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Latina Housekeepers Headed for ABC in ‘Devious Maids’

Latina Housekeepers Headed for ABC in 'Devious Maids'

Devious Maids, based on a Mexican telenovela following a group of Latina housekeepers in Beverly Hills, is soon headed for ABC.

Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry has signed on to write and executive produce the series, according to Deadline.

If the plot line of the telenovela is any indication, the new show won’t stray far from the tone of Housewives.

Called The Disorderly Maids of the Neighborhood, the Mexican show revolves around murder, intrigue, and a mysterious suitcase of money.

In addition to Maids, Cherry continues to develop the spiritual drama Hallelujah, also set for ABC.

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Gisele Torres


I’m sorry for getting off topic, but I’m confused as to the complaints. Latinos or blacks shouldn’t like a show that depicts stereotypes unless the show is written for and by blacks/Latinos. So Devious Maids was okay when it was a telenovela, but now that it is American broadcast tv, there’s a problem?

Backwards if you ask me. The Game seems to depict plenty of steretypes of black people, and is produced by Kelsey Grammer however, since people like it, it’s okay.

Vanessa Martinez


You think Ugly Betty, which is about a quirky, shy, insecure professional lead hispanic woman who doesn’t conform to the archetype of the sexy Latin woman is ridden with stereotypes, but this show, written and produced by a white man about “devious” latin maids isn’t??

You have not said a word about the concept of THIS show, which is what we’re/should be talking about. You’ve meandered about those who are critical in this blog about racist representations, when you youself pointed out apparent stereotypes in “Ugly Betty”. One doesn’t have to be “latin” (even though I am) to be able to relate, especially AA/Blacks (most of our readers commenting), to being stereotyped.

They don’t have to give you specifics, unless you’re oblivious about the lack of/ one-dimensional representation of people of color on screen…



Ugly Betty played into many Latino steretypes, but I guess it’s okay when it’s not your people. The newer show was dreadfully campy and still too over the top IMO.

From what I’ve read on this blog and others, a white woman touching the dreadlocks of a black woman is racist so frankly, anything could be made up to seem anti-black.

What are your personal experiences with racism or are you taking on other’s pain as your own?



Who is pandering??? Unfortunately for people of color, racism is still a HUGE issue in EVERY aspect of our lives, including entertainment. So I’m sorry if you don’t like to discuss the race issue; maybe S&A isn’t the film blog for you.

Ugly Betty was actually pretty good, and one of the reasons why I loved it was because it was about a recent graduate trying to make her way in the publishing world….and she just happened to be a Latina. America Ferrera was amazing in this role and there’s no denying that. Did you even watch the American version or are you going based on La Bella Mas Fea? That telenovela is definitely over-the-top but they did bring it down A LOT for Ugly Betty.

I don’t see why we can’t question ABC’s decision to try and get rich off the stereotype, as Zeus pointed out.


Corporate media(Hollywood) is inherently racist. It must relentlessly perpetuate the “latina” as ‘outspoken” in her assigned role as maid(in this case, light skinned maids). Kudos to Latina mag for recognizing ABC/Disney’s commitment to diversity in roles but certainly not diversity in power and ownership. Lastly, Latina mag is similar to Ebony & Jet. Their role is moral uplift-to show America the best of what blackness and brownness has to offer. They must sugar coat and gloss over actual black and brown reality.

I appreciate Shadow & Act for bringing these discussion to the fore since most “black” blogs don’t.

Vanessa Martinez

@Gisele Torres

I don’t want to get into Sofia Vergara, which unfortunately, along with Eva Longoria are the most well known in that list. Nichols is hungarian and part spanish, she doesn’t even count in my book and Madison de La Garza is a child in DH.

Sofia Vergara, with her boobs falling all over the place and loud mouth, yes, it’s embarrassing. This is all people in this country see, and it’s not about screaming racism, but when you tell some people here you’re latin and they go oohhh uuuhhh cha cha senorita! it’s a fuckin problem. That’s because they’ve been watching Sofia Vergara a lil too much.

Sorry I’m ranting Gisele, I don’t know you, so excuse me. I just have a lot of problems with how latin women are depicted, the few times they’re actually shown. There’s a few respectable roles out there, but, unfortunately those aren’t the ones people remember the most.

By the way, I respect Latina magazine but I have an issue with them sugar coating and glossing over serious issues…that’s just me though.

Gisele Torres


Sofia Vergara, Sara Ramirez, Lana Parilla, Madison De La Garza, Marisol Nicols (2012), and of course, the woman who brings more ratings to ABC than Regis…Eva Longoria. You may think she’s a loud-mouth, but I prefer the term “outspoken”.

I’m not even going to go into the men, which is a pretty good list too. Maybe not to your satisfaction, but certainly mine…and Latina Magazine, which just gave ABC/Disney an A+ for it’s fall diversity.

Why does this site have to always pander to the complaints of racism?

Vanessa Martinez

@Gisele Torres

I’m afraid it didn’t start with Mildred Baenas. People are intrigued by the deeds of one woman so it’s ok to stereotype a whole culture; especially decent, hardworking immigrants in this country? AND Marc Cherry, a white middle age man, is going to write and exec produce???! smh

America Ferrera is actually one of the very few hispanic actresses giving Latin women a respectable representation on screen. You think Ugly Betty is “doodoo” but this is show is NOT??!

Where are all these latinas with prominent roles on ABC that weren’t about a sexy loud mouthed woman? I missed them.

Gisele Torres

Oh please with the racism thing again. Blame Mildred Baena for this show. People are intrigued by Latin maids since she gave up the goodies to the Governator. Latinas have been on ABC in prominent roles for years. Eva Longoria’s not the only one on the network.

And Ugly Betty was pure doo-doo. That is a telenovela that should never have seen daylight.


WTF? I don’t understand: when will POC stop letting racist production companies and networks do this to us (and by letting them, I mean why take the roles…yeah, you have to eat, but damn, that’s why everyone should have a plan B in case sh*t gets too real and you need to bounce). This is sad. Why do I feel it will be a hit? Sigh.


There’s probably gonna a “special” episode or storyline about one of the maids who is undocumented. *gag* *rolls eyes* If the Latinos want to tell this story, please let them do it in their respective countries because having white folks tell this story in the good old US of A is just no bueno.

Can we bring Ugly Betty back??? PLEASE???? I miss America Ferrera….*sigh*…..


Ugh is there anything more blatantly racist. This is about proportion and POC “knowing” their place. A show like this would be fine if it were on a network with a wide variety of Latino shows and Latino images, but clearly it’s not. As others have said, all it does is reinforce stereotypes. If ABC wanted to adapt a novela like they did for Ugly Betty, it’s not like they don’t have a wealth of shows to choose from.


Marc Cherry clearly wants to get rich on selling stereotypes. Pathetic.

Vanessa Martinez

There’s “disorderly” in the title too. I bet they’ll play up their sex appeal along with the accent to complete the whole image. SMFH!!!

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