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Ray Manzarek’s Book About Jim Morrison Faking His Death Is Being Turned Into A Movie

Ray Manzarek's Book About Jim Morrison Faking His Death Is Being Turned Into A Movie

This writer would certainly rather watch something or read about the history of The Doors than actually listen to them, the band’s history, and particularly that of charismatic front-man Jim Morrison providing enough material for Oliver Stone to make his 1991 biopic, “The Doors” (even if it’s a rather lesser entry in the director’s ouevre). Two decades on, it seems that another Morrison-centered project may be heading to the big screen, one that actually comes from one of his bandmates, no less, and one taking a more fantastical look at the musician.

The Poet In Exile,” was a 2002 novel by Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek, which imagines that Morrison had actually faked his 1971 death to disappear to the Seychelles, and then 30 years later, reunites with Manzarek for a rock’n’roll reunion. Now, it appears that the book is heading to the big screen, with the musician setting up the project at Clubhouse Entertainment, the shingle of horror director Tim Sullivan (“2001 Maniacs,” “Chillerama“), who will direct, and co-write with editor Gavin Heffernan and poet Liz Sullivan.

Manzarek himself will produce and score the film, but is unlikely to make anything more than a cameo, saying that “I don’t know that acting is my forte.” It also sounds pretty low-rent and self-indulgent, but maybe this is something that could turn out as pleasantly surprising. The plan is to shoot the film next year, so assuming everything comes off, we should see this starting to emerge some time in 2013. [Variety]

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Ray I am friends with Rick and know Jimmy

Trying to locate Rick please advise….Big Fan and have band and material to be produced with Rick and Jimmy


Mark Brett

Lived next door to Rick in Manhattan Beach

jimmy ray

don’t be afraid james douglas morrison is coming back i be surprise if he does coming back!!!

james williams

hey!!! all of you people don’t make no sense talk about the doors!!! i love the doors group there coming back life making the movie and all of you dumb ass people need to stop the bullshit gossip dammit im tired the world running there head, so by the way there always #1


The Playlist writers don’t listen to the Doors!? I am so SHOCKED! BTW have you guys considered hiring an editor yet?

Schindler's list

WTF? you dont listen to Doors? get lost!!!! and you call yourself someone who appreciates art? WTF


sounds goofy.
will only work if Val Kilmer stars.
even then..


What jimmiescoffee said.


you’d rather not listen to the doors? not cool enough for the collective blog? i’m still cringing .

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