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TNT’s “Memphis Beat” Cancelled After 2 Seasons

TNT's "Memphis Beat" Cancelled After 2 Seasons

Another cancellation! The TNT off-beat cop drama Memphis Beat starring Jason Lee and Alfre Woodard will not be returning for a third season, according to Deadline.

A spokesperson from the network says, “TNT has decided not to pick up a third season of Memphis Beat, the network thanks everyone involved in the production of Memphis Beat for their work on the series, including the great cast and crew.”

What’s going on? First The Playboy Club, then Charlie’s Angels and now Memphis Beat? Hmm.. Thoughts?

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Bill Curley

You network people never make any sense!! You get a bad show and keep renewing it!! Then you getv a really good show like Memphis Beat and cancel before you really give it a chance!! I’ll be very selective about watching any new series from now on!!!

    Margaret johnson

    Memphis beat was one if the best shows I’ve seen. One of my favorite so of course it got cancelled. I still mis it. What a unique and entertaining show with a superb cast.

Queen (nickname only) of Laurel MD

TNT and A&E got it all wrong. Its hard to watch TV these days without a ridiculous reality show and to cancel shows such as Memphis Beat and The Glades is so wrong. I for one will be watching Netflix. Or back to the old days of ABC, NBC, CBC, etc. TNT and A&E are no longer my selection when watching TV and I am not alone.

Pat G.

I know it's been a long time since it's been on, but I miss watching Memphis Beat. It was a good blend of just enough light comedy and police drama. The cast was great, I love Jason Lee and the rest of the cast. I would love to see it back on the air, I can not even find re-runs.


What?!! I'd been wondering where this show disappeared to. Damn. I don't know what to say. I'm sad about this.

Linda Devitt

Unbelievable.. I have been waiting, not knowing it was cancelled. Great show, great cast. What's not to like. Not going to watch of network shows like TNT, TBS, etc. not worth it!

Peter Anpaul

When did this happen?!! Why?!! My soul is hurting.

Frank M.

NO, NO, NO,NO!!!!!! I absolutely loved this show. Due to my ever-changing work schedule, I discovered this show last year and fell in love with it. Started doing a search on the net and find it has been cancelled, I am heart broken. Come on TNT pull your heads outta the ground and let's get the show back on TV!




I can't believe that they cancelled this show. I was looking forward to it returning and when I found out that they had cancelled it I was like this is crazy! The characters really made the show. It was so different from the usual detective shows that seem to be on. It really stood out.


oh no…:-( too bad… I really liked this show……


Memphis Beat was a true gem. I just found out it was cancelled after searching for the return date on the internet. This was a show that I could actually watch with my teen son & not have to turn the channel for fear of obscene language or acts. Horrible decision TNT. This was a huge misstep!

Tami Ross

Bad choice!!! Loved this show!!!!

Gloria McLean

BOOOOOOO TNT! Is there no way to get MEmphis Beat back on? Dallas? Really? I didn't watch it before and it is certainly harder with all the dried up looking people you have on it now. BOOOOOOOO TNT! A thousand times BOOOOO!


I LOVED this show! Unique, inventive and highly entertaining. So VERY WELL DONE – the creators of this show should be very proud. I'm so sorry to hear it won't be back – I kept checking the listings . . . truly do not understand the dismal lot TV offers and then cancels something of true quality – I GIVE UP!

Rita Loftis

Its a shame a awesome show like Memphis Beat was canceled. I really enjoyed watching it. I wish some how it would come back on tv. I kept hoping every year it would but i was waiting in vain.

Lynn H.

It's very sad that networks such as yourself keep shows that are truly NOT demographically popular. You go with star power. Shows such as Memphis Beat and Men of a Certain Age do t seem to rank up there in your star power demographics, so you are quick to give them the axe. Yet, you fail to forget…….it's the middle to older age television viewing demographics who pay the bills, are unemployed, make more decisions, buy your box sets, support your networks, etc…..

Thus, you might want to start keeping them in mind when canceling the better show such as Memphis Beat and Men of a Certain Age. You do so with no warning and leave viewers with no closure. Just like CBS with such shows as: Smith, American Gothic, and CSI Miami just to name a few. Bathos leaves viewers bitter and feeling like they wasted a lot of time watching g something for……..NOTHING!

Lynn H.

It's very sad that networks such as yourself keep shows that are truly NOT demographically popular. You go with star power. Shows such as Memphis Beat and Men of a Certain Age do t seem to rank up there in your star power demographics, so you are quick to give them the axe. Yet, you fail to forget…….it's the middle to older age television viewing demographics who pay the bills, are unemployed, make more decisions, buy your box sets, support your networks, etc…..

Thus, you might want to start keeping them in mind when canceling the better show such as Memphis Beat and Men of a Certain Age. You do so with no warning and leave viewers with no closure. Just like CBS with such shows as: Smith, American Gothic, and CSI Miami just to name a few. Bathos leaves viewers bitter and feeling like they wasted a lot of time watching g something for……..NOTHING!


that was a good tv show what is wrong with people. just because there was no smute on it you cancel it. there are still people who just like to watch a good tv show with out all the sex and foul words. i also hope anther station pick it up.


Very, very, VERY disappointed in the cancellation of this great show with its great cast. Someone else please pick it up!!! (Had the same disappointment when Flashpoint was cancelled on another network, luckily ION had enough good sense to pick it up. Wish the same could've happened to The Unit, another AWESOME show that went away.) What's wrong with these networks?


We enjoyed the show and are very disappointed that it was cancelled. With all the stupid shows that continue on the air with foul language it was a refreshing change of pace. This was a poor decision on the part of the programing department.


I loved the Memphis Beat show. I was very upset when they just cancelled the show. Jason Lee was wonderful in this show. He also has a wonderful voice. PLEASE reconsider and put the show back on the air. This is really great entertainment.


What Huge Sad POOR DESICION to cancel Memphis Beat
—-it has great actors that works together ands blends well
The Local feel is so comfortable and the music
brings joy and memories.


Disappointed that it won't be back, but I have found good shows on USA also. Check them out for Royal Pains, Covert Affairs, White Collar, and many more. Never watched Dallas in the 80's and never going to watch it now. Hopefully the producers of Memphis Beat will try to get USA to pick it up.


Went all summer waiting for Memphis Beat to come on the air, then figured it was going to be on the fall schedule. Why would anyone cancel a great show like MB? Would be great if another network picked it up. It's getting harder and harder to find good entertainment.


I can't understand why you would cancel a great show and don't say that it has been cancelled .How do you expect your viewings audiences too continue to watch you network


Sorry to see this didn't get picked up. Good story, great actors and fine music. Wish there was a email/address way to actually get comments heard.


I Can Not Believe that you canceled one of the best shows on the air!!!!!!!!!!! I will no longer watch TNT because you don't know what good shows are! This had everything from drama to comedy and family, what more could you ask for?


I have to agree with all. Memphis Beat, Terriers and especially Men of a Certain Age. Great shows. F&B, R&I, Dallas(please!!!!). And who cares about Reality shows and talent shows, are these people really that desperate for a minute of fame, how pathetic. Hoping the Closer sequel is as entertaining.


Just found out that Memphis Beat has been cancelled. We always watched it and were waiting for the new season. At least there was good acting and a good story line. How do shows like Dallas and Rizzoli & Isles stay on? They don't even come close to Memphis Beat!!! Now TNT has no good shows.

Joanne marshall

That should have been Memphis

Joanne Marshall

I'm very disappointed in TNT for canceling Memphia Beat. I don't think the TV executives know what the public likes. If they did, I doubt that Dallas would be on!!?


Wow, a truly terrific show. Great cast, great stories. What were they thinking?


Bad move TNT this was a really good show was looking forward to the new season.
Now just have to switch to another channel BYE BYE!!


I'm all "Johhny-come-lately", and just found out. I liked this waaay better than R+I. Extremely disappointed in TNT for cancelling what was a good, quirky, original show.

Mike Robinson


TNT are idiots, with the line up they have they go and cancel a great show


i can't believe they took off memphis blues, this was one of the best shows , and yet you keep the cartoons that have no entertainment . i have 250 channels and there is no entertainment on most of them. just when you get a good show on you take it off. now i'm down to the cooking shows. thanks .


TNT are idiots, with the line up they have they go and cancel a great show!


Just found out Memphis Beat was canceled :(. That really stinks. It was a great show with lots of heart and very entertaining with a great cast! What is TNT thinking? Finally someone puts out a new show with a different kind of storyline and then it gets canceled. Oh, wow, maybe we could get a reality show instead-SARCASM!


Just find out MB will not return. What are you guys thinking? Can't understand it, renewing Rizzoli & Isles for season 3 with no storyline again and no acting ability. Oh I forgot, they need that pay check.

Maria Bongiovanni

I really enjoyed Memphis Beat. The music, the cast, the storylines – I thought it was great and I just checked to find out when it starts up again only to find out it was cancelled. I hope another network will pick it up – I will follow it to another network. Jason Lee, Alfre Woodard and the other characters (actors) were great.


Looked forward to Memphis Beat this summer but again producers don't know how to provide good entertainment…Really Dallas again…I hated it. Can't we have a comfortable non confrontational police drama…it makes it easier and easier to eliminate the tv from my list of things to do. After all there are other sources of entertainment.

Kathy Weisgerber

Another decent hour of television watching shot to hell! I'll miss you Memphis Beat.

Spencer Karter

I've found out about the cancellation in October 2011. I thought Memphis Beat was returning for season 3, but the dire notice came when I search on the internet that TNT cancelled that show, I was ticked off and heartbroken. MB's cancellation is the reason I've boycotted Turner Network Television. TNT made a BIG Mistake for axing MB and renewing those spineless tramps Rizzoli & Isles for season 3 instead. I hope R&I gets cancelled, that's all I can say for that sorry TV show with Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander. The person responsible for cancelling Memphis Beat, Hawthorne, and Men of a Certain Age is trying to be like Brian Frons (the dude who used to run ABC Daytime and was responsible for breaking housewives hearts by axing AMC and OLTL for The Chew and The Revolution which I'm proud they cancelled the latter) I wish MB released on DVD one day? :( For my rant on MB's cancellation go to


Agree with all MB WAS A GREAT show and so was Terriers disappointed that both were not renew
Dallas is the same as 30 yrs ago just a younger jr and bobby and the same old garbabe

Lamar Orr

An absurd decision. Now my wife and I have nothing to watch on TNT. Memphis Beat was a great show.

Kathy Penne

I have been waiting, and now I fine out it wont be back. What a shame it was a great show……PLEASE RECONCIDER!!!!! If you canceled Memphis Beat to put Dallas on, Well Dallas was a must to watch in it time but that was then and this in NOW and Memphis Beat is the one to keep!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So again PLEASE RECONCIDER!!!!!!!!


This was an absolutely great entertaining show! There's so much crap on TV that goes on year after year it speaks badly to what most people think is good since this decision must have been based on ratings. Very, very disappointed !!

iris clark

I have been waiting for the return of MB all winter and spring. Now I find out it has been canceled. What a bummer!! PLEASE RECONCIDER!!!!!


Wonder if one of the other networks could pick it up. Loved the music; the cast was great. This show was so entertaining.


I've been watching foe Memphis Beat to start and to my disappointment, it isn't returning. WHY??? Who are the dummies that cancelled such a great show? I'm sure you got plenty of letters complaining. Please reconsider if it isn't already too late.

kay quitt

Terriers was another great show that got cancelled after a few episodes. who makes these decisions? don't blame poor numbers. If marketing and scheduling did their job more people would watch great shows like Memphis Beat, Terriers, etc.

michael bannon

You keep cancelling my favorites, Memphis beat

Vickie Smith

What happened? Been so looking forward to Memphis Beat. My husband and I loved that show. All of the characters were great. This is so disappointing. It was my favorite show. The music, the cast, the chemistry was awesome. What is going on? Why cancel such a great show? Dallas was good in it's prime, not so sure it can make a come back. Sure wish you would have kept MB on!!!!! Makes me sick.


I like you all were waiting for season 3 to begin. Memphis Beat was great! The first time I saw it I told my sister about it and her and her husband became fans. I don't know how we go about letting TNT know our anger over their decision.


I have been waiting for Memphis Beat to come back. I know they wouldn't cancel show that really gets you so involved with the cast and you feel like you know them all personally . I am so disappointed in TNT. Maybe they think enough of the Northerners didn't watch it. Well WE DID! Really depressing to think its gone.


I echo what everybody else has said. Disappointment, disbelief, aggrevation, crap replacement. When will they get it. I won't be watching trash like DALLAS!!!!!


Finding out that Memphis Beast has been cancelled really ticks me off. This show was awesome; it had great characters, story lines and music. I thought this show had what it takes to last years. Whoever decides which shows are cancelled are clueless. I don't know what they are expecting from "Dallas", but I smell a failure. I hope the idiots come to their senses and bring Memphis Beat back.


Cant believe Memhis Beat was canceled. I won't be watching Dallas! Why did TNT take off a intelligent well written show with good music and replace it with junk!


you could get rid of most of those reality shows that go nowhere and keep some good ones
with depth and a personality of it's own….how do you go about petitioning for the rights of these good shows that are dropped ?


I've been looking for the previews for the new season and now I know why I haven't seen them. Memphis Beat was a great show and I was really looking forward to this season. How unfortunate that good shows are cancelled while the CRAP shows are allowed to go on indefinitely.


That figures, take an intelligently written who-done-it like Memphis Beat and … DUMP IT! And what do they keep? Franklin & Bash, that wonderful sophomorically written piece of drivle aimed at beer slurping man cave dwelling idiots that make such movies as Hangover popular. Shows you who's minding the network stores.


I have been trying to figure out what was up with Memphis Beat…now I know. Canceling this great show was a huge mistake. The show was well acted and well written. I am extremely disappointed….I never missed a show once I found this one!

Claudia S

My husband and I have been waiting for the return of Memphis Beat and now I read that it's been cancelled! Why?? We are very disappointed. What are you replacing it with – #$%&.
One of the few summer shows we enjoyed and it is NOT a reality show! And you brought back Dallas???? You're kidding right.?

Anne CZ

I don't understand how they keep crap like the Kardashians on, and not renew Memphis Beat. It was such a great entertaining show, with an awesome cast of characters. TNT you've made a big mistake.

Jane Barber

Why is it that they always cancel the good shows, I really enjoyed Memphis Beat. What I hate are all the reality shows, the singing shows that keep spawning more and more, talent shows ,etc.

Sharon Jones

Wow! How disappointing Memphis beat is cancelled. I love that show! You network execs put all this reality trash on that stinks and then cancel a great show like Memphis beats. Ridiculous. Where do you get your feedback from?


I am so disappointed. I have been waiting for the new season of Memphis Beat as well as Men of a Certain Age. they are our 2 favorite summer shows. I guess the people in charge of programming don't really care what the fans like. I'm finding that many people I know are leaning towards not watching tv as much. There's very little interesting programs on anymore.
There goes my summer programs. Guess I'll start reading again..

Leslie Mills

Why in the hell does all the good show get taken off??? Then ya'll put some shitty shows on. Why not leave the good shows on that people really watch???

sam mannino

just found out memphis beat is cancelled. i've waited all winter for it to come back on. my wife and I watched every week without fail. I'm a guitar player, looked forward to music as much as show.




I really liked this show and can't believe they cancelled it. It had a great mix of characters and it was nice to see a true southern city being showcased. I'm from Texas and really can't believe you're putting Dallas back on, please we had enough of that the first time and they still don't depict real Texans!!!


Who are these television executives that cancel these shows? I loved Memphis Beat. Did they ask us if we wanted it renewed…….no they didn't. Now they will put some stupid reality show on in its place. TNT you suck!!! We want Dwight and the team back, get rid of Dallas.


I really loved Memphis Beat. The characters were great and the show was a boost of fresh air. Bad TNT!!!!!!!!


Like eveyone else I am very disappointed that it will not be coming back. I thought it had all the right ingredients for a successful run of several years. Also enjoyed the music, music, music. I am so tired of "reality shows" and so much garbage this it is sad that it won't be back. Were the ratings bad? What were they thinking? or not.


One of the few summer shows I looked forward to watching. TNT has done well with other shows so why cut Memphis Beat. Are we doomed to suffer through another STUPID reality show to fill this time slot? TNT has lost points with me for this decision.


Summers are so boring and now they will be even more boring without Memphis Beat. You should review your demographics, TNT. We baby boomers love witty and heartfelt as well as good blues. You should reconsider this decision.


This was the one show I really looked forward to watching each week and would tevo when not home when aired. Such a shame to get rid of a quality show. With all the so called "Reality" type shows taking over these past few years, it was a breath of fresh air to see really good writing and acting. So sad………


That is so ridiculous. Of course a network would cancel a quality show like Memphis Beat. My Mother introduced me to the show and I liked it so much I watched the whole first season so I knew what was going on. TNT sucks to say the least.


REALLY? I am tired of watching garbage and was looking forward to a fun show! PLEASE bring it back!

Connie Fogg

Are you insane?????Memphis Beat was such an excellent show, we fell in love with the characters. This was our pizza and Memphis Beat night . My husband would sing-a-long with Dwight at the end!!!!! We will definately NOT watch TNT any longer. So, I hope JR and your network comes to an gastly end. Shame on you. If you were smart you would bring this awesome show back. But, quite frankly we the viewers and die hard fans realize you don't care about our opinions….everything is bottom line to you. Does that make you bottom feeders? I think it does!!!!

Danny More

BOO, TNT….wy did you cancel my favorite show???? Only show on your network that was well written. Guess I'll have to look at other networks for shows that are comparable to this great show. So long TNT


I am so disappointed now! I was looking forward to watching the cast for another season. Franklin and Bash and Leverage returned instead? Who decided that?


When will it be out of DVD?

Albert & Lynne Etheart

I can't believe that TNT cancelled Menphis Beat, we were looking forward to the show like everyone else who has commented. How disappointing of the TNT network.


Neither of those shows compare to MB – Good stories and characters and a wonderful soundtrack.
Maybe it could be picked up by another network, like FX? They have much better shows than TNT anyway…


WHAT Why I love that show. I am upset that u are doing that.

valerie holley

that's stupid to of canceled this show i love it and i know there was alot of others that loved it as much as i did ! you need to put this show back on,i'm serious ! it is soo different then any other show i have ever watched !


I loved Mb!!! Was waiting on the new season to start and then found out that it was canceled!!! Tnt why do you cancel all the good shows???

Debbie S

Memphis Beat This is so crazy to remove a show that was good. It didn't have the blood and guts, just something you could watch and not have nightmares about. Comedy and heart. I am ready to go back to watching old moves on the DVD and give up television. They put a good one out there and than they cancel it !

Alma Hampton

Memphis Beat is one of the best programs on TV. Why is it canceled? If it ain't broke, why try to fix it?

Beth W

This show was just like being back in Memphis. But another sign that TNT and big corporations.stink k.

Beth W

Booooooo for not renewing show


I am so disappointed with TV networks. Memphis Beat is one of about five shows I watch that is not coming back or being cancelled. At least some give us closure and warn us. That helps a little. Every time a show is cancelled I say I am not getting suckered into a new series. This year I think I mean it. I am done. Obviously the networks don't care about the fans. Good job.

Kim D

memphis beat and the playboy club were my favorites what happened?

Bobbye L C

I can't believe they cancelled Memphis Beat…we loved that show. Was waiting for it to come back on…who decides whether they cancel or not…probably some Lil young twerp who don't know sugar from shinola…sad….


you guys (tnt) suck big time


My wife & I loved this show. It was better than most!


SHOCKED!!Awesome characters, plots,music.
What are you thinking?The only TNT show worth watching.Bring it back!


Im really shocked they canceled M.B. This was by far one of my favorite shows on TNT with Closer basically coming to an end i thought. M.B. was safe! If it was up to me i wouldve taken M.B. over Dallas anyday! Yeah i liked watching Dallas growing up as a kid & the whole Who shot JR. But i have a feeling this will be like Movie sequels never as good as the original! From commercials ive saw dont think anyone will have to shoot JR this time. He looks like age is really getting to him. Maybe im just ticked off i rather watch a show about cool cops who drive nice hot rod that kick butt & sing a good
Song occasionally than watch a show about a family of oil tycoons & how they all lie &cheat & will do anything to keep the families name & fortune in tact!

&everything is out to ruin them. Mawill be a bunch of beaushare of nice cadone before. T

Jon Goettl

This was the only show worth watching on TNT. The chemistry between the cast members was fantastic! This show needs to be brought back to the air waves.

Staying Away from Dallas

Like everyone else I was awaiting the return of Memphis Beat only to find that it has been canceled. Yet but shows like Falling Skies and Franklin and Bash (Animal House in court) will be returning? Why??? So TNT could bring Dallas and JR back??? This was so disappointing. I have Law and Order on DVD. After The Closer is finished, I will not be watching TNT. Next time, you guys should ask.


My husband and I are very disappointed. Quirky characters, music and so funny. Not a cookie cutter show. a mistake


Cancel Memphis Beat and kept Leaverage. Very disappointing. That's weak!!

Edie Rubin

I am sooo disappointed to hear Memphis Beat will not be returning. Alfre Woodard, Jason Leigh and the rest of the cast played fascinating characters, story lines were interesting and overall the show was quite entertaining. So I guess it should be no surprise that the network has cancelled it !

Frances McKnight

I loved Memphis Beat and was looking forward to its return. I think I'm heartbroken.


I'm so tired of the networks taking off perfectly good shows off the air. This was a great cop show and boy can Dwight sing.

James Lonelywolf

I think that sucks that they canceled Memphis Beat when there's other shows that are less intertaining


One more comment on the stupidity of cancelling a good show such as this one. " If your going to cancel a good show do not replace with something stupid such as a night time soap opera….to late here comes Dallas." GREAT MOVE TNT…NOT!!


This really stinks.. This was actually a good cop show..goes to show the execs have no clue what the people want to watch.


You've got to be kidding! Another great, somewhat quirky show with interesting stories and empathetic characters — gone! What's going to replace it? I'm guessing something aimed at the lowest common denominator. More dumbing down! Thanks, TNT. Who's making these stupid decisions? Great judgment! BRING BACK DWIGHT AND THE REST OF THE CREW!


I was so looking forward to Memphis Beat coming back on and now I find out it is cancelled , who ever made the decision to cancell the show is not very smart because it was one of the best shows on TV !

John Wiggin

Just goes to show that by cancelling Memphis Beat that the people that run TNT are just a bunch of NATURAL BORN LOOSERS

Dale Freeman

I agree with everybody else. My wife and I really enjoyed Memphis Beat. You all keep cancelling these good shows and we will stop watching TNT. Unless you want people to stop watching TNT the idiots who make these decisions need to stop.


I am so BUMMED that this show was cancelled! The characters, music, and storylines were all excellent and will be sorely missed by people of discerning taste. This show, along with "Men of a Certain Age", another TNT show, were my faves. What's going on at TNT? Who is responsible for making these ridiculous decisions??

Debby Baker

Incredibly stupid to cancel this show. Just re-name TNT the fricking "Law & Order Channel" and be done with it. More corporate morons ruining it for everybody. Isn't it enough that corporations are ruining the USA? Idiots!

Debby Baker

Incredibly stupid to cancel this show. Just re-name TNT the fricking "Law & Order Channel" and be done with it. More corporate morons ruining it for everybody. Isn't it enough that corporations are ruining the USA? Idiots!

Debby Baker

Incredibly stupid to cancel this show. Just re-name TNT the fricking "Law & Order Channel" and be done with it. More corporate morons ruining it for everybody. Isn't it enough that corporations are ruining the USA? Idiots!

Debby Baker

Incredibly stupid to cancel this show. Just re-name TNT the fricking "Law & Order Channel" and be done with it. More corporate morons ruining it for everybody. Isn't it enough that corporations are ruining the USA? Idiots!

Debby Baker

Incredibly stupid to cancel this show. Just re-name TNT the fricking "Law & Order Channel" and be done with it. More corporate morons ruining it for everybody. Isn't it enough that corporations are ruining the USA? Idiots!

Debby Baker

Incredibly stupid to cancel this show. Just re-name TNT the fricking "Law & Order Channel" and be done with it. More corporate morons ruining it for everybody. Isn't it enough that corporations are ruining the USA? Idiots!

Debby Baker

Incredibly stupid to cancel this show. Just re-name TNT the fricking "Law & Order Channel" and be done with it. More corporate morons ruining it for everybody. Isn't it enough that corporations are ruining the USA? Idiots!

Debby Baker

Incredibly stupid to cancel this show. Just re-name TNT the fricking "Law & Order Channel" and be done with it. More corporate morons ruining it for everybody. Isn't it enough that corporations are ruining the USA? Idiots!

Debby Baker

Incredibly stupid to cancel this show. Just re-name TNT the fricking "Law & Order Channel" and be done with it. More corporate morons ruining it for everybody. Isn't it enough that corporations are ruining the USA? Idiots!

Debby Baker

Incredibly stupid to cancel this show. Just re-name TNT the fricking "Law & Order Channel" and be done with it. More corporate morons ruining it for everybody. Isn't it enough that corporations are ruining the USA? Idiots!

Debby Baker

Incredibly stupid to cancel this show. Just re-name TNT the fricking "Law & Order Channel" and be done with it. More corporate morons ruining it for everybody. Isn't it enough that corporations are ruining the USA? Idiots!

Debby Baker

Incredibly stupid to cancel this show. Just re-name TNT the fricking "Law & Order Channel" and be done with it. More corporate morons ruining it for everybody. Isn't it enough that corporations are ruining the USA? Idiots!

Debby Baker

Incredibly stupid to cancel this show. Just re-name TNT the fricking "Law & Order Channel" and be done with it. More corporate morons ruining it for everybody. Isn't it enough that corporations are ruining the USA? Idiots!

Debby Baker

Incredibly stupid to cancel this show. Just re-name TNT the fricking "Law & Order Channel" and be done with it. More corporate morons ruining it for everybody. Isn't it enough that corporations are ruining the USA? Idiots!

Debby Baker

Incredibly stupid to cancel this show. Just re-name TNT the fricking "Law & Order Channel" and be done with it. More corporate morons ruining it for everybody. Isn't it enough that corporations are ruining the USA? Idiots!

Debby Baker

Incredibly stupid to cancel this show. Just re-name TNT the fricking "Law & Order Channel" and be done with it. More corporate morons ruining it for everybody. Isn't it enough that corporations are ruining the USA? Idiots!

Debby Baker

Incredibly stupid to cancel this show. Just re-name TNT the fricking "Law & Order Channel" and be done with it. More corporate morons ruining it for everybody. Isn't it enough that corporations are ruining the USA? Idiots!

Debby Baker

Incredibly stupid to cancel this show. Just re-name TNT the fricking "Law & Order Channel" and be done with it. More corporate morons ruining it for everybody. Isn't it enough that corporations are ruining the USA? Idiots!

Debby Baker

Incredibly stupid to cancel this show. Just re-name TNT the fricking "Law & Order Channel" and be done with it. More corporate morons ruining it for everybody. Isn't it enough that corporations are ruining the USA? Idiots!

Debby Baker

Incredibly stupid to cancel this show. Just re-name TNT the fricking "Law & Order Channel" and be done with it. More corporate morons ruining it for everybody. Isn't it enough that corporations are ruining the USA? Idiots!

Debby Baker

Incredibly stupid to cancel this show. Just re-name TNT the fricking "Law & Order Channel" and be done with it. More corporate morons ruining it for everybody. Isn't it enough that corporations are ruining the USA? Idiots!


I seldom make comments on line, but I would like to agree with all these folks. I never thought I could think of Jason Lee as anyone except Earl. One show and I was hooked, couldn't wait for the song at the end of the show, and he's no Earl to me now. Casting and writing was on point. I'm on board for anything we can do to bring it back.

Linda Day

Do the people at TNT have any idea what a good show they cancelled.? There are not a lot of really good drama shows that are worth watching. I am a shut in and I have a few really good shows that I wait patiently each week to see and Memphis Beat was one of them. TNT needs to reevaluate their priorities on what is good and what needs to be cancelled. You have at least 20 shows that needs to be canned and you took off one the best ones you had. WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM? PUT THE SHOW BACK ON.


This showe rocked!!! TNT you should make the right choice and bring it back, will be hard for me to watch anything on your network now.


Cannot believe it!! I am a hater of reality TV also…if there are so many of us why do they do good and a great show like Memphis Beat gets cancelled!?!? Doesn't anyone listen to us?!?! Bring it back TNT!!!


Count me in as another very disappointed fan. Loved the characters, the tone and the music.

jo macmull

UNBELIEVABLE! Memphis Beat was the best show. I am urging all to boycott TNT as they historically build interest in a series and then cancell it. I'm done with TNT.

c saccareccia

this was my #1 show for two seasons. right now I am very angry. I don't believe it can be replaced with a better show. I've been waiting for the return and then I have to look it up to find its cancelled.


So disappointed!! I was checking to see when Memphis Beat was going to start back up and found it was cancelled! The Closer, Hawthorne, and Memphis Beat gone?? There goes my TNT watching I guess.. They don't know drama near as much as they proclaim!!


Cancel Memphis Beat….. Back ground of Memphis, the music and the shows itself make it a good show to watch. Bring it back hosers !

fran shavico

it never ceases to amaze me, shows like bachelor,great race ,survivor ,all crap mindless crap,then along comes a show with drama,humor and music can you ask for anything more, then its cancelled maybe the higher-ups should take a break and run a survey …ya think ???


Loved it…cant believe it's not returning. Hope someone else picks it up!


I think it is a big mistake to cancel Memphis Beat. I love this program.


I cannot believe one of the most decent and entertaining shows on ANY network, Memphis Beat was cancelled!!! What is wrong with you people? With all the "garbage" that is being shown on TV, you would think a show this great would be appreciated!!!!!!! I wait for this show every year! Well, as far as I am concerned, TNT, you have gone down the drain!!!!!!


WHY???????? I've been waiting fr it's return for months and was disappointed when I goggled it and found they cancelled it ! that was a great show! TNT left the show leverage . It lost's its appeal and grew stale after it's third season! and the take away Memphis Beat That's just wrong!


WTF?!?! This was one of my faves!! TNT puts out good shows and then cancels them after hardly any time. Hopefully enough people will bitch about this and series will be picked back up. They can repeats of of shows that have been off air for yrs- even tho that gets old very fast- but not give their own creations a chance.

G Mcdonald

TNT should get cancelled this was a great show


I hope some one picks this show up and shows TNT they F-UP

Sandy Boyd

AMEN, TO KGS!!!!! I think it stinks that they are cancelling one of the best shows on TV, every time they get a good show, they say ratings aren't high enough. Why don't they try surveying people on the West Coast. I know quite a few people that love that show as well as Hawthrone. Why don't those execs. get a clue??? If this keeps up and they keep rerunning Law & Order I will quit watching TNT and tell all my friends to do the same. Did you know the "Closer" is on its way out as well. WHY DON'T THEY JUST SHUT DOWN THE NETWORK!!!!!!!!!!!!


TNT you "BLEW IT" when you canned "Menphis Beat"! Enjoyed the entire show. Cops mixed with music. We had something besides crap to watch on cable TV!

steve graffam

why would you cancel a program as good as memphis beat. way better than almost anything on your or anyone elses network. thoughtful, soulful writing and acting. please reconsider


how could you!!!just proves again that most "executive decisions" are made by people thate have no idea what they are doing! listen to the viewers. STUPIDITY RULES AGAIN!!!!


All we have on the other channels is stupid shows. TNT stands above the rest with the shows
they show and produce. Now, they let a good one go. Shame on TNT.


Shame on you for canceling this show. We loved it.


I am so tried of reality tv !!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so hard to find good shows in the summer and Memphis Beat was awesome. No matter what we were doing we made sure we watched the show. I am very disappointed with the way show are goin now a days. Alot of good shows have been canceled the past few years to make way for reality tv. What is wrong with networks? Why don't they ask the views before canceling a show.


Ditto to alll the disappointed watchers below! The show offered good story lines, good character development, and good blues music. Shame on you for being so short sighted!


TNT needs to do a facebook survey. There is a need for something not reality TV.

Judith Jones

I simply cannot believe that TNT has been so short-sighted as to cancel Memphis Beat. The original casting of all the main actors was superb, well balanced and each played well off of each other. The story lines were entertaining and the music added a nice element. All in all it was a great show to watch. The public is being fed such visual pap – the survivor shows, dancing with the stars, jerseylisious, those fake, Botox, implanted housewives, etc. (you get the idea). Why are we only being given such drivel? Personally, I live life everyday and when I watch TV I want to be "entertained" – not have to listen to someone else's problem. Bring back Memphis Beat, it was quality entertainment.


I'll not be watching TNT again. You cancelled the only reason I watched in the first place, Memphis Beat! Idiots! I used to like Leverage, but it's been getting really stupiud this past season. See ya!


Another TV show with heart, character and an actual viable storyline that we could follow. Most of the shows aim directly at the stupidity in us, but Memphis Beat didn't. The actors, plots and characters were real and we cared for them. So, the best thing to do is to cancel the show. Now, how to replace it. Oh, I know! Let's get yet anothr lame-brained series about some idiot who can't tie his shoes right and put it in front of the viewing audience. They'll chuckle and watch and think "This is great!" However, those of us who can actually think and have imaginations, we'll suffer. Well, at least there's Sons of Anarchy, Justified and Hawaii 5-0. Oh, wait! They're probably on the chopping block, too. Guess they should start aiming for the idiot viewers, just so they'll last another season.

Sherren P

Iam really sorry that you chose to cancel Memphis Beat. It was one of the series that we really liked and watched. Some decisions that alot of you make are down right stupid. The cast was great. Shame on you.

Jennie G

How could cancel Memphis Beat!! We really enjoyed this show and we were waiting for its return. We thoroughly enjoyed Jason Lee and the rest of the cast. We would love to see it back. I told everyone about this show! OMG I'm bumed!

Teri Kilp

How could TNT have possibly cancelled one of the greatest, most unique, and entertaining tv shows of all time??? It's a cop show, but not like all of the other run of the mill cop/detective shows that are on now. It is so well done and the actors involved are top notch. They really brought their characters to life! It was something so real, something one could believe really took place day to day! Plus, it was just do funny and completely entertaining!!!! I'm so sad and disappointed in TNT for this terrible decision-and after the viewership numbers if the last episode of last season!!! What kind of business sense did this make? In these times of tasteless reality shows, too many cop series, medical drama series, Wipeout, Bachelor/Bachelorette, mundane and predictable silly sitcoms, it was so refreshing to have an alternative like Memphis Beat!!! Please reconsider there really are people out here in tv land that have brains that need stimulating sensible entertainment!! It was different but real and so cutting edge!! I just can't believe this poor decision making.


I am sick that TNT decides to cancel a show that was not only clever but had a meaning behind it. I loved watching Jason Lee sing as well as act. Not to mention the other actors. It was a show I looked forward to every week.


I used to tell people that almost everything we watched was on TNT. But things keep getting cancelled! Saving Grace, Memphis Beat, Hawthorne, The Closer. If they cancel Bones, I'm done with drama and will be sticking with NATGEO and the History channel.


I cant believe this show was canceled! I loved every minute of this show .I d like to know who is ruining TNT ?! Yes i said ruining it because someone doesnt know how to run it?! TNT continues to cancel soooo many good shows like this one . Does someone need the definition of entertainment here ?! We need to laugh so we need comedy and this show delivered that excellantly . Pick up your beat and bring it back for all its fans.


My husband and I also looked forward to this show returning. It was intelligent and high quality. The acting was fine. I am sad to see this one go. It figures given the state of things and the people in charge. Intelligence doesn't fit in on TV.

Jim Bryant

Sorry folks!!! That's "Memphis BEAT", not Memphis Blues. My wife and I visited Memphis several years ago and we enjoyed the time at Graceland and the surrounding area. The countryside is beautiful, the history is rich, and, of course, the Blues run through it like a thread through the fabric of Tennessee life!

TNT, please bring back one of your Winners. . . "Memphis Beat"!

Jim Bryant

I am REALLY disappointed in the cancellation of "Memphis Blues"! The networks today are so quick to pull the cord when, left to grow, many of these series could become big draws. Through the decades, there have been numerous TV programs that attained cult followings (and great viewership numbers) when allowed to ripen. The characters in "Seinfeld," for example,were initially raw and, quite frankly, almost difficult to watch; but, left alone and massaged, became some of TV's greatest.

"Memphis Blues" had a down-home cop with instincts that revealed the true facts, a sidekick partner that was old-school yet still able to learn, a boss lady who had heart and backed her people (a break from the usual "hard a**" always riding the cops-in-the-trenches), and a cast of supporting characters that added so much more than many of the cookie-cutter police shows.

Added to that was the music. I may be a Native Texan white boy who can't dance or carry a tune, but I LOVED the tunes. The music and the BBQ were intertwined with the stories, and I loved it all!

As a resident of Southern California, I appreciate the film industries choice in shooting across the southern half of the state. It brings a multitude of jobs and a substantial amount of capital. However, it is refreshing to see parts of this great country outside of Los Angeles and New York City. It teaches us how different we all are and the plusses of places like Tennessee and Louisiana (where I understand "Memphis Blues" was shot).

As an MBA, I understand the need for TNT to cut loose a product that it perceives no longer appears to be returning sufficiently on its investment. In this case, I obviously believe the decision was premature. All I can do is hope TNT revisits its decision and brings "Memphis Blues" back to its lineup.


I can't believe Memphis Beat is cancelled!!! I was looking to see when the first new show of the season would could on — what a disappointment!!


Really, That's just wrong. I love this show. It's funny without being rude, I wonder what lame reality show will replace it. TNT keep this up and I will find another channel to watch.

Name stew

Your Comment memphis beat come on some one .Help get the beat back on the air. will there ever be a vote ? what about the public that come home after working all day .that when you just find another damn reality show.


I can't believe the show won't be returning. I hope someone picks it up. Great and entertaining series.


I can't believe they have cancelled Memphis Beat. Was on line looking for when it was suppose to start the new season and found this out. You people NEED HELP!!!! Just goes to show what kind of "DA's" they have that decide on what shows to keep and which ones to cancel. I think they are out of touch with the geneal public.


I am very sorry Memphis Beat took a hit. It was by far better than watching crazy women spending money and getting Botox treatments. What is wrong with TNT? I had Memphis Beat programed along with Rizzoli and Isles on my DVR. Probably, Rizzoli and Isles will be next because I really enjoy the show.

Dale Kight

Another one bites the dust! My husband and I both adore Memphis Beat! The characters are spot on with their portrayal of Memphis personalities. Anyone who has ever lived there or even visited will agree with me. Shame on your network for canceling this series. We Baby Boomers can and do identify with this series………………….and by the way, have you thought about how many of us there are? Do the math and stop letting your 20-something-know-it-alls influence your better judgement ( that's a stretch)!

Rhonda Saeed

It happens every time I fall in love with a show that is basically a clean drama without a lot of filthy language or nudity. I hope another network picks up this show quickly. I have been going through withdrawal waiting for it to come back on and now I find out that it's not coming back.
TNT really screwed up big time on this one!


Y'know, every time I fall in love with a show, it ends up getting cancelled (NBC is the worst offender, which is why I no longer watch ANYTHING on that network). Memphis Beat was one of those funky shows that I really enjoyed watching, mostly because it wasn't like anything else on TV. Shame on TNT for cancelling it!


You people must be crazy! Who are you listening to? Memphis Beat was fabulous.


My wife and I really enjoyed watching Memphis Beat, we thought that it was refreshing and funny to watch after a long day of work. We had a lot of friends that watched as well. To bad that it was canceled.


No wonder TNT has such lousy ratings. They don't know a great show when it slaps them in the face but, will continue to support the garbage they call programming…HELLO…You'r ratings stink!! Wake up.This show was origional…the cast was refreshing and people loved it.


Also just check to see when the new season starts I'm shock I thought it was a great show but I guess not according to TNT does anyone know how many viewers it would get


Was checking to see when the new season would start and found out it was cancelled. It was one of the best shows on TNT. Guess no reason to watch this canell anymore. They don't realy have anyothere shows I like. O well way to go.


Let's hope that another network has the intelligence to pick it up and run with it! It is amazing how the crap shows keep on going, while the well written, witty ones are dropped. Men of a Certain Age was also dropped and yet Jersey Shore keeps on ticking.


Memphis Beat was the best. I was truly looking forward to a new season. The actors and the writers were the best on current Television. The show made you feel as if you were a part of the events happening. This show was like reading a great book that allows you to identify and understand the charactors. I really hope the network will reconsider and bring the show back.


My husband had me check to see when Memphis Beat was coming back on, and were we ever disappointed to discover some nut actually cancelled this show. The cast was terrific, and having it set in Memphis was pure genius. It makes one wonder why we bother to get involved with any show. The "powers that be" seem to give a voice to somebody, but it definitely is not the people that actually watched this show. This is a real shame. Somebody should rethink this decision.


We just checked to see the date for Memphis Beat's return and were shocked to see it isn't coming back :( Another reason not to watch TV and now it's cable channels that are dropping the ball on keeping good tv on the air.

John and Leah Snell

We love Memphis Beat and looked forward to it each week. We had a date to watch it and we are sad.

K. Bittinger

My husband just asked me to check to see when Memphis Beat was coming back on – can't believe it was cancelled. Show was fantastic, loved the added music and the cast was top notch. Can't someone reconsider and bring back a great show instead of some of the garbage that's on. Thanks

lee coleman

This was a great show. Not a lot of actual research went into this decision. Someone seriously dropped the ball and SAID they did research they didn't actually do. Someone should get fired over this and then bring back the Beat.


went on to see when Memphis Beat was coming back on and saw where it was cancelled. BUMMER. GREAT ENTERTAINMENT! Love the characters. Man this is bad previewing.


I loved this show, my best friend loved this show, my dad loved this show, my mom loved this show, my brother loved this show. WHO VOTED FOR THIS CRAP!!


memphis beat the best show on TV. You have to bring back the beat. The play boy show sucked.Charlie's angels not agan come on that geting old . The beat was the show that my wife and I set down to watch together!!


Memphis Beat was one of the best shows on TV. Great cast, great storylines, etc. The powers that be keep the junk on; let's get rid of the reality shows. How can we bring back MB?

Diane Zion

Once again stupidity rules!!!! Another good show bites the dust!!!


This is insane! Memphis Beat is a great show, in fact I thought it should have been ran during the fall/spring instead the summer.


Disappointed again with the tv executives that decide to cancel a great show. Memphis Beat had a great cast, interesting characters and story and different from the other crap on tv. I hope another network will pick this show up.

Kimberly Johnson

Am extremely upset about this!!!!! Imagine it is hart for a cable network to carry a show but I thought for sure this one was going to stick. I loved it!!!!


Crazzzzzy bunch taking this show off! Looked forward to seeing it this year! Loved the entire cast!


One of the few TV shows I actually enjoyed watching. It was getting a bit too predictable, with the X minutes of music combined with scenes of Memphis every episode – but, still much better than know-nothings jumping off cliffs in some supposedly exotic setting and then gossiping about each other.
I just can't seem to watch more than 5 minutes of any reality program.
I also enjoyed Life on Mars, which was also cancelled.

liz nock

wow that's just not right all these darn reality shows on is hurting good shows like this..I was so looking forward to seeing it again..BA HUM BUG!!! TO YOU..


NO!! This is a GREAT show! With all the trash on tv, why in the world would you cancel a show as good as this? The characters were great, the story lines interesting, and I love the music! Please, please, please, reconsider!!!


UNBELIEVABLE YOU CANCELED MEMPHIS BEAT…VERY DISAPPOINTED….SHOULD HAVE CANCELLED LEVERAGE instead or Men Of a Certain Age….MEMPHIS BEAT was awesome….all the characters were wonderful like the characters on The Closer…the music a plus…wish you'd reconsider.


Please bring back Memphis Beat. Is was a good show & all the characters are good. I am very disappointed it was canceled it was one of my favorite shows

CL Burdi

I didn't know this show had been cancelled until I realized it wasn't on the new season line up and Jason Lee has a bit part on the new Christina Applegate comedy. I am very upset! I loved ALL the characters and the stories were riveting. What's going on? Why keep poor quality shows, but cancel this fine show?


I am truly disappointed that this show was cancelled. It had great characters, episode themes and the music was terrific. What is TNT thinking? It has kept some terrible shows on – cancel one of them!


I am so mad! This was one of the few shows my husband and I both like and we looked forward to each new episode. What's the deal? I am so disappointed:(


A BIG disappointment! One of my favorite recent new shows–so looked forward to each episode–why was it cancelled?


I loved this show. I'm very disapointed that it will not return.


My husband and I had a standing date to watch this show together. I cannot believe that it is canceled. That is such a disappointment.


Two shows I absolutely looked forward to every week: Memphis Beat and The Closer. No way will the Closer be as good without Kyra Sedgwick. And what can I say about Memphis Beat, I just loved that show and the characters…I shall miss both of them.


Unbelievable! One of the FEW programs I went out of my way to WATCH! I guess I can write off another network!


This was the best show on television. If you want your ratings to generate bring this show back!


I loved this show and so did my friends. I can't believe you are cancelling Memphis Beat. I am getting tired of TV networks cancelling good shows and replacing it with trash. It seems like the only thing that is on televesion now is reality TV. I am getting to the point where I don't even like to turn on the TV anymore. Hopefully TNT will rethink this and bring it back a great series.

Evan Love

This is a damn shame….smh…I loved Memphis Beat…it was a great show and great plots…the characters were awesome!!..I don't get these television networks…whenever a show is great…they decide they want to CANCEL!!!..I really do wish and hope another network picks it up.

Ann in Seattle

Memphis Beat had great plot lines and excellent character development. Hope another network picks up this great series.


Typical mindset of television executives: whenever a show is actually good, they cancel it. Instead they want to keep trash on tv that no one wants to watch. Wake up Hollywood! We want quality tv programming, not the drivel/trash/propaganda you 'think' we should watch.

Joyce Brown

Wish you would rethink this, Memphis Beat is one of my families favorite shows. We don't need all garbage on TV, Memphis Beat has great characters and very different from all the other cop shows. We enjoyed it.


If you cancel Memphis Beat, I'm cancelling TNT!!!!!!!!!!!


tnt are fools for cancelling memphis beat. they need to bring it back on instead of those junky shows only teenagers watch. it was a refreshing and great show

William Hunt

the problem I see with TNT is their ability to get their shows out to the public … example: the closer … never heard about that show … do I watch a lot of TV … well wit 7 herniated disk I don't do a lot of anything except watch TV … how did I become aware of these programs ???? word of mouth … last summer I became aware of the closer and Memphis beat from my friend … he had DVR Memphis beat and the closers first season… so we watched it … I liked them and I decided to ad them to the shows that I watch … then ax comes down … you people at TNT need to do a better job advertising your show's … if it wasn't for my friend telling me about your shows, I wouldn't have become a TNT viewer… so now you cancel them … good going !!!! give me another reason to not watch your net work…

Gigi Rossman

Memphis Beat was one of the shows which my husband and I enjoyed. If we couldn't see it at the time it played we always recorded it. The actors were great and the plots interesting. Why do you seem to cancell the best shows….


This SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carol Sandall

I think it is a shame that Memphis Beat is cancelled. Myself along with my friends love this show. The characters are just great. The problem with TV today, is there is so much garbage on. This was a great show with a talented cast. Really sorry it has been cancelled.




My husband and I loved "Memphis Beat." It was warm and human and fun. And the music was fabulous! No wonder people give up on TV.




I'm really dissapointed that the show has been cancelled, another good show down the tubes!!!

betty clagg

i cannot believe that this show was cancelled it was a reALLY GOOD SHOW why dont the sponcers ask us —i record the shows so i didnt miss them darn im so upset that this good cast and story lines are not comming back—–playboy club and charleys angels were badddd, but this was a real good series to look for ev ery week\im 72 and tv is a very important part of my life good stories, good actiong, good shows——how can we do something to keep this show –i hate those stupid reality shows ——im not into cooking or travlell or games — -the people in this show had chemistry and warmth —– —–

The Nihilist

refreshing?…not even close…was a very boring series..I know there are ppl that still like watching tv, but to most evolved creatures, tv is rather tedious, and Memphis Beat was just another example of why cop series (no matter how cool they pretend to be, or how good the talents are) are outfashioned, even more, a series that is all about "outfashion"…

Now, serios dont really need to be modern, or fashionable to be good, for example Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Scrubs, even the absurd Weeds, wich who knows why, achieves to reach an 8th season, but is not that surprising, since compared to most, is sadly refreshing and at least, always active…

The cast for Memphis Beat was awesome, a waste of actors, involved in boring plots, and all around Memphis…U need to be more universal u know, to reach everyone…

And for the ppl that still, realy loved it, I know how u must feel, since other very good series have been cancelled on early seasons, like My Name is Earl, or Firefly, that was only able to reach season 1…It sucks that a show u like gets cancelled…That's exactly what is gonna happen to The Walking Dead, for example, if they dont put some creativity together…

In any case, sorry for those who liked it, but im glad the cast can move to something else now :)

Bill C.

TNT you have made a big mistake. I know for a fact you have lost viewers with this cancellation. Please make it available for another network to pick it up.USA, FX, or even one of the non-cable networks ABC, CBS, FOX or NBC. Losing watchers was not what your goal is or is it!!


I cannot believe that you cancelled this show! Ridiculous decision. The show was awesome. The cast was incredible, especially Jason Lee. It was unique. I wish that you would reconsider the decision.

Terry P

I loved this show and am so disappointed it is not being renewed. Agreed that all the reality shows are ridiculous!!

no name

please bring it back!!!!!! it was such a good show.

Larry O

What?! In the HELL are you people thinking?? Oh wait…you're NOT.


Why is it that every good, fun, intelligent show is canceled and all the inane and "reality" shows aren't? Shame on TNT!


one of the more fun offerings hits the dust.. shame on them.


I have 18 close friends that watch this shoe faithfully n God no how many of their friends feel the same way where do u get your information from u should fire that person


Memphis beat was one of the most refreshing shows o the air compared to all the boating reality shows the story line was always mysterious with a splas of comedy best addition to tv in years u r crazy to cancel it


Really!!!! Memphis Beat is a great show that we love to watch. Besides "The Closer" and "Rizzoli & Isles, Memphis Beat was right up there in the top 3 shows we watch on TNT…
I can't believe it. PLease reconsider….


Really TNT you cancelled Memphis Beat, this show was great….. you really made a bad choice when you cancelled this show'


I am very upset with this cancellation, one of the better cop shows plus the music was awesome. Cancellations like this make me wonder what the networks are thinking of when they continue to air garbage and cancel shows that people actually watch????

David Sinclair

My wife, sister and brother-in-law really enjoy Memphis Beat. We can always watch another network; however we prefer to watch Memphis Beat.


Memphis Beat is my favorite show and I look forward to viewing it each week. My 84 yr old mother also enjoys watching this show. Please reconsider the cancellation of MEMPHIS BEAT!!!!

nicole alvarez

I've been eagerly awaiting to hear when Memphis beat is to return, due to the fact that I'm a cancer patient and not allways getting my news on time. I just found out and I'm stund and irrate beyond words. I'm so hurt, disapointed and so very angry at TNT for not bringing back memphis beat . Thanks TNT for making my days worse.


My very favorite show! I can't tell you what a disappointment this is! So engaging and well castes. Please reconsider!


Oh come on, it started a little slow but really grew on us. It's an ensemble cast that requires a little time to gel. Please bring it back. Maybe the successful USA channel will pick it up – the definitely know their market and MB would fit that market.

rick myers

what retard executive made the decision to cancel my Favorite show on television! what are you going to replace it with, The Fake Housewives Of Tv Execs or Their Real Mistresses? Think again before you make moronic decisions like this one. Please some network with taste and intelligence pick this up before the cast get signed to some lesser series.


Are you kidding.!!!! This was a fantastic show. Every charater was terrific. Who makes these awful decisions?

Cheryl Ryan

What an incredible disservice to TNT watchers. This was one of the best shows on television.


Why cancel Mempis Beat? Consider bringing it back. Loved the show. Hope USA picks it up. A decent show and it has to go away.

Kathy Reddy

I just found out Memphis Beat has been canceled! No more TNT for me. That was one of the good ones…always different, interesting relationships…not that reality junk that is always UNREAL. You blew it for me, TNT. I loved the entire cast!

derek fontana

The only TNT show I watched – would be great if USA picked it up

Cindy Talbot

That is horrible that you cnacelled the show. It was great and so was Jason Lee. Why do they always cancel the good ones and leave on the dumb ones. It was a good show.. Sorry to hear it was cancelled.


BTW. Jason Lee's rendition of Elvis' "Don't be Cruel" is just soooo cool! Renew/Sign Memphis Beat for five more seasons you fools! Don't you people watch your own shows? Maybe not!


Excellent show. Great singing and music. I wished I kept them recorded. Hopefully, USA Network will pick this show up. This is the only TNT show I always look forward on watching and the rest are on USAN. Sorry suits, lost advertising points. Semper Fi on MB!


I guess they needed another slot for more Law & Order reruns. I think their new slogan should be; "TNT! watch out TV Land, we are coming for you."


I can't believe this. This is a really good show. Very disappointed.


The studios don't know when they have a good show such as Memphis Beat, but they keep asinine shows. Maybe is they knew a good thing when they see it, the rating would'nt go down so easily.

Millie Olson

Im getting really tired of good shows being cancelled like
Memphis Beat guess I'll stop watching TNT most
Of your shows are re-runs or down right boring. You've
Only got 4 shows left that are any good Closer which is
Leaving, Rizzoli & Isles, Leverage and Glades. Shame on you


Are you kidding, cancel Memphis Beat? I loved that show and people were just beginning to find it on TNT. Bad move. Janis


TNT cancelled this show yet NCIS: Los Angeles is still running?!? Lame.


Another boneheaded move. Terriers and now Memphis Beat, I'll stick to PBS!


Really again you have done it. I am cancelling watching anymore TNT. Each time I get hooked the show gets axed.


Guess after canceling Memphis Blues you should change your slogan to "TNT: We don't know crap!" I can't believe you would cancel a great show like this. Why not just tell your fans that they should only tune in for "Southland" and then watch another network so they can actually watch something worth while… Your nothing but idiots at a second rate network! Thanks for nothing!


seems tv keeps the crap shows like Housewives of…( year right, like they ever used a vacuum —)
and bad talent shows. Good shows like Memphis Beat and Men of a certain age and Closer are dumped. Now i know why I rarely watch much tv anymore.


It was a fantastic show, I can't believe that TNT is that STUPID


Thought this show was awesome. Terribly disappointed to see it cancelled. Good story lines and great casting made this a really enjoyable show to watch. I guess I'll have to make due with watching the reruns on Hulu!

R Mccray

Please do not cancel this show!!


Why, why, why…the characters on this show were so interesting and had a chance to expand, but, no…the show is cancelled. Why, why, why!


TNT has made a bad decision in cancelling Memphis Beat! Great cast super story line and NO imagination at TNT. The suits should have more faith in the process and listen to the fans.
TNT is not doing it self and favors!


Hardly no reason to watch TNT now that Memphis Beat has been cancelled


Cannot believe you cancelled a fun, entertaining innovative show that also showcased American music. Loved the quirky attitudes and characters. Shame on you for cancelling this show! Makes me rethink if I will watch your network. Jason Lee was great!

Barbara Rae

What were you DUMMIES thinking when you cancelled "Memphis Beat"????? It just proves the saying, "Ignorance is hard to hide!" I'll fellow Jason Lee wherever he goes.


Really disappointed, this was one of the best shows on television. Great cast, unique stories and love the music. Hope you reconsider.


LOVE this show. Can't believe they keep cancelling all the good one. Gonna stop watching TNT


What a shame. This is one of the few tv dramas which offered strong characters and good story lines each week. The music and flavor of Memphis offered something different, enticing, but never outrageous or sappy.


I love that show. Very entertaining. The actors are great. Please re-think.

NameKaren Martin

Your Comment I really loved Memphis Beat. I hope that you will change your mind and bring this show back. I miss it. The writing was wonderful and the acting was really believable.

Sharen Stuhmer

My husband and I are veery upset that Memphis Beat has been cancelled. It was one of the best shows on TV and God knows there isn't many. The good shows get pulled and we are left with so much garbage to take its place. PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL THIS SHOW!


I think it really STINKS that you took Memphis Beat off!!!! I loved that show AND the music was great……..You're gonna keep taking off the good shows leaving us all the crummy, low budget and bad acting junk. Please reconsider bringing it back – alot of people I know were just finding out that they liked it – YA JUST DIDN'T GIVE IT A REAL CHANCE!! AND YA BETTER NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT TAKING GLADES OFF!!!


It was a very good show. So was Terriers, Men of a
Certain Age, etc.


we loved the show. you are all correct about these great shows being cancelled, whats next burn notice, the glades, big bang theory? who decides whats cancelled must be someone in the office

Angie McGinnis

I am disappointed the network is cancel ing the show. The Closer is off after this season. What will you fill that spot with when it ends? I really loved the show. It wasn't your typical police show. All of the actors were great and had a quirky personality that just made the show different in a good way. The music was super!

Jennifer Krause

I loved this show – it is getting where I don't want to get invested in any new shows, because the cancellation process seems so random. When I heard Jason Lee was guesting on "Up All Night," I had a premonition – damn.


I loved this show!!! How dare they cancel! Just does not make sense. I wish TNT would reconsider. I am sure I'm not the only person that feels this way.

Kathie & Russell

I can't believe that TNT did such a stupid thing as taking Memphis Beat off the air. I agree with Steve, in that you took off one of the two good shows out of your line – up. I hope that you all don't do something stupid again and take off Rizzoli & Isles.


Hay I know I'm a little behind but what a lame move tnt to cancel Memphis Beat. It was every bit as good as any of the major net works shows.
You take off the only good show on your channel I watch so now there is no reason to watch you. I would say it was in my book rated right up there with CSI, NCIS, Hawaii Five O, or Bones. So what gives you just want to stay second rate forever???????

Doris Stewart

I love memphis beat ,every time a good show comes on it gets cancelled and they keep the crappie
shows, Please change your minds and keep MEMPHIS BEAT???????????????


Wow! I saw Jason Lee on another show and started wondering when Memphis Beat would be coming back only to learn that it is not. I'm very sad that it has been canceled because this was a great show. The writing and cast are terrific. What a dumb move to cancel this show. It was right up there with The Closer. One less reason to watch TNT…


Bad move t.n.t. I will have to think about changing networks due to your dumb moves draping great shows like Memphis Beat.


TnT, again you blew it ! Great show ! Had some family qualities and the music was great. TnT
is a loser.


What a load of crap!! They cancel a really good show … so they can put on crap like hog hunters or swampers or jerks bidding on storage units what a mess. If this keeps up I may just drop the damn TV shows and buy movies and series I like Nearly all I get now is commercials , paid programming , informercials and stupid "reality" shows. GRRRRRRRRRRR… I REALLY REALLY LIKED THIS SHOW.


I completely agree with "Mack." We thoroughly enjoyed the show.


We loved this show: the characters were quirky, the music wonderful. It would be great if someone else would pick it up – what a shame for it to disappear…. makes you think a little less of TNT.


Hey Really Sorry this show was cancelled Loved the Actors and the Story. Liked the music I really hope someone else picks up this show its too good to let die
TNT want you to know this was a bad idea to cancel this show

richard Lawson

Hey i really liked this show Sorry It got Canceled Loved the Music and the story line Hendricks was a guy liked the show


Won't be watching TNT anymore…


Dumb move TNT! You have so many devoted fans, and it's an excellent show. Why bother to create fantastic shows only to cancel them after people are sucked in and dedicated?


SMDH @Rob.

Are we supposed to watch every show that is aired on TV? You must have a whole lotta free time on your hands.

Some of us have bills to pay and families to love.


Oh come on, TNT, this show was MUCH better than Hawthorne and I liked Jason Lee’s character. Crossing my fingers another network picks this up. It had great plots and a very good cast.

barbara blohm

absolutely loved this show! I was shocked to hear of the cancellation :( I have told so many friends about it and was so waiting for the new season. This really sucks!


Really upset that TNT cancelled this show. I have basically quit watching the normal channels so I devote my TV time to TNT and USA. Now this…..great show and so many people waiting for the new season. Big mistake TNT…..guess you have fallen into the reality pit like the rest of TV. When the Closer is gone, well, guess I will be done with you too.


Too bad TNT cancelled the only show on their network that I like! I never missed an episode. I never watch TNT for any other reason.


Can’t believe they canceled ‘Memphis Beat”. My family love it, and we all say it was our #1 show!! Bad decision TNT!


Bad decision of TNT to cancel good quality and pick up more “reality” junk and Dallas – really? If they thought audience numbers were too low, just wait till no one tunes into the network for any of their shows. If it’s too expensive, just say so. At least be honest.


“Too weird. I was just telling my wife tonight that I should start watching this show. Then I get home and see this.”

This is the reason it’s canceled; folks waiting until seasons pass to decide to give it a try instead of trying from the beginning. We are our own worst enemy.


Really disappointed that this show will not continue. There are few shows that I even commit to and this was one of them. Ms Alfre is always a delight. And the rest of the cast are just quirky enough not to bore me.
TNT, you screwed up again.


This show is on my to-rent list. I’ve liked Jason Lee since Dogma. And of course, love Alfre, always. Even like the gangly white dude whose name I can never remember but who ironically (or not) starred in Hustle & Flow, both show and film based in/around Memphis… Yeah, will definitely make a weekend of viewing these.


Only thing to hope for is that someone will pick up shows that are worth a second shot and put it on TV One or Bounce or wherever. Even with the low numbers (considered low by TNT) it would be a boost to those networks.

Miles Ellison

How many people does TNT expect to watch these shows? They’re canceling them right and left.

David Burlison

TNT evidently likes drama vs knowing drama..”Memphis Beat” was just getting into full stride, with a growing loyal fan base..It was a very refreshing new cop drama, with much potential.. And now TNT will replace with some speculative new program that will probably not last one season..


1. TNT shows like The Closer and Rizzoli and Isles average around 7-9 million viewers. So TNT is unofficially abandoning brand “WE KNOW DRAMA” by making more simplistic procedurals. The only two decent show in their lineup worth watching are South Land and The Closer.

2.We are bad economic times. So nonwhite actors will become even more marginalized in TV and Film.


Too weird. I was just telling my wife tonight that I should start watching this show. Then I get home and see this.

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