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Marlon Wayans Returns To Network TV With New ABC Sitcom About Sibling Cops

Marlon Wayans Returns To Network TV With New ABC Sitcom About Sibling Cops is reporting that actor/comedian Marlon Wayans is planning to make a return to the small screen in a new situational comedy for ABC Studios. Wayans wrote, will executive produce, and will star in the hybrid single/multi-camera comedy, which is in development at the network.

It’s been sixteen years since he co-created and co-starred, with brother Shawn Wayans, in the WB comedy series The Wayans Bros, which ran for five seasons.

Here’s a brief synopsis:

The comedy, which has an odd couple/buddy cop comedy feel to it, centers on two brothers, both cops. Having fallen down on his luck, one of them moves in with his brother and his family. Wayans, who will play the married brother.

While I wouldn’t consider myself the biggest fan of past Wayans-styled comedies, I will admit that Marlon is indeed a funny and talented guy. So I’ll be looking forward to seeing this if, and when, it does air.

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Darn, not another cop show!

Sick & Tired

I guess Rochelle Aytes, Salli Richardson & Stacey Dash are celebrating.


Totally shallow moment here….Marlon is so GOTDAMN FINE!!! shit!!…carry on


zzzzzzz another black comedy big deal. It seems like Hollywood thinks blacks can ONLY do comedy to get on the mainstream networks. I would prefer to see more black drama and more films that explore the black experience in a nuanced way. I guess I will watch more cable television.


@ Idol-Maker
You think Marlon Wayans is one of the best actors of his generation? Really?


The Sister- Kim was the funniest… she’s hilarious… wasn’t she Ms Benita from In Living Color- … LOL I wish him the best and hope it’s a good run. W Chicks is funny… Terry Crews was a mess in that one


Ah, man, I wanted him to do more movies (serious, dramatic roles a la Requiem for a Dream). I’ve always thought Damon and Marlon were the most talented of the group, with Keenan having many amazing comedic moments as well. (Tangent: I will say, though, Marlon is the most physically attractive of the group, the only one I find attractive actually: the man started off looking like a little pipsqueak and, with age, became a very fine looking man. Very fine indeed.)

I’ll tune in to this show. He’s a funny guy, imo. White Chicks is plain classic.


Never thought Marlon was all that funny, but definitely the best dramatic actor of the family (and one of the best of t/his generation). Seems as if he tries too hard as a comedian, although that same fearlessness works to his advantage in dramatic roles, especially with a good director aboard.

Damon, Keenan, & Kim are the comedy royalty of the fam, imo, and all seem to be NATURALLY funny folk.


Keenan’s the only funny one. The Wayans Brothers show was gawd awful. Too bad Shawn’s written this sitcom as well.

Oh and some natural haired ladies still have him on their hit list, LOL.Probably won’t affect anything in this situation though.


Marlon is definitely a funny guy and i will tune in.

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