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Watch Episode 1 Of New Web Series “Tokens the Series” (Gamers With *Issues*)

Watch Episode 1 Of New Web Series "Tokens the Series" (Gamers With *Issues*)

Continuing on with the web series beat… as I said previously, I’ve got an inbox full of these, and will be unloading them here, after sifting through the deluge for those that I think stand out above the others.

Last Friday I featured episode 1 of Sasha Compere’s The Chronicles, which was very well received by you folks, so as soon as she drops episode 2, I’ll share it here.

Let’s see what you think about today’s new series.

It’s called Tokens the Series, and is written and directed by Tarik Davis and Don P. Hooper. DeWanda Wise (a name some of you will be familiar with, as she starred in Nikyatu Jusu’s Black Swan Theory, the first S&A Black Filmmaker Challenge winner), Tarik Davis and Don P. Hooper star.

Synopsis reads:

Tokens the Series , an original show produced for the web, captures the life of three New York gamers who meet up to play video games and have therapeutic jam sessions that have nothing to do with gaming.

Episode 1 is titled Mortal Kombat Arrives. Watch it below and share your thoughts in the comments section:

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Clever and very funny….I can see myself and my friends in these characters. Looking forward to watching other episodes.

Faith Gabay

Hope it will be contined. Good protential.


I love this. Hilarious!


This hovers near “funny,” but doesn’t quite reach it. Some of the timing was off, which made it feel improvised in a bad way. I have no idea what third guy’s relation to the brother & sister and the show didn’t establish the group as gamers; more like three people who found a video game.

I’ll come back for an ep or two.


I like the chemistry between the characters. They’re really dysfunctional, but at the same time seems like they know each other well and their crazy habits. Funny stuff, looking forward to more!!


that should say “a bit to the extreme” :)


I love love love this. Yes they push stereotypes to ab it to the extreme, but a lot of the most popular shows on TV past and present tend to push stereotypes to the extreme. Martin – Shenene and Brotha Man.
George Lopez – Every Mexican stereotype was addressed. The Big Bang Theory – Nerds, Jews, Indians. Family Guy, The Simpsons, All these shows cultivate stereo types. People need to take a step back and not take things so seriously and laugh at themselves once in awhile.


@James Jones, I think the stereotypes are part of the humor. Theyre so ridiculous that no sane person would take it seriously. The name of the series is “Tokens” which doesn’t just refer to video game achievements but to the characters as well. I mean, black women don’t sit with Rambo blades behind their backs! Lol!


Funny. The stereo types are so extreme they add to the humor, I think some just miss the point.



yes to the show, no to seeing the knife so often in the hands of a woman! indeed in any hand. I quite understood how the chap felt when hands are put thru his hair – hated it myself . Yes would be good to see this show more often;

sue osborne

enjoyed, wacky, unique, would like to see the characters as they grow within their roles and this would mean more of the series hopefully, live laughter in background would be good when called for – after a hard day at work this is a great show to be able to laugh at ourselves sometime. good luck to the dhow andhope there will be more of them.

James Jones

I think it’s chock full of negative black stereotypes.. And that it promotes things we need to leave behind. We have to remember that every movement in black art is eventually coopted and turned against us.. And for that reason we need to be very careful about what we support. All I saw was a wild headed dude eating chicken and playing the buffoon.. A black woman playing the strong black and potentially violent woman.. Another black man used to depict black children as violent and wild with the shooting on the playground.. And a reinforcement of the idea that all black people steal. This is a far far cry from the Awkward Black Girl level of webseries., and this is exactly the kind of show that would be picked up by a major network to further denigrate the images of black people.


@James, you should peek at the other episodes. Black chick is also a hard core Fox News fan. The extreme stereotypes are all over the place and funny.


The acting is bad and the comic timing is off. The best thing is the opening credits, clearly inspired by Yo Gabba Gabba who have revamped 80’s videogames in that way for years. It’s trying too hard.

Shawn Taylor

Hopefully they will grow into their roles, but it is a great first effort.


I’m liking the originality, thanks for sharing,


This is great… funny and easy to watch.


nice. like the wackiness. need more of that on tv these days. more please.


Oh black women ready to stab someone is funny. See… black and white male writers think alike.

Miss me.


It’s okay. Sneaked a peek at episodes 2 and 3. They don’t live up to the expected potential of 1. Need to fill in the holes. I’d watch for a quick laugh.

Darla & Mark

Gave it two minutes, boring.

Dr. Boogie

SOLD @ :37!!!!!! Count me in……Especially at, “Kisha is dead to me!!!!, It’s really a sad story”……


I like it! It’s funny — with lots of potential. Decent performances from a likable cast. Look forward to other (more substantial) episodes!


Thanks for posting these!


It’s a lil hammy, but it’s cute. I like the premise and the writing is decent, they just need to learn more subtlety in their acting. Or they should add a laugh track so the overacting works better :)

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