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“Video Girl” Starring Meagan Good, Ruby Dee On DVD and Blu Ray This Week

"Video Girl" Starring Meagan Good, Ruby Dee On DVD and Blu Ray This Week

Video Girl, written by Datari Turner and directed by Ty Hodges, has been released on DVD on Blu Ray this week. The film also premiered in BET last week on Tuesday, Oct 4th. The project, produced by lead actress Meagan Good, had been in the works for several years before coming into fruition and released in May of this year.

The film centers around a small town girl named Lori Walker (Good) who leaves home to pursue the entertainment business. After meeting a video director, she becomes a celebrated video model in the hip hop world, but becomes succumbed into the downside aspects to the lifestyle. The film also stars Ruby Dee and Good’s sister La’Myia Good.

I caught some of the film on BET when it aired. The concept is more original than it sounds; and although the film has that made-for-tv movie feel, it was fairly engaging. It showcased some surprisingly compelling acting from Good in a few challenging scenes; however, in other important ones, it felt rather flat. It’s worth giving it a look though, especially to watch the always wonderful Ruby Dee.

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Kashina Dowdy

I loved this movie. Would love to buy this movie.


love the movie meagan is so sexy and beauitful lvu tyo meet her


her acting is not that great but I like the way they told the story


@ Rob

Well, RZA made the martial arts version of Star Wars with Eli Roth and Quentin Tarantino producing, it just hasn’t been released yet. It’s called “The Man with the Iron Fists”.


Where are the black filmmakers making Star Wars type ish? What’s with these typical themes that blacks gravitate towards? Players Club…Video Girl? Geez.


I agree with you.

Not my standard fare, but I liked the film. There’s one particular part where I thought it would go one (typical) way, painting one particular character in a certain light, but it didn’t and I’m glad it didn’t. Good job, Meagan.


It’s airing on BET today as well.

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