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‘Kinyarwanda’ Wins Grand Prize at Skip City Festival in Tokyo

'Kinyarwanda' Wins Grand Prize at Skip City Festival in Tokyo

Alrick Brown‘s Kinyarwanda, the second theatrical release made possible through Ava Duvernay‘s AAFRM and a film which has received much coverage on the site, took the top prize at the Skip City D-Cinema Festival in Saitama, just north of Tokyo, this past Sunday. The film also won the festival’s 1.5 million yen ($19,400) prize.

To recap Kinyarwanda, Brown’s feature film debut, centers around six stories (a Tutsi/Hutu couple, a small child, a soldier, a pair of teenage lovebirds, a priest and an Imam) during the Rwandan genocide. The story is based “on real events during the Hutu massacres of Tutsis that devastated the east African nation in 1994.”

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just here

Here is a short teaser of the film


This is a big deal internationally. One of the best international cash prizes. Congratulations to the film-makers.


This just adds more fuel to my desire to see this film. I’m glad to see the pic making it’s way around the world with success. Congrats to Alrick and AFFRM.

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