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‘Post-Obama’ Racial Thriller, “The Arrangement”, To Be Helmed By “Salt” Director Philip Noyce

'Post-Obama' Racial Thriller, "The Arrangement", To Be Helmed By "Salt" Director Philip Noyce

According to THR, director Philip Noyce (Dead Calm, Salt, Revenge) has signed on to direct a racially-charged thriller titled The Arrangement, for Mandate Pictures.

While the studio hasn’t revealed too many details about the film, Mandate president Nathan Kahane is said to have spoken on how “the movie’s water cooler quotient has to do with the racial subtext of the movie.”

This is what we know so far:

The movie centers on a married couple – the husband is white, the woman is half-white, half-black – whose unity is tested when another man, who happens to be black, takes a liking to the wife and begins to create problems.

Hmmmm . . . I don’t know what to make of this one. Sounds a little like Lakeview Terrace.

Kahane is quoted as saying that the script was produced “in-house” with screenwriter Brian Tucker, who, Kahane claims, “writes post-Obama stories that forces audiences to question themselves.”

“Post-Obama”? What is that, exactly? Has the world really changed that much since the last presidential election? If it has, I didn’t get the memo.

Kahane had this to say about his director:

“He’s a remarkably talented director of genre,” said Kahane. “He’s also someone that hopefully will put us it the conversation with movie stars. There are audacious roles to be had. The villain is a full meal character.”

It sounds like Mandate Pictures expects some big names to come on board. I don’t know how big a name they are expecting to get, but if it was up to me, I’d bring Bokeem Woodbine in for a read. Maybe even Leon, too. But not because the role makes me think of either actor, particularly. I just think that both men are capable of convincingly pulling it it off.

In the end, this film sounds like it could ruffle some feathers. Regardless, I’m very interested in seeing how it turns out. And I’m even more interested to see who they cast in the role of this trouble-making black man, who most likely will be dead or in jail by the time closing credits roll.

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With the knowledge that Noyce is married (or is with) an African woman and they have a child, I’m sure the essence and source of this story is quite a personal one. I also suspect Noyce is smart enough to create the interloper as a complex character and not take the easy road with the expected outcome.

One can only hope.


This is “Post-Obama.” We have to remind people that racism is bad. Who knew?



Post-Obama stories. GTFOH.

Robert G

“Post-Obama” basically means blatant anti-Black racism. It’s still a social taboo to publicly dis Jews or Asians, for example, but it is open season on Blacks. Part of the blame lies in the long-standing perception, famously articulated by Chris Rock, that there is a “Black People” vs. “N*ggers” dichotomy. By subscribing to this idea, our culture reduces and objectifies Black individuals – each is evaluated by arbitrary rules as to whether he/she is worthy or not worthy, leading to praise or punishment (or both as in the Green Mile example).

On film, I expect to see more Jar-Jar Binks kind of ridiculous stereotypes, as well as more white-guy-slaughtering-large-numbers-of-threatening-darkies (like the Death Wish films of the 70s – 80s). The twist will be that few people will attack these new films as being racist.

LeonRaymond Mitchell

What’s a half White Half Black, I have never that person, 1 drop of Black Blood and your Black and that’s how America sees you, you can’t put down half , all of us are halfs and like Rep Waters said “The Tea Party can Kiss my Ass!

They are just the KKK with a different name

I would like to see the trailer to this and hope it is not Lakeview Terrrace


Compare Lakeview Terrace to say The Green Mile.

In the former, we have a cartoonishly drawn “racist” black man whose punishment for harassing the mixed-race couple is to be shot up by his fellow officers. That’s the resolution to this movie. That’s what brings peace to our “heroes.” So much for institutional power.

In the latter, we have an innocent black man who cast spells, quietly waits in his cell while everyone else (white people) around him commits injustice, and then dies for everyone else’s sins. [It’s not the Christ-archetype, because Jesus wasn’t child-like, dumb, our quiet when injustice struck. It’s the Magical Negro.] When Coffey dies, our hero finds redemption. That’s the resolution to this movie.

In short, the punishment for a black racism is death. The punishment for white racism is the black victim dying and redemption for the latter.

Think I’ll pass.

bunch of guys

They might as well call this film ‘The Black Man Will Die or Get Severely Punished’. It’s probably going to be Lakeview Terrace for a younger audience.

I guess it’s post-Obama in that it’s Tea Party-ish, wrapping up racial resentment (of Obama and black progress) in a a bit of a different package from before.

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