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One More Glass Ceiling Shattered: Patty Jenkins Signed to Direct Thor 2

One More Glass Ceiling Shattered: Patty Jenkins Signed to Direct Thor 2

This signing deserves a big toast because what it means is that a woman has broken through into the big leagues. Patty Jenkins who directed Monster which got Charlize Theron an Oscar, has been signed by Marvel Studios to direct the big budget action film Thor 2.

This is important because the first Thor was budget at $150 million and made over $450 in box office. I’m sure the sequel will have a budget equal to if not more than the first film. I don’t think a woman has ever directed a film with a budget this large.

Studios have always been wary of giving a woman the helm of a film with a gigantic budget for many unsaid (and when they are said they are usually sexist) reasons.

But now one more glass ceiling has been shattered and that is in the money department. A woman directing a $150 million dollar movie. All you young women in film school should be celebrating.

This is also a big deal because this is an action movie starring a male lead and targeted at the young male demographic another area women have had an extremely difficult time breaking into. Marvel has clearly been thinking outside the box on this franchise hiring Kenneth Branagh to direct the first and now Jenkins.

Jenkins has great credits recently on TV including directing the pilot of The Killing and one of the segments in the recent Lifetime special on breast cancer – Five.

Welcome to the big leagues, Ms. Jenkins. Hopefully many more women will follow in your footsteps.

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To be perfectly honest I don’t think yall understand how misogynistic Comic Book Geeks are. There is so much subtext to this decision that it’ll dwarf the colossal fan backlash against the casting of Idris Elba as Heimdall…

This should be fun to watch but I recommend that Ms Jenkins should have a conversation with Michael Bay about over zealous fans ASAP.


This is big for female directors because so many have complained about being turned down to direct big films because of their gender. There are a lot of independent directors who get hired for mainstream films these days. There are a lot of female independent directors, why not give them the chance in the mainstream too? You have Kathryn Bigelow’s Oscar win and actresses like Jodie Foster, Vera Farmiga, and Angelina Jolie directing as well. Female directors are on the rise.

Kimberley Walsh

There are many Thor allies and villains that weren’t included in the first film which they can utilise in future sequels and give us new stories while leaving the overused Loki out of future sequels.

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