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Tracee Ellis Ross Wants to do “Girlfriends” Movie

Tracee Ellis Ross Wants to do "Girlfriends" Movie

In a recent interview promoting her new BET sitcom Reed Between the Lines, Tracee Ellis Ross was eventually asked about her old days on the CW sitcom Girlfriends.

At the risk of getting anyone’s hopes up, she seemed hopeful about a possible Girlfriends film in the future, but placed the responsibility squarely on fans to make it happen:

“[A reunion] is not on the radar, but I would love to do a “Girlfriends” movie. How much fun would it be to see what happens between Joan and Toni? Does Joan ever get married? I want to know!

“The Game” got back on the air because of the fans, so I don’t know what all you people are waiting for, we need you.”

Could Ross be indicating an online petition, perhaps a letter-writing campaign to the Hollywood powers that be? It’s unclear, but apparently the ball is in our court.

Alright, Girlfriends stans, who’s willing to lead the charge?

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an hbo movie would be ok….

if Toni take a few acting classes & slow down her speaking.
I never knew what she’s saying….

I luv Mya’s role…. she was the best actress on the show… then Joan……


If they did a Girlfriends movie that would be so great. That was one of my favorite shows. They really need to do it right because the last season was not satisfying.


LOL @ Who they should’ve gotten rid of was the Lisa Bonet wannabee. And old girl’s husband. And the dude with the ‘fro.

I believe her name is Persia White. I don’t think she is a Lisa Bonet wannabe. I think she has a really cool, non-chalant vibe about her. I use to watch a really old TV show back in the day w/ her & Ryan Gosling called “Breaker High”. I’m really surprised her career didn’t pick up at all. I loved her character “Lynn” as well as Mya, & her husband.


“Besides, she’s on a new show. She should be focusing her energy and marketing on the new show”

Cherish, you’ve hit the nail on the head one mo again.

Speaking of her new show, it’s tired, trite, slow and boring as hell. First, ol’boy Malcolm Jamal Warner is not Bill Cosby, okay. In that regard, the whole show appeared to try to emulate the whole essence of the Cosby Show and it failed miserably. Look, I am reminded of the idea that some are considering remaking the classic Bill Cosby and Sidney Poitier movies. Well, without a doubt Bill Cosby’s comedic expertise, timing and presence was the driving force behind their success. The same can be said about the Huxtables; no Bill, no Huxtables. However, just as important to the success of “Uptown Saturday Night” and “Lets Do It Again” the supporting cast in The Cosby Show and the movies in question, were paramount to their success, not to mention the writing.

Now we have an attempted rip-off of The Cosby Show going by the name of Reed Between the Lines. Yeah, I’m Reed(ing) between the lines, and there’s a News Alert! Tracee Ellis Ross is no Phylicia Rashad, okay, forget about it. Malcolm can’t carry Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable’s jock strap, don’t even try it, okay. And there’s only one Rudy!

Besides, truth be told, Malcolm Warner was really the one deposable part of the Cosby Series. His acting has always been “questionable” and now he’s trying to lead a series. I don’t think so.

So, although I don’t believe I’ve ever watched a single episode of Girlfriends (so I’ll have to take yawls’ word on it’s “success” quotient) however, having watched 15 minutes of Reed “ if you accept the challenge” Between The Lines, I can’t help but believe Tracee might find her new stairway to heaven in a Girlfriends film, not her re-make of Clair Hanks Huxatable.


Am I the only guy that liked the show? Probably not, but once they pushed Toni out, who was the only dark-skinned sister on the show, it seemed as if the jokes were flat.

Who they should’ve gotten rid of was the Lisa Bonet wannabee. And old girl’s husband. And the dude with the ‘fro.


I guess I’m not on the Girlfriends bandwagon. Yes, it sucked that they weren’t given a proper ending. I just don’t think it would be a great film, not that interested in these characters.

Besides, she’s on a new show. She should be focusing her energy and marketing on the new show.


I was a big fan of the show and would love to see a movie.


Not leading the charge, but would love to see this. Also would love to see a Living Single reunion movie. That would be insane. Loved both of those shows very much.

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