects his box office numbers. Frankly, I think casting Kim hurts him. Yeah she may have 10 million followers/fans, but I’d bet HIS following is much higher and how is hiring her going to hurt that fanbase? I’d bet a lot of his loyals…I mean a LOT will not see the film because of her. Let’s face it, a large part of his audience is the church going community, has been since before he became big. Somehow I’m not thinking these people are gonna care for Kim Kardashian in a film of Tylers, no matter how much they like him. So while she may be good for him publicity wise, $$$ wise and fanbase wise she may hurt him and THAT may hurt him down the line. Besides the fact, I’ve seen her on the CSI:NY performance and quite frankly, she was flat and quite bad. There are a million and one actressess that Tyler could have hired for this role and and other ways he could grow his fan base, it’s sad he’d go the way of publicity when he really doesn’t have to.

LeonRaymond Mitchell

In agreement and response, I don’t think KK can change her image, but TP surely does and he thinks it’s a good business move and chance to change a sole. But again I must add, I know she will say the same line, he’s the one who called and asked. But lets go back to his business model. He gives Lions Gate back a whopping $2.75 for every $1.25 they give him, that’s a lot more than any 50-50 deal or 60-50 that almost all filmmakers hash out. if you keep the budgets extremely Low and they are in. look at that profit margin Lions Gate could care less about quality, story line, or depiction of Black folks in his projects, I think they can over look that for the bigger picture. Remember what he said he first came out, he went to every Studio and they said NO! So he rethought his approach and the results have been a huge wind fall for them.When ever I mention the TP model to potential investors they get excited. Cause now for Black projects they expect all of us Black filmmakers to employ the TP model for funding deals To me it’s a sad state of affairs. cause we will never be able to aspire to healthy budgets cause that mind set has been accepted for us with out our behalf

we made it

but *not porn*, right AccidentalVisitor? hahaha


“I’m crying ova here!”


{{{ Since you’re so in favor of IR onsceen, shouldn’t you be hoping she hooks up with one of the male leads? Though it would be typecasting. }}}

1. Favor of IR on screen? I’m not against it but I’m hardly its champion. Instead I’ve been rather consistent pointing out the bullshit by people here who claim that the IR in Hollywood films is not so one-sided.

2. But if there was to be IR why would I want a non-talent like KK getting the role? She should stick to reality TV. Besides if I wanted to see her with a black man on film I have “other options” to look into.


Call me crazy but Tyler Perry + Kim Kardashian = one trainwreck I’m dying to see! :D


I won’t be watching. Boo Kardashian trash!


Riddle me this:

Everyone keeps talking about how it’s a good business move for TP. The man made $130 million dollars from 2010-2011 and yet he needs a Kardashian for people to go see his movie???? Um, I thinks not.

And as far as KK changing her image? Child, please. We can all change, but is she trying to change from the inside out or just the outside? She really needs to go sit down somewhere and quick! Lawd.

The only thing that I can agree w/is Jurnee Smollet’s opportunity to take this role and run with it. She is too good an actor to be trapped in these small roles. As a fellow actress, I am rooting for her big time. Get it!


This film just went downhill…poor Jurnee!


Kim casting is good from a business perspective.

This is clearly Jurnee’s most high-profile role since her breakthrough in Eve’s Bayou.

Hoping Jurnee will be able to capitalize on this opportunity.

Good moves all around!

other song

Jesus already took the wheel. But he’s driving a Black car. And Tyler Perry’s the only one who makes Black cars in America.

so what kind of advice will Kim give? Deepthroat advice*


Alright, I take back half of my previous comment. Jurnee,this is not a step up. RUN your little ass back home and don’t look back!!!!


Dear Sergio, in the immortal laugh of the “Predator” hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

lk(to pro kim oct 21)

pro kim: Wrong. Bieber gets alot of press and sells out concerts but his cd IS NOT qud plat.
His My EP (nov 9) sold 1mill ; his cd (mar 10) sold 2mill in the US. He highest peak is baby which peaked #5(#2 in his native canada). (he did hit #1 in canada on the haitian charity single remake of KNaan’s song WAVIN FLAG) So his endorsements $ he is giving back to Island Def Jam as one has to pay back their record label all costs cd sales dont cover.

LeonRaymond Mitchell

You all are missing the bigger picture, TP is allowed to do this cause Hollywood looks at him as having created this world of his own for his films, he has a large following and they look to him to keep on the path no matter what. He could care less what you or I say, this is about a bottom line business situation that was created many films ago. They know already the profit margin they expect to get back so they look at it as profit versus zero profit and he makes a profit for them. Remember long ago us filmmakers and Fans alike, we use to ask the same thing about Woody Allen Films, and we as Black folk didn’t understand it but back then way back then, his films made a profit and he had a strong following and the budgets to make them were low in comparison to the big budget boys. And you have to know TP cause in this situation he feels KK is picked on like himself and not giving any respect so like a Southern Reverend, he feels he can change her image implant some advise and place her on a better path so there, he feels he is on a Mission from God (Blues Brothers) But it all makes clear sense now, expect more of these types of films from him.And the last point once again in reference to Jurnee I bet we will hear the same line – he was the only one that called”

All of Humanity

Jesus take the wheel!!!!!!!


@Cynthia, you took the words out of my mouth. I thought that it was verrrryyy convenient that Tyler did this right after the president aid what he said in the press. I guess Tyler was making a statement of his own to Obama. Looks that way to me. Booo, hiss, go away Tyler!!

U of I Alum

@ blaqbird — go on out and enjoy yourself tonight.
Though your voice is appreciated on this thread — we’ll hold it down for you.
Especially Sergio — he’s on a roll tonight!

LMAO at his comments!

Pro Kim


That is a false equivalency. Bieber went quad platinum anyway. His nail polish sells faster than hot grits. So what does that prove except he, like Kim, was hired to bring in a new demographic. Y’all still think business comes last right? Funny.


Tyler still hasn’t learned his lesson. He’s either more desperate for money than ever before or just a plain idiot, or both.


He might as well add Snooki to the cast also.


one more thought . . . Jurnee may be the lead . . . but we know Kim is getting the better paycheck . . .


Wow . . . and it all started with a sex tape . . . smh . . . but it doesn’t matter because I wasn’t going to see it anyway . . .


Wow….I just….I just can’t do this tonight…I’m gonna let ya’ll take over because I’m about to go eat and enjoy my Friday night…I look forward to the comments when I get back…

“Obviously a legit director did. She was on CSI before. Don’t step on Kim bc you hate TP.”

Fa real @ProKim??? Justin Bieber was on CSI too….and?????

Okay I’m really gone this time….


He will be adding Natalie Nunn and Amber Rose to the cast as well! J/k

Pro Kim

@Accidental Visitor:

Obviously a legit director did. She was on CSI before. Don’t step on Kim bc you hate TP.

Since you’re so in favor of IR onsceen, shouldn’t you be hoping she hooks up with one of the male leads? Though it would be typecasting.


Sign of “The Apocalypse”.


Well that’s the point, put someone totally ridiculous in the film and get people out to see it…Tyler’s made his money! He’s a business man. Period.

That doesn’t always work.

Folks see right through that.

The ones who can’t stand her will not go see it.

I would say her casting might have cost this film some money. And that;s unfair to Jurnee-who might have bought in some folks to watch because of her work on Friday Night Lights and Defenders.

So he better get some names that will counter her casting.

In fact he better make sure that is the best script he ever wrote because he’ll get some more attention from the mainstream media with her. And if they go see the film and really HATE and call him out as a “bad” writer and director-he’ll find out how fast Hollywood stops calling you.


P.S. Am I the only one who thinks that picture of TP is set up as if he’s looking at Kim’s ample cleavage…as if that would actually happen in real life?


WOW…Isn’t this the same Kim Kardashian that our very own PRESIDENT just blasted saying his daughters couldn’t learn anything from her show which is true? Damn Tyler, you’re gonna be scraping the bottom of the barrel soon. I guess Amber Rose will be the next casting announcement.


*checks date* Nope, it’s not April 1 so what gives??? I’m not understanding. Did Ashton revive that Punk’d show?? Stop playing. Seriously though?


Now wait! Let’s not have everyone starting to bash Tyler again. After all he’s the only one giving work to black actresses…..OOOPS!


Well-said, AccidentalVisitor.

This news simply compounds my pre-existing reasons and resolve not to support a Tyler Perry project!



What took this combo so long to come together? Somehow it seems fitting.

Would any other “legit” director cast this woman in a major role?

This news has the potential to break the all-time response record on this site.


If Ray J joins the cast……

Jurnee- your career isn’t going that bad to star in this is it???

Jesus take the wheel??? Jesus take the wheel, house, Starshio Enterprise, Titanic and everything else!


Well that’s the point, put someone totally ridiculous in the film and get people out to see it…Tyler’s made his money! He’s a business man. Period.

I mean really? Is this so hard to figure out. Give me 50 cent any day, at least he is trying to grow, he gets actual ACTORS to be in his films and admits to his current limitations.

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