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New Looks At Michelle Williams, Emma Watson & Kenneth Branagh In ‘My Week With Marilyn’

New Looks At Michelle Williams, Emma Watson & Kenneth Branagh In 'My Week With Marilyn'

While The Playlist team is still arguing around the lunch table about whether or not the first trailer for “My Week With Marilyn” showcased an Oscar contender or just a well-put-together but not particularly remarkable period piece, there is no denying everyone in this thing looks pretty damn beautiful.

Some new images for the film have popped up over at Moviefone, and duh, Michelle Williams looks gorgeous. The rest of the cast including Emma Watson, Eddie Redmayne and Kenneth Branagh looks pretty good as well in what appears to be some fetching costume design porn. The movie will center on Monroe’s friendship with young Englishman Colin Clark (Redmayne) during the U.K. shoot of “The Prince and the Showgirl,” as well as her tempestuous relationship with director/co-star Laurence Olivier (Branagh). Judi Dench, Julia Ormond, Dougray Scott, Derek Jacobi and Dominic Cooper round out the cast.

“My Week With Marilyn” premieres at the New York Film Festival this weekend and will hit theaters on November 4th. More images below.

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As a long term follower of Kenneth Branagh, I find that there is something very wrong with the new interest in his work, just because he’s starring in a film with well-known American actors. This is someone with an amazing talent, who should be recognized world-wide. Actually, the rest of the world DOES know of’s only our focus on the superficiality of “stardom” that has prevented a wider acknowledgment of his abilities in the U.S. As the risk of being overly-caustic, his gifts are like throwing “pearls before swine”.

Teresa Warren

I hope Kenneth Branagh acts in more American mainstream movies from now on. He should have become a bigger star and joined the A-list years ago. I guess it was inevitable that he would play Laurence Olivier in a film.

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