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Watch: Clark Gregg Kicks Ass In Marvel Short ‘A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Thor’s Hammer’

Watch: Clark Gregg Kicks Ass In Marvel Short 'A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Thor's Hammer'

Marvel Head Kevin Feige Says He Hopes ‘Dr. Strange’ Will Be Part Of Company’s “Phase 2” Plan

The one constant in the uneven world of Marvel universe films so far — aside from the omnipresent Samuel L. Jackson — has been Clark Gregg as S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Phil Coulson. Playing the character almost with a knowing wink to audience as if to acknowledge how silly these comic book movies kind of are, he’s been consistently enjoyable even if the movies he’s in don’t always deliver. As has been talked about for a while, Marvel is continuing to build the on screen universe this time with short films that will make appearances on the DVD/BluRay releases of the movies (the first was “The Consultant” on the “Thor” DVD). And the second short, “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Thor’s Hammer,” boasts a title that is almost as long as the actual movie itself.

The very, very brief movie puts Gregg in a convenience store where he has to square off against two would-be robbers. While the results are predictable, Gregg’s easy charm make it enjoyable enough though we wish Marvel could’ve sprung for some better actors to star in this thing rather than gathering whoever was hanging around the catering table. Super nerds will be happy while everyone else will see it for what it actually is — an expensive DVD extra. Watch below or on the “Captain America: The First Avenger” DVD when it arrives on October 25th.

Update: Speaking of Marvel, you already heard about the company’s “phase 2” plan at this past weekend’s New York Comic Con which will begin with “Iron Man 3,” and will hopefully lead the way to “The Avengers 2.” Well, IGN caught up with Marvel head Kevin Feige and he said that he also hopes “Dr. Strange” will become part of that phase 2 plan. “Finally I can say sooner rather than later [in terms of] some announcements,” Feige said. “I would love to see him become part of phase 2.” [via ComingSoon/via IGN]

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Loved the short! Would’ve liked to have seen it been a bit longer…maybe even more of a fight. I love the concept of these short films. Hopefully, Marvel will expand to include not just “gap-fillers”, but perhaps show case some of the incredible lesser known characters. Like Iron Fist and Luke Cage, Moon Knight, Namor (seeing as how they refrenced Exxon), or Ka-Zar etc. It would be an excellent way to “test the waters” and expose all the cool characters out there that aren’t “top tier”. And hey, bit of trivia…Zach Hudson, the robber on the left in the short, was Tobey Maguire/Spiderman’s stunt double! Love how “connected” this Marvel Universe is…would be cool to see him pop up again somewhere. Maybe he joins SHIELD after giving up crime. Or ends up as one of Marvel’s lesser characters… ‘Nuff said!

Kevin Jagernauth

Oops yeah, I forgot.


This is not the first Marvel short.
The first was on the ‘Thor’ DVD/Blu.
You guys covered it here.
Fucking come on.


So when does he get his own film? Bound to happen.

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