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Tobey Maguire & Joel Edgerton Do Some Old Timey Boxing In Set Pics From ‘The Great Gatsby’

Tobey Maguire & Joel Edgerton Do Some Old Timey Boxing In Set Pics From 'The Great Gatsby'

While there has only been one “official” photo thus far from Baz Luhrmann‘s “The Great Gatsby,” the paparazzi are in full effect on the set of the film that is now shooting in Sydney and they’ve brought back some interesting goods: old timey boxing!

That’s right, the latest snaps from the set, in addition to revealing what Tobey Magurie (as Nick Carraway) and Joel Edgerton (as Tom Buchanan) will look like in the movie, also give us a sneak peek at a potential fisticuff between the two dudes that as far we know doesn’t happen in the book, though our memory is hazy. Or hell, maybe those two dudes are just fooling around on set. But the character of Tom is sort of a bastard so who knows. Just enjoy the mustaches and bowties for now as we’re sure we’ll find out more in due course.

No looks yet at the rest of the cast which includes Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan, Isla Fisher and more (Update: spoke too soon — some pics of Isla Fisher right here). “The Great Gatsby” hits theaters on Christmas Day 2012, so plenty of time to catch up on the English class book you didn’t read. More pics below. [Vulture/Celebuzz]

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How long Tobey Maguire hasn’t shown up in a film. I used to like him a lot.


Carter, you are so right about Christina Hendricks. She has the blowsiness and the earthiness of Myrtle. Isla Fisher is moderately talented and good at playing cutie pies, but she has the wrong look (too delicate) and not enough depth as an actress to play Myrtle. Thank goodness it’s one of the smaller roles. OTOH, I think the movie is a bad idea from the get-go. An American classic filmed in 3D in Australia? What were they thinking?

At T.J. Eckleburg–great reference!!

T.J. Eckleburg

“While we’re at it, why was Attack of the Clones filmed in Australia too? It is a classic interstellar adventure set in space – it should have been filmed in space.”

And look how well THAT turned out.


Carter…. Just wondering: why not just imagine the right actors in the roles? Why do you need to see your vision manifest? I don’t think I’ll ever understand why it’s that appealing in the first place to see one’s favorite book “come to life on screen.”

Re: Mulligan — she’s actually at her best in An Education, and I don’t think WEAK and SAD are good descriptions of her character there.


My main worry is Mulligan. She seems so miscast. I have my worries about Isla Fisher too, but Myrtle is not as specific of a character as Daisy. Mulligan seems so wrong for the part. First of all, Daisy is suppose to be breathtakingly beautiful and not to sound shallow, but Mulligan does not fit with that description. She’s at her best playing sad, weak characters because she always looks SAD AND WEAK. She’s a poor man’s Michelle Williams. Hell, Michelle Williams could have done the role more justice. If she can play Marilyn, she can play Daisy. She’s much more chameleon like in her appeal. Not Mulligan. And the blonde hair has got to go. I’ve seen pics of Mulligan recently and she still has blonde hair, but Daisy does NOT have blonde hair. There is a line in the novel that references her hair color. If they do not get that detail right, clearly they aren’t making a faithful adaptation. They could be using a wig, but I need to see some more set pictures. Mia Farrow was physically a great Daisy and that’s about it. Besides not being able to inhibit the character entirely, the blonde hair was also off. I know this sounds silly getting so upset about the hair color, but Luhrman was very intent on making a faithful adaptation of one of the most prized novels in American literature, so why not get EVERY detail right. This is a huge assumption but I also cannot see Mulligan and DiCaprio having the kind of chemistry that Gatsby and Daisy are meant to have. She’s a decade younger than he is, and I find that to be jarring if we are meant to believe these two people (in actors mode) are deeply and madly in love. I want to shake Luhrman and repeatedly call him a moron for making such a huge casting mistake. I’m hoping I’m wrong and the film is a huge success both critically and financially but good god, I’m worried.

Lastly, Christina Hendricks would have made the PERFECT Myrtle. Stupid Luhrman, always casting your people but never thinking of artistic quality or really thinking in general.


And I’m pretty sure they’re not boxing in a scene – it looks like they’re behind the camera and just fooling around while the crew is setting up.


While we’re at it, why was Attack of the Clones filmed in Australia too? It is a classic interstellar adventure set in space – it should have been filmed in space.

Movie magic, guys, it’s why we’re all here. Modern Long Island looks nothing like 1920s Long Island. It’s easier to build massive sets from the ground up than to find houses here and there with a “period look” and pay off the neighbors to take down their satellite dishes.


T.J. Eckleburg, I completely agree.


Does Sydney double as New York? The book could be set in Dubai and he’ll still film out there in Australia….I’m use to it….it’s gonna look like his version of Romeo & Juliet either way.


Why does it matter where it’s being filmed?

T.J. Eckleburg

Oh, wait….It’s because Bad Luhrmann is an atrocious “filmmaker,” and this production is a travesty of the highest order

T.J. Eckleburg


Dr. Metzner

I don’t understand why it is being filmed in Australia. It is a classic American novel set in the U.S.

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