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Spike Lee’s “Malcolm X” Finally On Blu-ray In January

Spike Lee's "Malcolm X" Finally On Blu-ray In January

The motto being “if at first you don’t succeed try again“… As you may recall, Spike Lee’s Malcolm X was scheduled to come out earlier this year in January 2011 on blu-ray DVD, but was suddenly pulled out from the its announced release date because of a music rights clearance problem.

Now, finally it looks as if those issues have been dealt with now that it has been announced the film will make its belated blu-ray DVD release on Jan 31, 2012 on Warner Home Video. Extras on the BD disc will include audio commentary by Lee, cinematographer Ernest Dickerson, editor Barry Alexander Brown and costume designer Ruth Carter.

Other extras will include deleted scenes with an introduction by Lee, the By Any Means Necessary: The Making of Malcolm X featurette and the trailer. The 2 DVD set will also include a bonus disc containing the 1972 feature-length documentary Malcolm X.

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I was wright not right, when i accuse him of his ‘covert neo-conservatism’ just check out his Alvin Keys Tirade on the Today Show, along with actress Meryl Streep & camera hungry Katie Couric,it was suppose to be about his upcoming movie-Manchurian Candidate, peep his Parrallax View.

To those heavy bidders,i rest my case.


@Dankwa, i concur with some of your perspective, but? we must be cognizant of both- director & actor’s AGENDA, by which they play host to or “EMBUE/IMMERCE” their perspectives, being that Spike Lee, was,still is a Cult Nat(cultural nationalist-slant ,aint nothin wrong with it, even though it might impale one, with a very limited world view,entrench in a geo-political framework, but what?, we talking -1992- underrrated director -OSSIE DAVIS , said it eloquently on spike lee’s dvd outtake, he said (spike lee) should REVISIT this terrain, once He GROW a little(intellectually), getting some dirt under his fingernails etc… as for Denzil Washington, he comes off like a closet neo-con, one can deduce that both in his faux-oratory and what’s perpetrated in the mis-en-scene, in his interviews leading up to the start date,spike said right out that HE will interpet it HIS WAY, regardless if its reactionary connotations(it was) and he has that right, now that, to me, leaves a bit of ambiguiity, dont get me wrong,he has that right as a artist, for two,he looms like a lovely target to be accountable and scrunized, that’s what WE(artists) must do!, fight the provincial and fight the profound.

p.s.- Malcohm X last trip to the motherland, he was re-name OMOWALE, by both Shirley Dubois(w.e.b.dubois widow) and the Honorable Kwade Nkrumah, circa 1965.

Dankwa Brooks

First of all, having read the book ‘By Any Means Necessary: The Trials and Tribulations of the Making of Malcolm X’ I know HOW HARD it was to make this film and to have it turn out as excellent as it is, is a freekin miracle. (For the record, I’m not one of these cats who think everything Spike makes is sunshine either)

To make something for the screen, you can’t completely convert an autobiography or you have a 7 hour movie and you must also make it a motion picture meaning taking some dramatic license to make it entertaining. Even a documentary is guided by the filmmaker’s views and not real life put on film. 

As far as the Blu-Ray, I’ll probably get it eventually, but I already own the Special Edition DVD and these extras sound like what I already have :(


Finally, Spike Lee’s seminal masterpiece is being released on Blu-ray. I remember trying to buy it when it was about to come out in January of this year but was disappointed when it was cancelled. First “Boyz N The Hood” on Blu-ray and now this, it’s been a long time coming.

Now they just need to release “Jungle Fever”, Summer of Sam”, “She’s Gotta Have It”, “25th Hour”, “Mo Better Blues”, “Clockers” and a bunch of other Spike films on Blu-ray.


This is just now getting the Blu-Ray treatment?! Freaking “Weekend at Bernie’s II” has already been on Blu-Ray for years!


Interesting this piece of news popped up today. Was on another post talking about Morgan Freeman on how I just found out he played Malcolm X in a tv movie back in 1981 (Death of a Prophet). I don’t remember seeing that but Amazon has it for sale.Don’t know if it’s better than Spike Lee’s (probably not according to the comments) but at least Spike reminded millions of black folks about Malcolm and sales of his Autobiography shot up. I read the book 2 years prior to the movie and was a little bit disappointed with the film but many moments were great! Loved the energy and the intimacy with Betty and just being put back into that time and see him in action. Sometimes I think it would have been better to focus on his television debate, or his first trip overseas, or his attempts to bring charges against the US with the United Nations. It’s difficult trying to reduce this man’s life in a 2-3 hour movie.

I wish everyone would drop their MLK movie projects. No one can do it better than the mini-series with Paul Winfield.


When i first saw this film, i felt like cultural critic-Ed Wood, this movie is like a precusor to a Kindler-Gentler-Version of the Man, it plays like a after dinner speech party, or a Prepackaged-Barak Obama, i’m asking myself, as i dissect spike’s magnum opus-Where’s the phire?, Where’s the Tenacity? that made MALCOHM X,well? MALCOHM X-EL MALIK SHABAZZ-OMAWALE?? one of the most revered,frieghtening-Avatars out there at the time, to quo: Marvin Gaye, it makes one wanna holla..

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