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Watch Episode 3 Of New Sci-Fi/Thriller Web Series “Osiris”

Watch Episode 3 Of New Sci-Fi/Thriller Web Series "Osiris"

Here’s episode #3 of Donnie Leapheart’s 10-episode sci-fi/action/thriller web series titled Osiris.

Starring Brad James in the title role, the series centers on the trials of the title character, Osiris – a man who, when killed, is resurrected after exactly 37 minutes.

Episode 3, titled I’m Not Some Superhero, features the series debut of actors Charmin Lee (Girlfriends) and Nicky Buggs (The Secret Life of Bees).

Check out the series’ Facebook page HERE.

Watch episode 3 below:

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Intriguing and very well done!


not feeling this at all. after three episodes, I still don’t see a real storyline here, and the lead actor isn’t really a leading man at all… he isn’t capable of carrying a series. none of the actors are really that good, empty writing and empty performances. don’t see the point of it, sorry.


love this series


I like it! It took me a while to get into it (had to make it past episode 2…something about the main actor wasn’t vibing well with me), but episode 3 hooked me. I’m digging it. Most definitely.


I’m digging on Osiris! The cinematography is great with a unique premise. Very good production value. Keep it up!

If anyone is looking for a relationship drama, I want you guys to check out my show, Breaking Point. It’s more of a primetime drama/soap than Osiris with a diverse cast of scandalous people. If drama is your thing, I think you’d love it if you gave it a shot.

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