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My Upcoming Speaking Appearances

My Upcoming Speaking Appearances

I have a few things coming up in my efforts to help save Indie Film. I get tired just looking at the list.

It would be great if you could join me. I need the help.

10/15 & 10/17: I am headed to London for the Film Festival and screenings of my films DARK HORSE and MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE. I will definitely be at the first two screenings of Todd Solondz’s film. Unfortunately I will be missing COLLABORATOR’s East Coast premiere at the Hamptons Film Festival that weekend (but I have a bunch of directors on new projects to meet over in the UK, so…) and Todd Solondz’s Masterclass & DARK HORSE screening in Abu Dhabi, but I can’t be everywhere I want to be at once, yet…

Tuesday 10/18: I will be presenting Sophia Takal’s impressie first feature GREEN as part of the HopeForFilm Screening Series at Goldcrest. I will be leading a Q&A afterwards. And then enjoying some wine with all attending.

Wed. 10/19 Tiffany Shlain’s film CONNECTED opens next week. I will be at the 5P show for a short Q&A after the show Wedneday Oct 19 in NYC at the Angelica. There are a lot of great folks lending a hand with their expertise at other screenings. Check it out here.
And order tickets here:

Sat Oct 22nd, I expect to be doing something at the Flyaway Film Festival in Pepin, Wisconsin. COLLABORATOR’s there too.

On Oct 25th, I will be interviewing Geoffrey Fletcher (PRECIOUS) for the Harvard Alumni Arts, Media & Entertainment organization Harvardwood — and it’s open to the public. Order tickets here:

Fri Oct 28th, I will be giving an address to the Sloan Foundation Film Summit.

Sat Nov 5th: And of course there’s my first EVER stateside Masterclass with Christine Vachon on Nov. 5th at the Cantor Film Center at NYU in NYC. There’s one week left on the Early Bird Discount.

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Nobody denies your right and obligation to publicize and sell your own films, and to publicize and self yourself, but how exactly is this activity supposed to “save” indie film?

Indie film, c’est moi?


Excuse me – but Ted is doing a tremendous amount for the independent film community and we need to all be thinking, discussing, trying, and SHARING about new models – what works and what doesn’t. He’s been one of a group of people on the forefront of steering our community in this direction.

Mr Pooper

Please cut with the “I’m Saving Indie Film” bullcrap. These films of yours aren’t “indie” in any way, shape, or form. They are Hollywood by any definition of the word.

And how exactly would us showing up help you??? What kind of help do you need? Do you need people to stroke your ego? Wipe your butt?

I can only imagine the scene of one of your readers showing up to “help”. Talk about an awkward encounter.

Ted Hope

Anyone not making films in the full on corporate machine is making indie films of one form or the other. Personally, I feel it is everyone’s responsibility who wants to earn a living creating art work of any kind to also aid in the discovery, appreciation, participation, and presentation of new work, as well as strengthen the community that collects around such work. I accept this as part of my job description and don’t ask people to do what I am not prepared myself to do.

I may promote my films on this blog, but 80% of the time or more I use it as a platform for others. When I write on this blog it is generally to share what I have learned. Similarly, one of the reasons I “promote” my speaking appearances is to show that I try to help others grow their audiences and deepen their appreciation. I help others.

I always wonder about people who care enough to write in, but don’t stand behind their own opinions with their own name. That means you Mr. Pooper and ldveau — even if I do have your email addresses & IP address.

We are at a crossroads. I believe we are in danger at losing a diverse and vibrant film culture. We don’t need to like the same films — and we shouldn’t, but we do need to work together to help all films find their rightful audiences, and help those that do make superior work truly benefit from it. I hope you do more than write in to blogs to help further the culture you want. Good luck with it!


@ Mr Pooper – if you want attention from Ted Hope or anyone like him, find innovative ways of promoting your projects/scripts or go make a decent film on your own – basically a realistic innovative project that is worth attention from people who know what they are talking about. Hope it works out for you.

Jesus of Tribeca

The obvious solution here is to ask that all critical comments be posted under real names, a request most people are likely to honor by no longer commenting at all. That will leave the field to your anonymous defenders here. who apparently don’t trouble you, for being anonymous.

This is all the more strange coming from a guy who says he has trouble meeting people who disagree with him. Or maybe it’s not really strange at all.

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