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Revisionist Cinema Narratives Based On Black Literary Characters (Survey)

Revisionist Cinema Narratives Based On Black Literary Characters (Survey)

Thinking further about Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained and Inglorious Basterds… also, with Halloween just around the corner… I’d like to see some famous black literary characters given similar revisionist film narratives, or fantastical mash-ups like Seth Grahame-Smith’s Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, to name one.

Maybe taking something like Roots, or Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and injecting a vampire/zombie/ghost/alien/whatever plot; or maybe taking a satirical hammer to D.W. Griffith’s Birth Of A Nation; or turning Bigger Thomas in Native Son into a superhero during his day, with hidden supernatural powers… something like that.

I’ve been trying to think of a good example that already exists, but can’t at the moment… so, help me out; are there already any revisionist narratives (film or literary) based on black characters (real or fiction)?

And if not, I’d like to get some of your ideas on what’s possible; feel free to be as ridiculous and bizarre as you’d like.

Maybe we can pitch them to some writer(s) to develop… maybe not, and this is just for the eff of it…

Although, if you’re a filmmaker, screenwriter or author currently working on (or already have completed) a work that fits the bill, holla!

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How about we Ellison's INVISIBLE MAN as a sci-fi real invisible man.


Fine, resume play. But you know fans hate it :P


And to footnote, I’m not extreme about changing everything either (I used to be LOL). But I learned that there’s an even medium. Basically, does it work? Are you doing it “different” just because, or is there something new & illuminating highlighted by the change?….

Second pitch….A remake of THE STAR CHAMBER ‘cept this time we find out that the members are all Black and keepin’ everybody down….ewww NEXT! LOL



LOL Seriously, you know how many times I’ve heard just that very comment about Black people doing Shakespeare?


Leave it to JMac to come in and spoil the fun. Hey everybody, let’s booh JMac; altogether now: “boooh” :)


adding: that is in regards to the revisionist part.

Otherwise, do the characters straight as the author intended.


Leave them all alone and do something completely original.

Urban Cineaste

Film wise you might want to see a film with Harry Belafonte & John Travolta which touches on the subject (Hamfisttedly) entitled White Man’s Burden

Book wise I’ve wondered why no one has picked up, Black No More, to be made into a film. In it two Black American’s undergo a treatment that turns Black people White for no longer than three days. The two have various adventures in racist America changing various things. Ultimately the inventor the system is killed by a racist mob.

Net up two British female writers who’ve written books ripe for film adaptions.

Firstly, if Hollywoods looking for a possible Harry Potter/Twilight franchise can I suggest the work of Malorie Blackman. Her Noughts & Crosses series would make an ideal cadidate for big screen treatment.

Its set in a world where African continent gained technology before Europe and inturn enslaved White population. Its set in a world where slavery has been abloished but there’s a system similiar to Aparhied/Jim Crow in existence.

For more info see

Also on similar line is British Author Bernardine Evaristo Blonde Roots.


Real talk, I think ROSEWOOD almost fits the bill because Mr. Man never existed and he was Super Mandingo LOL

hmm, what else…..

I got it…”BEEN TO THE MOUNTAINTOP”. It’s about a penny-anty scam artist who goes back in time & accidentally takes the bullet meant for MLK but survives & becomes the leader of the civil rights movement…hilarity ensues :-P


Harriet Tubman…in space.

Cast Gina Torres. Yes, because I want more of “Zoe Washburne” (Firefly).

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