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Vivica A. Fox To Co-Star In Substance Abuse Redemption Drama “Home Run”

Vivica A. Fox To Co-Star In Substance Abuse Redemption Drama "Home Run"

Written by Melanie Wistar, Brian Brightly, Eric Newman and Candace Lee, and directed by David Boyd, Home Run is an independent film about character Cory Brand, a professional baseball player with a substance abuse problem who finds redemption coaching a Little League team.

Tulsa World is reporting that Vivica A. Fox will star in Home Run as Brand’s agent, Helen Landy.

From Tulsa World:

Fox, who completed her 10 days of filming last week in Tulsa and Okmulgee, said the film’s message resonated with her.

“I’ve had major epiphanies in the last couple of years, to be very honest with you,” she said by phone from Los Angeles.

“Sooner or later you’ve got to grow up and look in the mirror at yourself. … I’ve worked to rid myself of negative habits, negative forces, negative friends.

“I’ve focused on my relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ so I can experience all the blessings that he has for me.

“I was really excited about doing this movie. It’s Christian-based, and I’m an absolute sports junkie. I grew up playing basketball, volleyball and track, and I was a cheerleader, … so this was a good fit.”

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I hope they do justice with this film and it’s subject matter.

Substance abuse is an area of concern which affects society and every person on this planet, sometimes directly, or through associations with close loved one and friends.

Yet frequently, the core issues – in a movie format – behind the precarious and dark path of trails and tribulations associated with reaching the point, a point…of a sustained recovery and/or a sense of redemption, have been woefully lacking.

As Vivica mentioned…in a subtle way, I too had to find a way out of my own personal storm (I’ve talk about this before) and that journey is not for the weak of heart. That voyage is complicated by ignorance and lack of education on the powers of an “addiction” and the long…and grueling…and treacherous road to “kick” a habit.

Personally, I’ve known and been associated with hundreds of addicts/substance abusers…however…I can count on my two hands and ten toes, the number of those “victims” who have found their way to the other side.

Is “religion” a part of the solution? Well, I believe that to be true. I’ve never seen anyone sustain a recovery without it.

So in short, I hope Vivica Fox’s words “It’s Christian-based” does not scare some folks away from seeing a movie in which they, or a loved one, can benefit from it’s message.

And again, I hope this film does “it”…”right”.


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