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The Highest Paid Women in Entertainment – 2011

The Highest Paid Women in Entertainment - 2011

Another Forbes list. This time women in entertainment. Oprah Winfrey tops the list at $290 million for the time between May 2010 and May 2011. Second on the list is Lady Gaga with $90 million.

The rest of the list:
Reality star Bethenny Frankel – $55 million
Model Gisele Bundchen – $45 million
Singer Taylor Swift – $45 million
Talk Show Host Ellen DeGeneres – $45 million
Judge Judy Sheindlin – $45 million
Singer Katy Perry – $44 million
Singer/Actress Beyonce Knowles – $35 million
Author Danielle Steel – $35 million

Interesting to note that not one female director, producer or actress other than Beyonce made the list. (I was reminded by a commenter that Oprah is of course a producer. But in the last year she has not produced a film. She has produced many TV shows and birthed a new network and she did present Precious recently. But I don’t personally think of her as an active film producer. Maybe now that the show is over this is one area she might increase her work in. That would be so great because she has the power to get things made and distributed). On the list of men there are all three including Tyler Perry, Steven Spielberg and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Entertainment’s Highest-Earning Women (Forbes)

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mary joseph

Sorry if it’s a dumb question, but where is J.K. Rowling? Is the list just America?

Another one: how is Gisele Bundchen in “Entertainment”? I thought models were in the Fashion industry.

And while I’m at it, how does Gisele Bundchen make so much money? What does she do besides “model”?

Kyna (Her Film)

This worries me. How is it that women producers are not included in the top earners in Hollywood? I understand DiCaprio acts & produces, commanding a huge salary for acting, Spielberg is a force of nature (or used to be) and Perry does every job in entertainment known to humankind, but what does it say about how women’s work is valued when the top female earners in Hollywood are almost exclusively entertainers?


Oprah is a producer, my dear!

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