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Nicole Beharie in CBS “The Good Wife”: Are You Watching? (Stills + Video Clip)

Nicole Beharie in CBS "The Good Wife": Are You Watching? (Stills + Video Clip)

I announced a little while back that talented beauty and IT GIRL rising star Nicole Beharie would make her debut as Imani Stonehouse in CBS The Good Wife. Well, the 2nd episode since her debut aired last night. Beharie plays an Assistant U.S. Attorney serving as a prosecution observer to ensure plea deals aren’t gender/race biased. She is paired up against Cary (Matt Czuchry) and their characters have a competitive and slightly flirtatious dynamic.

I’ve only started watching the show since she’s been on, but I’ve been impressed by the witty dialogue and fantastic acting; the show hasn’t proved dull or boring.

Beharie commands the screen playing the astute and sexy attorney; she’s received a few accolades for her apperances so far. I have to mention that in general, the show has had somewhat of a presence of male and female black characters. Last night, Beharie was in the room with Renée Elise Goldsberry (who was great as Geneva Pine) and democratic political strategist Donna Brazile was a guest in a cameo.

It looks like the sub-plot of Imani and Cary will develop into something more interesting. They seem to have good chemistry. Since I’m a Good Wife newbie, I don’t have the viewing experience of past seasons/episodes to compare what I’ve seen to. For those of you who are veteran viewers of the show, what do think of Nicole Beharie’s addition to the lineup?

You can catch full episodes online at Take a look at Nicole in a clip from last night’s episode below.

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Nicole Beharie is a young talented actress and I am happy she’s getting work. However, I am NOT excited that a young black woman can’t be the star of a TV show on a major American network. It seems we have a long way to go in terms of racial diversity on television.


Two beautiful Black women in one episode.

Nicole’s presence is limited but you can feel her impact.
So good to see Renee Goldsberry.

Love the Good Wife.


It’s funny that so many (me included, at times) feel that if a female character joins a story arc that they have to be developed as a romantic interest – or have been one in the past therefore still providing contention for male stars. I know that generally gives a serial more heft, but does anyone here think that’s demeaning to women – since it mostly happens on their end?

That said, The Good Wife is among my top 5 of favorite shows. Though this season is so far my least favorite, last night’s episode being an exception, I love seeing more of Renee Elise Goldberry (one of our most underrated actresses) and of course, Nicole Beharie. I think the Cary character will do ‘something’ with her, but just as a way to make Archie Panjabi’s character Kalinda jealous. Was that wig? I never know. Looking forward to Anika Noni Rose returning for a few episodes.


I want more Geneva Pine, we were just getting to know her. I too think maybe she an Peter have a past. Not sure why they are developing this character. I’m a big Goldsberry fan.


Been a fan of the show since the beginning and i’m glad Beharie is added to the ever-increasing diversity of the show. But yeah I’m with everyone else; i just have to give that wig the side eye and keep it movin…lol…



The character has been credited as Imani Morehouse, however, I did notice they were calling her “Stonehouse” on the show. I didn’t know if that was just a mistake on the show’s part or what. We’ll see what they’ll keep calling her going forward. hah!

BTW, I’m not crazy about the wig, but she looks gorgeous nonetheless.


I too just started watching because of Nicole and I’ll continue to watch to see if they develop her character.


the wig drives me crazy. And yes please more Renee Goldsberry. Very underutilized. In the first season they hinted that she and Peter had a relationship. We have not seen much of it since.


I like Imani so far and I can see the chemistry between her and Carey even though the show has yet to really “go there.” But that wig? *sighs* Why? Nicole is beautiful of course but that wig does nothing for her. Get rid of it, stylists! LOL

And it was great seeing Renee, even if she was only in one “blink and you miss her” scene.

Btw Sara, you are right. It is Stonehouse.


Imani Morehouse is absolutely wonderful in American Violet. I saw the movie on basic cable last year. She has the potential to be the next Viola Davis. This lady has the goods, but she definitely needs more opportunities.


I am still waiting for her character to pick-up on screen as well. I do see a little romance blossoming between Imani & Cary but nothing as of yet.

I hope the writers can drop the whole love triangle story between Alicia, Celeste & Will. It is driving me CRAZY!!!


I hope her presence on the show picks up. She’s been mostly background so far with a couple of good oneliners. Last night was the first eppy where I saw the writers trying to play up the Cary/Imani flirtation, but it seemed like it was more on her end. It’s hard to say what’s going to happen there because the Cary character still has his on-again/off-again school boy crush for Kalinda.

Definitely can’t wait to see what happens though.


I can’t wait to see the development of her character in coming episodes!!!

I think Nicole Beharie’s character’s last name is Stonehouse, not Morehouse.

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