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Vin Diesel’s “Chronicles Of Riddick” Sequel Shut Down Over Money

Vin Diesel's "Chronicles Of Riddick" Sequel Shut Down Over Money

TMZ is reporting the new Chronicles Of Riddick sequel, being filmed in Montreal, was recently shut down due to money issues.

Michel Trudel, the owner of the studio where the film is being shot, changed the locks and kicked everyone off the set Wednesday because payments hadn’t been received by One Race Films, the film’s production company founded by Vin Diesel.

Trudel isn’t the only one complaining. Several members of the crew hadn’t been paid in two weeks as well and are starting to worry. It’s expected that the matter will be resolved soon Trudel stated.

I can’t imagine they would let this cash cow flounder! In the immortal words of Wu-TangCash moves everything around you, cream get the money, dollar dollar bills y’all.

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Oh, so I made a post a while back how they changed all the roles to Latin, to appeal to Vin’s market. Well, it looks like I was wrong:

BUT it does go to show you that “auditioning” ain’t what it used to be. Now, it’s “Hello, Gersh…yeah who do you have available?” LOL

Bilal Chohan

Just wanted to mention that this article was first spotted on TMZ, so pretty sure this is fake.


C.ash R.ules E.verything A.round M.e, CREAM get the money………


@Other Song – Haha! Forgot that part.

other song

love the random Wu reference, Cynthia.

To finish off what Method Man said at the very end of the track, “dollar dollar bill y’all oh oh ohhhh YEAH!”


They shouldn’t have picked Quebec for their filming.
That province is arrogant and corrupt, and pretty much hated by the rest of Canada.
I wouldn’t be surprised if this is something similar to what the unions tried to do to Peter Jackson in New Zealand – tried to extort more money out of The Hobbit filming, until he said he’d just move everything to Australia.

Ontario, BC, or the Maritimes would have been better choices.
Vin and Dave Twohy – pack up and move, but don’t stop! There are a lot of fans waiting for it!


He’s stiffin’ people on their paychecks?! Guess he’s a bonafied Hollywood producer now LOL

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