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‘Transformers 4 & 5’ May Shoot Back-To-Back, Jason Statham Being Eyed As New Lead

'Transformers 4 & 5' May Shoot Back-To-Back, Jason Statham Being Eyed As New Lead

Michael Bay May Come Back To Direct

When it was reported earlier today that Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner was already talking to Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg about an (inevitable) “Transformers 4” details were vague, but some new intel has cropped up and clearly, neither the toymaker or the studio are fucking around.

With Shia LaBeouf not planning to come back Variety reports that apparently some names are already being tossed around to lead the next films (yes, there will be more than one it seems, we’ll get to that in a moment). And unfortunately for franchise mainstays Josh Duhamel and Tyrese their names haven’t come up (not too surprising). Instead, it’s none other than skull cracking, runway walking, football playing, ‘Transporter‘ and ‘Expendables‘ man himself, THE STAFE aka Jason Statham. This rumor has actually been knocking around since the summer, and while it now has a bit more legitimacy to it, there’s still a caveat: it’s still very early days and no offer has been made, so who knows how this will play out. But it is an interesting, half obvious/half surprising choice.

It’s surprising for a franchise that has done so successfully with a younger lead in films obviously geared at twelve-year-olds who enjoy watching shit blow up, that the filmmakers would change gears to a star that skews to an older audience. On the other hand, Statham is a familiar, reliable action star and this is hardly a series that needs an actor. It pretty much just needs 170 pounds of a walking reflex nerve who can spout banal dialogue, and Statham can do that better than most. Again, this may (and probably won’t) pan out, but it does point to an interesting shift in casting though it’s still development days and the whole thing can change. Anyone want to start a petition for some John Malkovich-led sequels?

Oh, but wait, there’s more. Writer Ehren Kruger has apparently come up with an idea that the studio likes that could potentially see “Transformers 4” and “Transformers 5” shoot back-to-back. While other studios have gone down that road with success (it’s a great way to keep costs under control on expensive tentpole projects) Paramount surprisingly has never done it, but are toying with the idea. Again, it’s still early in development and writers still need to be found, but even more, Michael Bay may come back — again — to direct. Yes, he still wants to do his lower budgeted, smaller scale bodybuilding world crime flick “Pain and Gain,” but the thinking is that if he manages to knock it out fast, he could climb back aboard to direct ‘Transformers’ in late 2012 or early 2013. We’re not surprised Bay is still interested — directing “Transformers” movies is almost the perfect synthesis of everything in his adolescent teen oeuvre. And it also gives him the opportunity to get as much money as possible to shoot models and shit blowing up. Not a bad gig at all.

So there you go, “Transformers” movies are very much in our cinematic future and it will be changing into a shape we would have never expected. Michael Bay directing Jason Statham in “Transformers 4” and “Transformers 5”? We have to say, that might be the best idea Hasbro and Paramount has had in years.

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This is a mistake in my opinion. Transformers needs shia, josh, tyrese, and megan fox. Dont get me wrong jason is an incredible actor but it wont be the same if they dont keep the main actors in the movies those 4 MADE the movies.


How are you going to say to not make these movies I’m pretty sure you still went to go see these movies no matter what you thought it was gonna be and every year it still raped the box offices so you sound dumb this will probably be the last two and best ones out of all them just saying


No way no more transformers!! Stop making remakes and trilogy there not doing good we dont want them! We need original story lines come on use ur imagiation again make better movies!!

Arthur Marcus

This franchise is hungry for greatness.


I guess The Island flopping really messed with Bay’s head…getting burned so badly when he tried something slightly out of his wheelhouse.


A fourth and fifth film! Jason Statham! Michael Bay returning! Yes … yes. This is a great opportunity.


Not that it really makes a difference but I think he’s also dating Huntington Whitely.


How badly must Bay’s brain be damaged after spending the last five solid years concerned with nothing but this franchise? Not making any jokes that his brain was damaged in the first place – he’s far from dumb and great at what he does – but another two back-to-back movies might see his demise.

I see it like the Russian sailors in K-19 who had to take turns going into the reactor to fix it for five minutes, and coming out vomiting and blind (and eventually dying). That’s how I imagine working on these projects.


after to fire Megan Fox, Bay fired Shia Ladouche!!!!!!!!!!

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