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Trailer Watch – Suspense Film “The Divide” With Courtney B. Vance

Trailer Watch - Suspense Film "The Divide" With Courtney B. Vance

Below is the teaser trailer for the suspense thriller The Divide directed by French filmmaker Xavier Gans (Frontiers, Hitman). The film deals with a group of survivors trapped in an underground bomb shelter in the N.Y. apartment building they live in when the world is upon us. However things of course get “graphic and violent” when the survivors start fighting among themselves for survival.

The trailer, which is pretty short, looks pretty intense and suspenseful, but here’s the question we’re ALL thinking – will Courtney B. Vance (don’t blink or you’ll miss him in the trailer around the 54 second mark) make to the end? Will he be the last one out the door at the end? O.K. how about ONE of the last ones to walk out the door? All right how about one of the last ones out the door, but wounded? (I could live with that)

How about he’s the first one to get a pick ax through the head? Yeah, I think so too. But I hope I’m wrong.

Anchor Bay releases the film on January 13, 2012 (Hey, my birthday! I think I’ll treat myself to the film as a birthday gift)

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Read a couple reviews via imdb, one that describes the characters in brief called Courtney’s character “short-tempered”… Will he last or no? But also the review states none of the characters are particularly empathetic so it’s a survival of the meanest type scenario.

***spoiler below, maybe***

I know the focus is on those in the room and their descent into the maelstrom, but I’m just as interested in “the others” who make an appearance and are possibly responsible for the cause of the end [of the world]. Forget the depravity and the downward spiral of humanity, what about ‘those others’ who would set such an event in order? That’s scarier to me… One film at a time, one viewpoint at a time; maybe there’ll be a follow-up starring Mr. Vance. ;-) I think one of the first films I saw him in was a little gem by the name of The Last Supper, a kind of dark comedy, deliciously wicked and fairly good film for what it was.

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