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“Soulja Boy: The Movie” Headed For DVD Release

"Soulja Boy: The Movie" Headed For DVD Release

I suppose there are those for whom this is of importance… I assume. So for the record Image Entertainment will release Soulja Boy: The Movie on DVD on October 18.

Here’s the trailer:

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No doubt. Thank you Carey. I plan on being out your way during festival season. I look forward towards the lesson then! :-)


Darkan, I’ve said this many times, I love “seeing” and hearing the voices and faces behind those who comment. It give me a better understanding of the person and their words, and what they are on.

To that I say, my hat is tipped in your direction. I watched the trailer and the making of the film video. Keep pushing my brotha, somebody is listening to your words and will be positively affected by them.

Btw, I gotta show you how to break-down that Bailey Fedora like we do in the Mid-West :-)


@ Richard. Wow! Thanks for the insult brother and your question towards me is valid. I love being a black man and I love and am very protective of my culture which is why I write the comments that I write but to answer your question here’s how I’m changing things brother.
Now… how are YOU making a change in regards to how young black men or people of color are viewed? Nuff said.


Hey Darkan, just saw your post. Question, I’m wondering how a slacker like you who probably sits on the couch all day is going to question a kid’s hustle like Soulja boy. Is it better if he’s out there dealing drugs or making money off music? How are YOU contributing to change these “sad, coonery times”, oh right…..Your changing it by being bitter all day and posting comments. Cheers to you mate!


Whether or not you like Soulja Boy, this is one hot trailer. Peter Spirer is one of the best in the game and this is just another success for him.


This is truly one of the most mindless, sad, coonery, lowest form and debased times in entertainment history and he has been one of it’s biggest contributors. SMDH.

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