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Roger Avary To Direct Bret Easton Ellis’ ‘Glamorama’ In 2012?

Roger Avary To Direct Bret Easton Ellis' 'Glamorama' In 2012?

The last time Roger Avary directed a film, it was in collaboration with Bret Easton Ellis. Together, the two of them were responsible for the hyperactive 2002 adaptation of “The Rules Of Attraction” and something of a spinoff in the mostly-improvisational “Glitterati” cut together from the extensive footage shot for Victor’s European trip sequence. And how did that go? ‘Attraction’ pulled in less than $12 million worldwide, while “Glitterati” has only been seen by a handful of people and may never obtain any sort of release due to its pornographic content. So, naturally, Avary hasn’t directed anything in almost a decade (not to mention his brief stint in jail). And in a perfect example of Hollywood logic, it looks like he’ll return to directing with another collaboration with Ellis.

According to Ellis’ Twitter feed, Avary has finally cracked his long-in-the-works adaptation of Ellis’ “Glamorama.” “Just finished reading Roger Avary’s adaptation of ‘Glamorama’ which he will direct next year,” he writes. “Hilarious, horrific, sad. He’s a mad genius.” He then added, “And if he can get away with the sex scenes: it’s as hot as fucking hell…” You know. For kids.

The plot of “Glamorama,” fueled (as other Ellis works) by drugs, alcohol and sex, concerns a model who turns to an underground terrorist organization. Where this gets complicated is that Avary and Ellis could be building their own on-screen cinematic universe, given that the model is Victor Ward, played by Kip Pardue in both “Attraction” and “Glitterati.” Pardue isn’t exactly a leading man any longer, but being that this movie is probably going to come together under the radar pretty quietly, we wouldn’t be surprised at that attempt at continuity. Though we would like to see that missing scene from “The Rules Of Attraction” where James Van Der Beek‘s Sean Bateman calls his brother Patrick, as played by Casper Van Dien (!).

Avary was also hired this summer to pen an adaptation of William Faulkner‘s “Sanctuary,” so he’s slowly but surely been getting his name back out there and into the mix. So while we wait for both projects to materialize, here’s the sequence from ‘Attraction’ which is the closest you’ll probably ever get to seeing “Glitterati.” And yeah, it’s NSFW.

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Rules of Attraction is an amazing cinematic film. The book Glamorama is a fantastic international spy thriller in the Ellis universe. I can see Avary making an amazing film out of this, especially if the script is everything Ellis says it is. Count me in theaters on day one!

L Richert

Mr. Avery’s “brief stint in jail” was due to him killing somebody while he was drinking and driving. If he didn’t have money, he would still be in prison for it. He is a murderer, pure and simple.


Kinda hated Rules of Attraction, but I’m a big fan of the book and felt they got the tone right but missed every opportunity to make it interesting.

Bret Easton Ellis also had tweeted about meeting Alex Pettyfer who really wants to play Victor Ward (Kip Pardue in R.O.A) in Glamorama, I can see it, but I probably wouldn’t pay to see it.


‘Rules Of Attraction’ is great. shamefully underrated.

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