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Warner Bros Releasing Short-Lived “Shaft” TV Series Collection To DVD

Warner Bros Releasing Short-Lived "Shaft" TV Series Collection To DVD

Warner Bros.’ Warner Archive Collection will finally release the short-lived 1973-74 television series based on the trio of Shaft films that preceded it. The TV series, which were more like feature-length movies, with 90-minute running times, also starred Richard Roundtree, who played the titular character in the theatrically-released trilogy.

In all, there were 7 episodes of these TV movie/episodes of Shaft (The Enforcers, The Killing, Hit-Run, The Kidnapping, Cop Killer, The Capricorn Murders, and The Murder Machine) – and I have to admit that, while I’ve watched all 3 feature films, I haven’t seen any of the 7 TV titles; and despite how underwhelming I’ve heard they all were (compared to the big screen movies – notably the 1st 2), I’ll pick up the DVD set when it’s released this Tuesday, October 4th.

Cost? According to, $49.99.

He’s the coolest private detective around, caught up in all the hottest cases. Can you dig it? Richard Roundtree portrays streetsmart Harlem sleuth John Shaft, reprising the film role he played in three trend-setting movies of the early 1970s (and would revisit in the 2000 Shaft remake starring Samuel L. Jackson). In these seven episodes that each ran in a 90-minute timeslot, Shaft likes his women chic, his cars fast and his clothes expensive – and takes the fight to mob lowlifes, scumballs and vigilantes who prey upon Shaft’s pals and other decent, everyday people. And, yes, it just wouldn’t be Shaft without the signature theme music of Isaac Hayes. That’s here, too. Right on!

Why not Blu-ray at this point?

Anyone watched any of the TV episodes?

Here’s what the DVD cover art will look like.

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Terry V. Beard

I Loved All Three Of The ” Shaft ” Movies, … And I Was Born In 1970. And Next To My Dad, Shaft Was One Of The First Strong, Confident, Unyielding Black Men I Ever Saw On TV. That Character Also Was Instrumental In My Growing Up As A Kid. I Even Have An Autographed Photo Of Richard Roundtree !!! But, Even In The TV Series I Noticed A Lack Of African-American Actors Surrounding Him. But He Always Had The Beautiful Black Starlets On His Arm In The TV Show. I Didn’t Care That The ” Shaft ” Character Was Being Sold To The Masses Because As I Could See, He Wasn’t Watered Down, But You Had Kojak, Baretta, And NYPD Cop Shows Based Out Of New York At The Time So Why Put ” Shaft ” In The TV Cop Mixer? I’ve Been Waiting For This Collection To Come Out Since I Saw It On TV In The Early 90’s … It’s Time.


It’s pretty bad. They move Shaft from NY to LA, and surround him with non-Black actors and all of the flavor was gone. If you have to see them, the set is $10 cheaper on the WB Archive site:,default,pd.html?cgid=ARCHIVENEW


I’ve read the whole gritty, urban theme of the movies was made family-friendly by CBS, which intially aired the series in the 70’s . Shaft was transformed into pretty much the generic 70’s private eye, which turned most of Shaft’s fan base. The show subsequently canceled by CBS after one short season


Wow, I never thought they would release these, I’ve always wanted to see them, so you know I’ll be picking up this set.

“Why not Blu-ray at this point?”


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