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Taraji P. Henson and Tyrese To Star In John Singleton’s Upcoming Film

Taraji P. Henson and Tyrese To Star In John Singleton's Upcoming Film

Official.. Me and my girl Taraji are doing another classic together soon.!! John Singleton will be directing us. And not it’s not BB2

R&B singer and actor Tyrese, best known for big budget hits like the Transformers and Fast & Furious films, tweeted these words a few days ago… Apparently John Singleton, whose latest directorial effort Abduction fell very short of box office expectations and critical acclaim, wants to reunite stars Taraji P. Henson and Tyrese for the first time after his 2001 drama Baby Boy.

We’ll be on the look out for any more information regarding this project. In the meantime, all of you fans of this volatile screen couple :-) can check out Tyrese’s new video for his single Stay, co-starring none other than his 2nd time soon-to-be leading lady Taraji.

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Taraji looks like a light-skinned fly. Or Gollem from Lord of the Rings…”My precious…” LOL

I’m sorry, can’t we get fresh talent these days??


I’ve been reading about this movie all over the internet, but nobody seems to know what it is…can’t wait to see who breaks the news first!


Should say:

Well, we’ll see if he can find the heart of this one and draw it “out.”


Hey Carey,

Glad to see you feeling me on my claim of corniness in John Singleton films.

But I gotta call you on “Rosewood.” Actually I’m glad you said that about “Rosewood,” because its the perfect example of great Singleton film nearly ruined by his corniness.

The Ving Rhames cowboy character riding in to “save the children” was corny.

But the whole movie in general, which wasn’t just about racist Whites killing Blacks, but was also great sad story on human nature, how a situation spins out of control, the madness of all who participated in this tragedy – some relishing in it, others going along just for the hell of it, some miserably dragged into it – is heartbreaking.

“Rosewood” is an EXTREMELY difficult movie to watch. It bring up feelings of hopelessness and anger because as you watch, you can SO many times throughout the story when the violence could have been stopped in its tracks, and it wasn’t and just snowballed.

This is the same poignancy and heartbreak you felt in “Boys in the Hood.” That’s the genius of Singleton. His storytelling, when good, is wonderful. He captures your heart. That’s why a hood film like “Baby Boy” still resonates. Same with “Poetic Justice.” There is a sweet poignancy in these films that makes them and their characters endearing.

But there is a thin line between poignancy and corniness. And when he crosses that line, ugh, the film is lost and end up a mess.

That’s how I felt about “Four Brothers” – he crossed that Poignancy line and ended up in Corny-ville.

“Shaft” – I don’t know. He tried to make an R-rated character into a PG dude and ended up with sugary doo-doo.

Well, we’ll see if he can find the heart of this one and draw it. Keeping my fingers crossed.


“Man, nobody in the film was named Rosewood, that’s the name of the town the movie takes place in. LOL!”

Neziah, blame that on my lazy writing b/c I knew that. I should have said cowboy “flick” or “western”. I knew the movie was loosely based on the western (Oklahoma?)town of Rosewood. We know what happened there.But don’t get me wong, I could be mixing elements of Rosewood with another Coorny movie, 1995’s Panther.

I think I’m going to call my movie man and have him zip me a copy of “Abduction”.


I like John Singleton and though his films have their flaws, I wouldn’t say they are “corny” at all. I’ve enjoyed most of them. *shrugs*


“Rosewood was probably one of the corniest cowboys ever made.”

Man, nobody in the film was named Rosewood, that’s the name of the town the movie takes place in. LOL!

“Wasn’t that the movie in which Don Cheadle escaped by hiding under his 300lb dead mother… IN HER CASKET!? CORN CORN CORN MUSHY!”

I don’t know, it’s been a while since I’ve seen it, but I do recall Don Cheadle coming out of the darkness at the end only to still be invisible because he’s so damn dark.

CareyCarey, you seriously need to watch “Abduction” though. I can imagine you sitting there and watching it and going “WTF!!!” You should post your review of the film on here when there’s eventually a post about its DVD release, I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Holy cow, *bobs and weaves*, you all came at me hard!

How in the world was Four Brothers “corny”??? LOL Maybe I’m blinded by the man-candy and the setting of the feature and its ‘telling’, but I don’t think it was a corny venture. I don’t cringe when I watch it…nor do I have the urge to fast-forward…

*holsters weapons/raises hands* Backing towards the door… I’ma let y’all have it. As you were, home skillets. So the consensus is that Singleton’s works excluding Boyz/Rosewood/BabyBoy are corny. Cool. Okay. *shrugs* As you were. *ducks out*


Nothing was cheesier and cornier than “Abduction” and “2 Fast 2 Furious”. Singleton’s other films are masterpieces by comparison, seriously.


I think Tamara is trying to be funny. Everyone who has eyes knows that John Singleton has been serving up a full plate of phony-corny-meal mush. Sure he has, Four Brothers was the epitome of Elmer Fudd pretending to be Confucius. Are you kidding me… 4 brothers, 2 white and 2 black, living in Detroit and going for bad?! Wait, how corny can you get when a white guy busts up in a black high school basketball game and starts talking shit and acting like he‘s the baddest & maddest & bawdiest n***** in town? Come on, I’ve been in Detroit a few times and them brothers don’t play!

And wait, so they have this guns a blazing shoot-out car racing scene – – going 200mph — and where exactly are the police… and what happens? Corniness happens, that’s what.

Now, do I even have to mention the corn-phony lake scene, or the corny acting in almost every scene? But wait, I didn’t say I wasn’t entertained, but Johnny “come corny” Singleton is no doubt one of the kings of the melodramatic corny goes cuckoo puffs.

Rosewood was probably one of the corniest cowboys ever made. Wasn’t that the movie in which Don Cheadle escaped by hiding under his 300lb dead mother… IN HER CASKET!? CORN CORN CORN MUSHY!


“Baby Boy” has always been one of Singleton’s best films regardless of its flaws, and along with “Boyz” and “Rosewood”, he has yet to top them.


@Zeus – thanks. Revolutionary Road.

@ Tamara – the majority of his films.

“Corny” is a shallow simple term. But his last films – yes.
Shaft – Corny. Four Brothers – corny. Abduction bombed.

I did love Rosewood. Baby Boy was good.

But I can see him easily screwing this latest project up.


Singleton hasn’t made a good film since Boyz, and eve that film comes across as dated now.

Worse of all Singleton refuses to let go of his Tyrese crush. Tyreses is a so-so actor with very little appeal.

Tyrese can tweet all he wants. Until there is an actual announcement his reveal ismore wishful thinking than actual news IMO.


I’ve seen only bits and pieces of Baby Boy

@Cherish, what do you mean? How does John “screw his movies up?” Are you referencing his latest feature….or every feature he’s ever done? Four Brothers wasn’t corny at all. Nope. Not at all. And that’s just one example from his works… :-)


Kate Winslet reunited with Leonardo DiCaprio in “Revolutionary Road” and yes, very well done.



Julia Roberts reunited with Richard Gere after Pretty Woman to star in Runaway Bride.

Kate Winslet reunited with Leonardo DiCaprio after Titanic to make Resurrection Road. (damn that was a powerful film.)

As long as its not Baby Boy 2, it can be a good idea.

But can someone tell me what’s wrong with John Singleton, as a director? He has so much potential. But damn, he has a way of screwing his movies up – I don’t know why?

He just makes them too corny, or, ugh, I don’t know, he just screws his films up.

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