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Thandie Newton’s Recent Rants– Is She Right, Or Does She Need A Reality Check?

Thandie Newton's Recent Rants-- Is She Right, Or Does She Need A Reality Check?

In the past month, several news outlets have reported on recent comments allegedly made by actress Thandie Newton regarding race and the entertainment industry.

Reading the quotes that Newton is to have supposedly given– and based upon the amount of time she’s been a part of the entertainment industry– I must admit that these statements are a bit surprising.

I’m not exactly sure when these statements were made, and I wasn’t able to locate an on-line link to the original interview, but . . .

The Belfast Telegraph, quoting an interview Newton gave to Pride Magazine, reported on 10/15/2011 that Newton is not happy that she hasn’t been on the cover of Vogue:

However, the star can’t understand why Vogue is so against extending the range of models on its front page.

“Don’t get me started on black people being on the cover on big magazines. It’s so preposterous. I mean, I’ve been on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar four times; I’ve been on the cover of InStyle four times, but Vogue, not once,” she explained in an interview with Pride magazine.

“And people say to me, I mean literally, people have said to me, ‘What have you got against Vogue that you don’t want to be on their cover?’ And I just laugh.”

“They [Vogue] don’t feel the need to represent because it doesn’t make any sense to them. It’s just baffling to me, but as usual America will dictate the ways things go and a magazine like Vogue will just follow America,” she said. “But it’s like, don’t you want to trail blaze?”

I don’t know what Newton’s been told, but I think her multiple covers on Harper’s Bazaar and InStyle is more than most black actresses can claim to have accomplished. In my opinion, Newton should be satisfied with all that she’s been able to do so far, because there are many white actresses who haven’t even made the cover of Vogue, let alone a black one. I wish she would ask some of her black counterparts to name the magazines that they’ve been fortunate to grace the covers of. I’m quite sure there would be a whole lot of side-eye action coming her way after posing that question.

Australian website The Age, quoting the same Pride Magazine interview, on 10/12/2011 also reported this month that Newton told a story about being offended when someone dared to compare her to actress Kate Winslet:

“I remember this guy came up to me once, an actor whose name I won’t mention, but a black British actor came up and said, ‘Congratulations Thandie, you’ve done really well, although you know if you had been Kate Winslet your life would have been very different,’ meaning that if I’d been white,” she explained in an interview with Pride magazine.

“I mean I don’t know what he was trying to say. And I just thought ‘wow.'”

“Wow” is the word alright. As in, “Wow. I can’t believe she didn’t already know that.”

Newton supposedly continued her recounting of the experience with the following:

Thandie looked to Michael Jackson for inspiration as a youngster.

The stunning star says the late music icon made her feel accepted.

“I think it’s really important for young people’s sense of self, to feel mirrored and represented. I think it’s crucial,” she said. “When I was a kid I would have to send off for my Michael Jackson posters. He was everything. He was all there was.

“I’d listen to some Thriller with my massive earphones plugged into the stereo; I would just spend all afternoon listening to that album over and over again. I was pretty cut off, it wasn’t like I was living in London, so I was really disconnected from any black community.”

There’s no need for me to comment on that last part. I think that pretty much says it all.

What do you say? Is Thandie Newton right to stand up for herself? Or should she go sit down somewhere?

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For me, Thandie Newton possesses an icy presence that's always there in any role she plays. While it's true she hasn't got rich and layered roles like Ms Winslet in The Reader for instance… I can't say whether she is as good as Kate but Kate reads "warmer" in spirit.


Thandie Newton is okay as an actress, but not in the same league as that of Kate Winslet, Nicole Kidman, or many of the other actresses who grace the covers of Vogue. Does she face racism? I am sure she does. However, she seems to have a chip on her shoulder. She made some inappropriate comments when she did not get the role in Charlie's Angels that went to Lucy Liu.


Sometimes I respond directly to your comment, and sometimes I’m expressing my thoughts in general. Trust me, when I’m talking about you, you will know


“Misha, why do you always feel I’m referring to you?”

Umm, perhaps because you respond to my posts? LOL I know with your previous posts, you were specifically responding to something I said. And yes, sometimes I think you are passive aggressive. But whatever. You know if I have a problem with something you or anyone has said, I ain’t go no problem saying so. ;)


What an ignorant view:

“In my opinion, Newton should be satisfied with all that she’s been able to do so far, because there are many white actresses who haven’t even made the cover of Vogue, let alone a black one. ”

Newton is much better than your average actress and she should strive to make the most of what she’s got. Maybe that’s the difference between being good and being great. To be great means that you are not easily satisfied. If she had that view she would not have reached the point she is now. And by all means she should strive to push herself forward.

Your view is also racist:
“there are many white actresses who haven’t even made the cover of Vogue, let alone a black one.”

what is that suppose to mean? that blacks are only second rate?

To put this article under Rant is unfair. Thandie Newton has a very valid point.


And Misha, I’m genuinely saying that. Per our past interactions, it seems like you think I try to be passive aggressive & coy, cute even. I don’t do that. I direct my comments pointedly when need be, and at other times, MOST times, I’m trying to just have a discussion. Nothing more.

Until next talk :-D


Misha, why do you always feel I’m referring to you? If I explain my position, you always think I’m talking about you.

Not everything is directed at you. Sometimes a discussion is just a discussion


@Jug, actually my opinion isn’t based on my personal feelings about Taraji and Thandie. It’s based on what they actually said. I like Thandie but based on her comments, I don’t feel the need to defend her. So nope, don’t need to own anything. :)


Misha u are too right LOL Don’t mistake what Im saying here or on the TV Guide blog. I actually like Taraji. Always have, more than Thandie to be honest. Real talk, I like Naomie Harris & Anjanue Ellis more than either of them, but I digress…

I’m not going to give Taraji a free pass just cuz I like her. Love Denzel, but he was WEAK & was blown off the screen in MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING. Takes nothing away from him being great. Just wasn’t his thing. Same here. Shes not the reason the show is weak, the writers are to blame, well that & Caviezal is jive bland LOL. But with the description given for her character (what little there was LOL), she’s kinda phoning it in. And its okay, I guess, because you can get away with that on TV, being a “hard nosed cop” but constantly primping & fussing with hair. But I expect more from Taraji, regardless of how little she’s given. And as you said, that is my opinion, which is what I was getting at, personal preference, the “differences” for the debate you alluded to seem not come from what Taraji or Thandie have actually done, or their standpoint but how people feel about THEM, their bias. If it’s bias, cool. I can get with that “Thats my girl & Thandie ain’t”, just own it. And for the record, even out of context I think Thandie is whining just a bit LOL

Good talk. Tired & falling out fast. G’night!


@ Emmanuel

No i don’t think you are racist, but your view was. I understand the point that you are trying to make and i don’t agree with it. And i think you’ve over exaggerated the argument a bit, referring to Newton about whining about this, and whining about that, while Newton was simply stating a very fair and obvious fact. End off.


I think people are being TOO critical of Thandie and I disagree with Emmanuel`s post.

Thandie seems to be commenting on the barriers she experiences as a black British woman. Kate Winslet is a good actress and close to the same age of Thandie and she`s got an Oscar. Is Kate a good actress yes she is BUT so is Thandie.

Thandie has NEVER gotten a really juicy film role where she can show her range. The closest I can think of is Crash and that was like five years ago.

Yes, Thandie has probably gotten more opportunities than some black women in Hollywood due to her skin tone, and she has Eurocentric features. But Thandie has a point, she`s been acting for about 20 years YET she has NEVER gotten a leading lady role in a Hollywood film. So even biracial women such as Thandie Newton struggle.

Vogue is pretty typical the only put very few black women on the cover such as Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, Oprah, Halle Berry, or Michelle Obama and that`s in the past decade or so.

Vogue would never put Thandie on the cover because Hollywood has never given Thandie a movie role that would demand her being on the cover of Vogue. I think Thandie has gotten the cover of Essence which has over 1 million readers and Vogue is slightly higher in terms of circulation.


“Toldya we wouldn’t agree LOL”

Ha. No suprise there. :)

Anyhow, are there similarities in both Taraji and Thandie’s complaints? Sure. But there are also key differences IMO that would explain why folk would support /defend Taraji and not Thandie, myself included.

As a fan of Taraji’s acting, I find it difficult to believe that she’s the problem (re: POI). But can’t say I’m motivated enough to go back and watch to confirm that. LOL


@Nic (and whoever else is feeling some kind of way)

You think I’m a racist? I’m ignorant, am I? Well, I think you’re a loquacious mome who doesn’t know any better. And you obviously didn’t get the point I was trying to make in the post.

First of all, who says that she’s that great an actress? You? Well, that’s fine. You’re entitled to your own opinion, and I’m entitled to mine.

In my opinion, she’s a fine enough actress. But that doesn’t excuse the fact that she’s whining about something that has nothing to do with her craft. Not making the cover of Vogue hasn’t had an adverse effect on her career, has it? There are black actors out there right now hoping they’ll land even the smallest role in something, just so they can pay their mortgages. And you think she’s entitled to cry about a magazine cover? SMDH.

In your opinion, when should she have been given the cover Vogue? After her star turn in “Norbit”?

Maybe after “Run, Fat Boy, Run”?

Or maybe they should have given her the cover after she starred in that new American classic, “For Colored Girls”?

The more I think about it, I’m actually quite angry that she didn’t get the cover after she did “Norbit”. That film truly showed how dedicated she is to choosing roles that showcase how great an actress she is. You’re right– I’m wrong. Not.

And since when do black entertainers have the luxury of choosing when and where they get press recognition? I can name a few black entertainers whose names would surely be ahead of Ms. Newton’s for Vogue cover consideration, but you don’t hear them whining about it. That’s the point I was trying to make.

Those of you who tried to compare Ms. Newton’s whining to Ms. Henson’s grievance about the TV Guide cover, you just don’t get it. There’s a difference between feeling left out of group recognition, and feeling like you deserve the spotlight. Ms. Henson didn’t ask for the spotlight, only her just due recognition for her contribution to a group effort. What does that have to do with this?

Look at the names of the few blacks who have made the cover of Vogue: Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, Will Smith, Naomi Campbell, Halle Berry . . . all names that potentially could sell magazines . . . names of people who can’t go to CVS to pick up toilet tissue without their picture ending up on somebody’s website, in somebody’s news report. I hate to break it to you, but Ms. Newton is not on that level. That’s the point I was trying to make.

Finally, I don’t understand why Ms. Newton is so hard pressed to be featured on the front of a publication that isn’t interested in her in the first place. They obviously don’t want her; so why does she want them so badly? And it’s not like being on the cover of Vogue is a career booster. People tend to get the cover of Vogue after they’ve already made it to a certain level. So despite all of your assertions that she’s a great actress who deserves to expect to be given the cover of Vogue, I guess the truth is that she just isn’t on the level that she (and you) thinks she’s on. That’s the point I was trying to make.


I’m glad Thandie spoke out!! Why should she settle and be happy for what she’s already accomplished when there is so much more out there. Vogue magazine means nothing to me, but the entertainment industries seems to think it represents class & establishment in this whack society. People complain about there not being enough roles for AA but when certain AA they don’t care for, get roles, all the bashing starts. There is just no pleasing people who don’t know what their fight is about.


Toldya we wouldn’t agree LOL

But I do agree with you, I finally gave up on POI as well. It is a bore, but airtime for Taraji isn’t the problem. We can get into minutiae of her performance vs her character description that don’t jive all day long, but I could care less about it.

Yeah, I don’t see what happened to Taraji as racist. Somethings are just piss poor business. But frankly, I give two shits about Thandie Newton and her “want all the spotlight including Vogue” problems either. What I DID see tho, are similarities between two actresses who wanted to put their stuff out there, as they should, and how WE reacted to it-with a tiny difference. That stuck out to me. Yeah, I did highlight it, because many comments were a little more “personal” against Thandie in response to her gripe & there was very little of that about Taraji. There was no “Oh you didn’t get that cover because you’re from Southeast!”. And it started off as folks felt Thandie is a little “uppity” or “aloof” so they weren’t as gung-ho to be on her team & the question needed to be asked. Like Jennifer Anniston was the cause of her marriage breaking up yet Brad Pitt cheated on her & lied about it, but got a free pass bcuz we “like him” (& people think Jolie is hot). And to really bring it home, much of that was set up by the article author-it was slanted against Thandie from the get.

Me, I could give two shits because neither situation affects me or influences me, it’s just an interesting topic to discuss. I do get annoyed, when the topic of discussion turns into a “you’re with us or against us” based on race & logical reasoning takes a backseat. May have jumped the gun, but it happens so much, it’s like carrying an umbrella in London-gotta be prepared LOL



I agree! Where does the writer get off with that? Are you starving? Ok, here’s a cracker. Be happy!


And I meant assessment not assumption.


Whatever, Jug. LOL I can read and looks to me like Thandie has her defenders and critics. It also looks to me like you didn’t like all the support Taraji got for something you didn’t deem as racist and are now looking to call people out on their so-called hypocrisy. Again, whatever. *shrugs.*

And nope, sorry “in theory” I don’t think Thandie and Taraji are talking about the same thing. Thandie, by her own admission, has been on the cover of mainstream (white) mags numerous times, unlike most other black actresses. So it seems to me that she merely has a beef with Vogue and is using race to make her claim more legit.

And you do know that whether or not Taraji is struggling on POI is a preference..merely opinion, right? It certainly ain’t proof of anything, I don’t think. I wish I could offer more on that but I gave up on POI after the second episode. Caviezel and Emerson just aren’t compelling enough for me. I think they’re a bore together, actually. And I have my doubts that Taraji is even getting enough airtime to really make an accurate assumption on whether or not she’s “struggling.”


Umm, since you’re late to the party, it looks like that. But if you go to the beginning, it started off as “she needs to shut up”. Yes, folks came in later agreeing with her, but in the beginning it was much different than the Taraji rant, which was decidedly in her favor.

Trust, one thing I don’t do is kick up dust just because. That’s just dumb. Hence, why I didn’t post in the beginning.

As for Taraji, you’re talking specifics, Zeus was referring to the essence of the argument. That there is “excluding” of minorities going on (which I personally think Taraji wasn’t necessarily saying but it did become the rallying cry). Both women feel they should be on there & both cases are debatable. Whether or not one was on a show currently & the other isn’t, isn’t what Zeus was talking about. And my comment was about the utter “ride till we die” love for Taraji even though Taraji is not the most gifted actress walking the earth, which makes a case for why she didn’t “get hers”, but the reverse arguments were the default ones made in this thread about Thandie. And I’m not talking about my preference, I’m talking about proof-Taraji is struggling on POI in a role she should be killing, it seems to be a “normal” person role devoid of all the high drama she’s used to excelling in in films like HUSTLE & FLOW, BABY BOY, I CAN DO BAD ALL BY MYSELF. Yes, she has BOSTON LEGAL & the golf movie, but that’s not Taraji’s safe zone & I was curious about a sort of “you’re one of us/not one of us” mentality developing in the comments section. But I didn’t want to make it a referendum on that nor Taraji & the TV Guide mess, so I didn’t post. But Zeus brought it up & I thought it was funny, bcuz I thought it was just me who thought that.

Trust me, we will disagree on this…I’m clairvoyant like that. :-P


Umm yeah Jug, I’m not buying that. LOL First of all, whenever anyone makes what some deem “controversial” remarks, there are going to be comments that both praise and criticize the person in question. That was certainly the case with Taraji…not everyone was defending her. Similarly, I see posters defending and criticizing Thandie. Sorry but I see no double standard here.

I must point out that while Thandie is lamenting about never being on Vogue, Taraji was expressing dissatisfaction about being excluded from a TV Guide cover story about her show. Not exactly the same thing in my book.


HAHAHAHA! Misha, don’t point the finger at me. Zeus actually wrote the first thought that popped in my head when I read the article. I almost was the first commentor but refrained because it did seem to “start some ish”. But then the comments started rolling in & it seemed like since Thandie stated she “didn’t embrace” the black community whereas Taraji did, there seemed to be an all-too coincidental negative backlash to her comment, all the while, in theory, she’s saying the same thing Taraji said.

But what it really boils down to is some people like Taraji & some people don’t like Thandie, for whatever reason. To each their own, not a “real” debate :-D


I don’t have a problem with what she said. If you don’t say anything, you’re a punk. If you do say something, you’re a complainer.

I was thinking something similar when I saw this month cover of Vogue with Rooney Mara. “Dragon Tattoo” hasn’t even come out yet and here she is on the cover of THE biggest fashion magazine in the country. No one even really knows who she is. She had a small role in “The Social Network”…no damsel role in blockbuster summer film, no breakthrough leading role in an indie…nothing!

The closest comparison I can make is Jennifer Hudson’s cover but Dreamgirls was already out and she had the “American Idol” story going on. She was the exception, not the rule. Most black women have to be a superstar before they cover a major publication. While there’s a new Rooney Mara or Emma Stone every year.


Emmanuel, your tone here suggests you think Thandie has become too ‘uppity’ in wanting more. I think Thandie has a legit argument.

Re the comparison between Thandie with Kate Winslet: it is quite obvious that the actor who told her that her life would be different if she were Kate Winslet was referring to the color of her skin not her acting abilities. One actor does not walk up to a another actor and insult their abilities in such a manner. And in this case it was one black actor talking to another. So, yeah, the actor has a point.


“Thandie needs a sandwich.. then she’lll be fine.”


Honestly, I don’t know what to make of her comments. She starts out by noting the lack of black folks on the cover of big magazines and then she names a couple of magazines that most black actresses haven’t been on but which she’s appareared numerous times. It seems like her beef is mainly with Vogue, since she’s never been on the cover. Her second quote could be taken several different ways and I don’t see anything “controversial” about her last comment.

But I do have to chuckle at Jug and Zeus for trying to drum up some controversy. GTFOHWTBS! :)


She’s just not that talented. Period.

Fallen On Deaf Ears

No one is interested in that Dacelyn. It doesn’t push the “Whitey is Racist” agenda that holds us back from getting off our $100 jean wearing asses, and creating angel investment clubs to buy production and distribution companies together.


I haven’t read all the comments, rather than speak on Ms. Newton’s statement ,
though, I’d like to sort of change the subject and ask if you’re satisfied with the amount of ‘screentime’ blacks and other minorities receive in the industry? In the mediums of film and theatre, do you feel ‘art’ represents reality enough? Have you ever thought of writing scripts, plays, sitcoms that would really represent your life and dreams ?..thereby, perhaps creating more work for minorities in the commercial film, tv or Broadway venues ? Have you thought of how many Black
entertainment execs there are, well placed enough to greenlight projects ? or if there are any at all, besides those fortunate enough to have their own studios ?
Have you ever wondered why more ‘monied’ Blacks/ celebrities from other walks of life haven’t invested some/more of their wealth into making a difference in what appears in the theatres and the small screens for a positive benefit to minorities , job creation, educational & entertainment wise ? Shouldn’t we be more concerned with changing those dynamics instead of the well earned opinions of people who are participating in the industry in front of the cameras ? How could we be more vocal in showing that we’d like to see more minority representation in all strata of the industry


Not sure what to make of these comments, but I will say this. Thandie Newton, for all of her success, is NOT on the same level talent-wise as Kate Winslet. Winslet is one of the best actors–male or female–of her generation. Newton doesn’t hold a candle to her.

For someone to mention her in the same breath as Winslet is a compliment, IMO.


I don’t know why black women support these fashion mags and designers who don’t give 2 cents about them. No faces bu you will gladly plop down your 5 bucks for the magazine

Pharisees Among Us

Great post Emmanuel!



As a regular actress, not based on skin color is concerned I do feel Thandie Newton needs more recognition, but maybe not in the form of magazine covers. She is definitely one of a kind. As a black woman she has received more recognition, compared to someone like Taraji Henson, Regina King, or Kimberly Elise. So for many black actresses reading this are probably like really, really. I believe that she just wants to be treated equal, as someone with real talent, like Kate Winslet. This is probably her frustration.

Also I don’t think she realizes that her skin color is holding her back, as much as she actual think it is, or she just doesn’t want to recognize it. Maybe her inability to interact with the black community at a young age, or even now, may have something to do with that. I have known a couple of mixed people, who felt ostracized by the black community, and I know non-mixed people depending on their family setting or living environment wasn’t able to do so. So they have been living in a bubble, not experiencing or in touch with their black community. I also can’t honestly believe someone of her age, or even her longevity in this industry hasn’t realized her skin color, unfortunately plays a major role in casting.

Why do I feel like Idris Elba made the comment about Kate Winslet. lol


Good for Thandie if she’s coming out publically on this. Why shouldn’t she speak out on the crap factor of media representation, just because she’s been able to slide under the door a little bit (and how much of that has less to do with talent, and more to do with her being biracial, seriously?)? Doesn’t change the fact that our Western media is racist, always has been, and unfortunately promises to still be, unless diversity in beauty standards, artistic standards and the like begins to change in the next number of decades. She has every right to say what she has, especially if she’s in the business and probably knows better than any of the rest of us what she’s talking about.


Sorry I don’t find anything shocking or surprising about Ms. Newton’s comments.

What I AM disgusted by is the writer’s quote, “In my opinion, Newton should be satisfied with all that she’s been able to do so far, because there are many white actresses who haven’t even made the cover of Vogue, let alone a black one.” Wow! Now that’s some shocking shit.


Sounds like people putting words in her mouth and/or making assumptions about what they mean. Why does her “wow!” mean that she didn’t already know that? Maybe it was a “wow, nice way to deflate my accomplishments. Does that make you feel better, nig?” Like none of you would give someone the evil eye if they said congratulations then pointed out why it doesn’t really mean anything. And no black person anywhere looked up to MJ when they were a kid? Yeah right. With just these REPORTED excerpts, I don’t see anything wrong either. If anything I’m pleasantly surprised she’s addressing racial identity and representation issues in the biz- if she actually did engage in that interview.

Confused at the anger here – should she shut-up for being on so many other mags because she’s not affected by her ethnicity or shut-up about being upset if someone tells her the success she’s had is nowhere near what a white woman would get because she’s too ethnic to get the white actress treatment?


Hell yes Thandie deserves to speak out against Vogue. She’s done just as many roles as Nicole Kidman who started at the same time she did… yet they both get vastly different opportunities…because Newton apparently the wrong color and she didn’t f*ck or marry for fame. Institutionalized Racism at its worst.


Well, how exactly are you supposed to react when someone says to you that “if you were your life would be different.”? I am thinking “wow” is pretty tame. I probably would have gone with “Well, Duh!”


i dont see anything wrong with her comments.


My sense is that she’s expressing her disapppointment that more women of color are not being featured on the cover of Vogue. By citing the number of times she’s been profiled on the cover of other magazines makes the point that diversity is being celebrated by other high profile publications. Based on other interviews and articles the suggestion that she’s attempting to push her own agenda may be a misinterpretation of her statements.


Why complain to a journalist?

My guess, she was answering a question.

Also, as for Henson who could have also used her publicist to send a letter to TV Guide, and didn’t, Newton may want to bring public attention to Vogue’s lack of diversity on their front covers.


guess Taraji is “down” & Thandie “ain’t”….

Clear double standard.


She said nothing that was shocking. I can’t understand the sensationalizing of her comments. Let’s be more worried that we’re okay with Polanski.


Whoo hoo boy Zeus! You done said something there…guess Taraji is “down” & Thandie “ain’t”….

I’ma sitback & see how this one unfolds…


Newton needs to write a letter to the US Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Anna Wintour and express her issues w/ the magazine’s the lack of diversity. Why complain to a journalist?


Thandie needs a sandwich.. then she’lll be fine.


This is not much different than Taraji Henson’s rant against TV Guide. Lack of acknowledgement.

With Henson’s rant folk came to her defense and said that image and getting noticed is important.

Newton is saying the same about Vogue. Is she being held to a different standard because she is a brit with a non so-called traditional “black” upbringing?


I don’t understand. Is Thandie trying to play the “victim” role here? She certainly doesn’t need to. If thats the question, but there’s nothing wrong with her trying to be the best at her profession as she can.
Don’t get me started on Vogue. They aren’t exactly trying to break the mold unless it’s a PR move. Then people congratulate them like “Wow you put someone in your WOMEN’S magazine who isn’t shaped like a twelve year old boy or the color of plaster!”
I want Thandie to be successful regardless of her race. With the Kate Winslets of the world and I think so far she has done a great job at not being typecast because of her race and recognized moreso for her ability.
So I believe much of her argument is valid.




Meh, it’s too easy to sensationalize these comments when they’re all diced up and out of the context of the original interview.


In my opinion, Newton should be satisfied with all that she’s been able to do so far, because there are many white actresses who haven’t even made the cover of Vogue, let alone a black one.

Right on! Newton complains & whines too damn much! What bothers me the most is that there are people out there who would kill to be in her shoes. Instead she is bitter about not landing the cover of WHITE vogue magazine. Ugh! GET OVER IT!

Newton is the face of Olay beauty products she should be happy about that!

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