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New Images From ‘J. Edgar’ Gives Us A Better Look At Leonardo DiCaprio As Young & Old Hoover

New Images From 'J. Edgar' Gives Us A Better Look At Leonardo DiCaprio As Young & Old Hoover

One of the few remaining pieces in the upcoming award season puzzle will soon be uncovered with the premiere of “J. Edgar” at the AFI Fest now only a week away with its general release due a week after that. Can Clint Eastwood bounce straight back from “Hereafter” and find his way into voters’ minds again? How will Leonardo DiCaprio fare as the Bulldog Hoover? And can Dustin Lance Black prove his Oscar win for “Milk” wasn’t a fluke?

The film looks to be an epic piece of work following Hoover throughout his lifetime and the development of the F.B.I., but with DiCaprio remaining in the role (plus a lot of make up) for Hoover’s later years, one of the biggest questions will be how the film’s generation-spanning story will go down. A handful of newly unveiled images now provides us a slightly better look at the young and old Hoover as well as glimpses at Judi Dench as Hoover’s mother, Anna Marie, and Armie Hammer as Hoover’s confidant/lover Clyde Tolson. The rest of the images after the jump, roughly, we think, in chronological order. “J. Edgar” opens on November 9th.

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@Edward and MacReady. Actually there were a few screenings last week, so some people have already seen the film ;) And the comments I read are positive, especially for the performances.


Good call Edward Davis.

Mind you, the article also talks about possible Oscars which is almost as ridiculous when the author hasn’t seen it either. Can’t we just wait until movies have been released before Oscars are even mentioned? This site spends so much time talking about the Oscar race it gets very, very tedious. Oscars are for studios to worry about. The rest of us only care for good movies.

Edward Davis

@William. Love that you haven’t seen it and still call it, ” an incredible performance, just wonderful.” #delusionalfans

Ray H

I actually thought that was Philip Seymour Hoffman in the first picture.

nate t

The makeup looks surprisingly good. It was pretty jarring when the trailer was released, but I guess I’m warming to it. As for Dicaprio’s voice… (we shall see)…


This man is starving for an Oscar…


lol he looks RIDICULOUS in this. I bet he will spend the whole film screaming & squinting at people

William Forrester

I think Leonardo will surely get a nomination for an Academy Award at least. He is incredible and he is amazing. And I think he will get it. It’s an incredible performance, just wonderful.

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