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See A Snow-Covered Lisbeth Salander In New Pics From ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’

See A Snow-Covered Lisbeth Salander In New Pics From 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo'

Fincher Says Swedish Proverb — “What Is Hidden In Snow Comes Forth In The Thaw” — May End Up On Final Poster

So, will Rooney Mara usher the Hot Topic look back in vogue with “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo“? Certainly we’ll have to see, but with the glamor shots she’s doing in addition to the movie stills, Mara is certainly selling bleach blonde eyebrows as a new look this fall.

The folks over at Fincher Fanatic have clued us into a new spread of pics over at Le Monde at the film’s high fashion downer vibe. And no wonder they look so good. They’re taken by famed photographer and music video director Jean-Baptiste Mondino (who has worked with Madonna, David Bowie and Tom Waits among others, enough said), but what’s the deal with all the snow? Well David Fincher has an answer to that, and talking to Empire (print edition, not online) he reveals it will play a crucial part in the final one-sheet for the movie.

“There’s a Swedish proverb that we’ll use for the final poster: ‘What is hidden in snow comes forth in the thaw.’ The one that’s on there now, ‘Evil shall with evil be expelled,’ is a Swedish proverb as well,” he explained. “And when you start to look at Swedish proverbs and how uncompromising they are, you realize what Stieg Larsson was on about. When you’re a little kid and one of the cultural touchstones is, ‘Evil shall with evil be expelled,’ if that’s what’s under the surface, you can see where this Goth version of Pippi Longstocking came from.”

There’s no doubt that Fincher’s vision is exacting, and while that attitude may put some people off, Mara welcomes it. He’s no tyrant she says, “But I think he’s painted that way. It’s bullshit. I think the thing is that he doesn’t care what people think about him. Fuck them. It doesn’t matter. I think maybe where it comes from is that David is one of the rare people in this business who actually, really, really cares and believes what he’s doing and he’s unwilling to compromise. And generally, he’s always right.”

“He’s always right. It’s so frustrating! Every time I’m right, I’m like, ‘YESSSSSS!” she adds.

The movie has also been receiving some additional buzz as many believe it will be the secret screening at the New York Film Festival on Monday. But our sources tell us Fincher won’t be making a return trip to NYFF this year, so you’ll have to turn your speculation elsewhere. So along with everybody else, we’ll be waiting until December 21st when “The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo” hits theaters.

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It's a movie, Fred, argg, liz and other morons. It might actually be good, or not. Why waste your time typing until you see it


The original Swedish trilogy cannot be outdone. This actress is a very poor choice for the lead role here for a myriad of reason evident in all the characters she has already played. Bought her way into this picture-probably bank rolled it too. Please!!


Its sad because even when this movie turns out to be awesome, the constant complainers will still maintain some grudge towards it. Quit the griping or rather find new things to complain about already!

I love the coverage The Playlist is giving this, and I couldn’t be more excited for Christmas!


This potrait is damn cool. David Fincher is damn awesome.


*deep breath* The question is, why do people follow blogs like this if they don’t like nonstop movie promotion? That aside, you guys do know Lisbeth Salander isn’t real, right? No Rooney Mara is not Lisbeth. Neither is Noomi Rapace. They are actresses playing a character. Mara is promoting a movie. Lisbeth Salander is not. They’re showing off her look; her piercings, tattoos, makeup. The tattoo, for instance, is exactly why she has no shirt on. No one’s saying the real Lisbeth Salander is posing for naked pics, just as the real Lisbeth Salander probably wouldn’t let Steig Larsson write about her getting raped in graphic detail. Nor is it likely she would pose for any pictures to promote a movie about her. It’s called make-believe.


So now between all the different trailers, short, international, 2 minutes, 8 minutes the making of, the music and so on we have seen the whole thing, and it isn’t much different from the others! Ans stop pushing Mara as the next coming because she is not Lisbeth. I was interested at first but now I am so sick of her face and of this non-stop promotion that I am done with it.


Another naked shot of Rooney Mara playing a character who actually says she does not like being naked because she has issues with her body…oh and she undergoes 6 hours of brutal rape. Love that Daniel Craig has no nude shots still and is always covered in three layers of clothing. This is not sexist at all, nope not at all.


Agree with Fred 100%.
And Kent, the studio has so far claimed none of those things.


Honestly, I am disgusted with this pushy promotion.
Stadio claims;
Rooney Mara is so cool, isn’t she?
Rooney Mara as Lisbeth is so amazing, isn’t she?
Rooney Mara deserves Oscar, doesn’t she?
I cannot but say that I was excited at the 8-minute trailer. However, the exaggerated praise to a critic’s Mara quenched my passion.


This is The Mediocre speaking

The orig sweedish trilogy was the most AMAZING sweed TRIL ever. I’m going to bitch out and hate on fucking FINCHER and his hollywoodiseation of good sweed underground filmmaking.

I’m going to shit internet shit all over his baby every time I see a pic or a clip on the interweb. I’ll never even see the full movie because why would I, I know he’s incap able of making good shitz!!!!!

So I’m just gonna keep bitching and shitting all over this movie sight unseen.



In other news today, gauche fellatio references and hilarious ideas of what constitutes “underground” highlight a weak-stream piss attempt on far better cinema in defense of mediocrity.


People who insist the Swedish film trilogy is great are hilarious. They’re not terrible films at all, but boy, is there room for improvement.


Amazing book, and what looks to be a fantastic film! Fincher is the man!

Kevin Jagernauth

My knees are fine, but my mouth is killing me….


I don’t know what makes me more sick: The blowjob The Playlist is performing here, or Fincher putting his mainstream “I’m too cool for this world” bullshit all over Steig’s masterpiece. Don’t your knees get tired KJ? The Swedish movies kept the underground tone of the trilogy, but this bullshit is so damn pretentious; maybe even more so than Drive.


she looks alike a model in goth pajanese fashion magazine


There’s no doubt Fincher is a shrewd man when it comes to marketing his movies. The mouth-taped-shut blog, Mondino photoshoots, Kellerhouse posters…

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