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Look Out Kathryn Bigelow, The Guy Who Directed ‘Turistas’ Is Making A Navy SEALs/Bin Laden Movie Too

Look Out Kathryn Bigelow, The Guy Who Directed 'Turistas' Is Making A Navy SEALs/Bin Laden Movie Too

You could throw a stone in Hollywood right now and hit a Navy SEAL. Not that you’d want to, we imagine — a bullet would go between your eyes before the rock hit the ground. But the execution of Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden at the hand of SEAL Team 6 has made the Navy badasses the go-to choice of Hollywood leads all of a sudden, with “Call of Duty“-esque propaganda movie “Act of Valorhitting in February, with Kathryn Bigelow‘s story of the figures who tracked down Bin Laden eyeing a release at the end of next year.

But the latter, a reunion with “The Hurt Locker” writer Mark Boal, which has been in the works since even before Bin Laden’s death, now has a rival. Screen Daily announced that “Code Name Geronimo,” — not, as it might sound, a belated sequel to Cedric the Entertainer vehicle “Code Name: The Cleaner” but an actioner based on the mission to kill the legendary terrorist — is moving ahead at Voltage (who, coincidentally or not, were also behind Bigelow’s Oscar-winning war flick), and the project has a director who, well, doesn’t quite have the cachet of Ms. Bigelow.

Director John Stockwell, who’s been behind forgettable B-movies like “Blue Crush,” “Turistas,” “Into The Blue” and the upcoming Halle Berry vs. sharks picture “Dark Tide,” has come on board to direct the project, with a script by newcomer Kendall Lampkin, who doesn’t have any credits to his name, but does, according to his Twitter account, think the trailer for “A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas” is the funniest ever. Take that as you will.

This seems like the kind of cheap, cash-in project that we expected in the wake of Bin Laden’s death; it’s only surprising that it’s taken this long. But in fairness, Bigelow was coming off a half-decade without a movie in theaters before “The Hurt Locker,” so that didn’t necessarily look any more promising on paper. OK, it totally did. Filming is set to begin in January 2012, and, with Bigelow still lacking a cast for her project, it’s possible that “Code Name Geronimo” could beat her effort into theaters. Should it make it into theaters.

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who cites someones twitter who is not a celebrity, if its not verified that is without merit,maybe do some real journalism and call the guy or his people and find out about his resume, either vast or acute….


Before you go bad-mouthing a project that hasn’t even started filming, slow down. Nobody is trying to dazzle the pants off an indie blog writer. This movie sounds awesome and I’ll pay to go see it.

Kudos on your extensive Twitter detective work. How did you ever manage to find such a relevant and riveting piece of information? And who cares if John Stockwell is directing… you should be thanking him. Judging by your petty critiques, Blue Crush is the reason you’ve seen that much skin on a woman anyway.


Shut up you hating idiot! What have you done besides rip other people’s life work. Who cares if the writer likes the trailer for H&K? Who cares if he doesn’t have any credit as of yet? Everyone starts somewhere, and everyone who is a big name in Hollywood started off the same way: someone gave a no name a shot! The writer could be the next George Lucas for all we know! As for the director, everyone has made a suspect movie or two before their big hit. Wait until the film is made and released before passing judgment, you jackass!


To be honest, I would pay to see any Bin Laden movie. Good or bad. Bigalow should do hers in 3D.

Gruntier De Puss

I’ve always thought John Stockwell looks like some smoked out stoner who would try to sell me his used hot tub. That picture helps my case.

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