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Tom Six Says ‘Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence)’ Will Head To America & Directly Follow ‘Part 2’

Tom Six Says 'Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence)' Will Head To America & Directly Follow 'Part 2'

After seeing the encyclopedic acts of horror on display in “The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence),” it’s hard to imagine that there’s too much more to do with the concept, short of capturing an actual rape or murder on camera. But writer-director Tom Six, who premiered his sequel at Austin’s Fantastic Fest last week, said he has plenty more ideas where those for the first two films came from. “When I was writing the first script, I had so many ideas that I couldn’t put them in one film,” Six explained in a recent interview with The Playlist.

“I knew I wanted to make three films, and I wanted to start with the psychological horror because I wanted the audience to first get used to that sick idea. I knew in part two, I’d go full force and show everything — and that’s what people wanted, also. But each film is very different, and the third film is a very different film, again, and there I will use my final ideas. It’s called ‘The Final Sequence,’ and so I used up all of my ideas in three films.”

Notwithstanding one’s appetite for the “ideas” that he put into the first two films, Six indicated that he would approach ‘Final Sequence’ in the same way he did the second film, by starting with its predecessor and then taking the story in an entirely different direction. “Like One and Two are really different concepts, Part Three is going to be a totally different concept again,” Six said. “The thing is that like Part Two started with the end of Part One, Part Three will start with the ending of Part Two, and I did that because in the end, all of the films can literally be connected, like a centipede. So you have one four-and-a-half hour film, and I love that idea, even though all of the films are so different.”

After Six shot the first “The Human Centipede” in the Netherlands, he moved production of Part Two to England. For ‘Final Sequence,’ he said he plans to come stateside. “We’re going to shoot the beginning of next year, so we’re going to shoot here in America. The script is practically finished, and the financing is ready. I have a few actors, and I’m just fine-tuning exactly where I’m going to shoot in America. But I can’t wait to start.” Six said the reason for the change is to use more American actors, who he hopes will give him different ideas and inspiration than the international cast and crew members he worked with in the past.

“It’s very important,” he insisted. “Because first of all, when I start shooting in America, I love American culture and American films of course, so I really can’t wait to work with an American crew and American actors. Because they have a different perspective than, say, German actors or Dutch actors, and I really want to learn from their talent and be surprised by it.”

Although it wasn’t a huge commercial success, the first “The Human Centipede” became an instant sensation among film fans, albeit as much to its title as its actual story. But even with two films in the series down and another one on the way, Six said he’s not concerned about being pigeonholed as a purveyor of gore. “I want to make only the things I want to make, and they are really crazy, controversial things, so all of my life I will be making things that are controversial,” he confessed. “So I never worry about what the audience thinks about what I shoot; I just do what I want to do. But it will always be in that line, so if people want to see a film by me, they’ll always see something different, original and crazy. So I’m not really afraid of that.”

“After the success of the first one, as a writer or filmmaker, your second book or film, that’s really the hardest thing,” he observed. “Because if your first thing is a success, everybody wants to know what you’ll do next. And that’s why I made it so very different, and I think hopefully that succeeded.”

“The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence)” lands on October 7th.

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I don’t understand why anyone wants to watch this garbage. It’s like wanting to watch videos of a concentration camp. Just what’s in it for anyone? Genuinely curious. Why is it entertaining to be disturbed and disgusted?

will lykins


bailey karstrand

i would love to be in this moive.!!!!!


when is this coming out hopely someware around 2012


As long as it isn't filmed anywhere near California! Haha.
I didn't like two, however. It was rather…. Blah to me.


I watched the first and second one yesterday for the first time. I was grossed out. Even afraid of having nightmares about it. My husband wanted something that would scar him for life. But he didn't care for it at all. I enjoyed it and can't wait for the third one to come out. Good job Tom Six…


i kinda liked 1 & 2 stoked 4 part 3 but they better not put another rape scene n the 3rd one cuz #2 had a rape and it pissed me of a bit but they rest was still good and gorey !!!!! can't wait 2 see the human centipede 3 final sequence.


Honestly it's the most disgusting movie I've ever seen. But since there's more to the story I have to watch it. So I'll squirm thru it to understand it all.


I saw the second film and though it was a total waste of time. To the commenters below, lay off the mcdonalds, stop wanking, stop playing warcraft and do something with your life. Tom six – you can literally go kill yourself. This movie made no money, please dont waste your time with another one.


I think these films are awesome, very creative and sick to the bone im looking forward to the final sequence like a little kid waiting for christmas

Tom Six what a guy!!!


O_O Now, I'm scared. Those films creeped me out. The only thing that kept me from freaking out was the fact that they were filmed in foreign countries… :/


for human centipede 3 they should join them together in a circle so no one is the lucky one and at the front.


I actually like these films and honestly can't wait to see the third one :) I Agree it's not everyones "Cup Of Tea" but if its not for you, don't watch it. :)

reyse jones

good film


I agree with Centiman. Gentilezza S. Please stop being such a prick.


The first one was my little pony the second human centipede is raw gruesome and bloody. the third one is gonnabe boss :) cant wait


Film in Ohio. (:


I'M SO EXCITED! He should film it in Seattle, Washington. That would be sick.


If it doesn’t why take the timw to post the comment

Gentilezza S.

The word “controversial” is a little too big fro this type of enterprise. The word “polarizing” would be better, as it clearly divides people in tow camps. During controversies there is most of the time quite fruitful, intense exchange of opinions, as controversies can be very inspiring, mind expanding occurrences.

No mind expanding qualities here. Usually some niche audience gives some laudatory songs to Six, he basks in it, than other part of the audience gives him spanking, and he seems to enjoy spanking too, calling it “controversial.” Provocation has its own place in creating controversies, but some activities are pure provocations, and as such immature. Well, this phenomenon doesn’t deserve more attention from my side.

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