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Watch – Everything Is A Remix: “The Matrix”

Watch - Everything Is A Remix: "The Matrix"

Some Friday fun… What’s that saying about everything old being new again… or is it the one about there not really being any original ideas… or is it the one about it all being already done before… or… :)

Everything Is A Remix: THE MATRIX from on Vimeo.

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that dude

does this mean that Sophia Stewart wrote everything that the Matrix was inspired by as well?

and when will black people people let that silly conspiracy theory go?


I’m going to be “That Guy”

Time for a moratorium on “Supercuts” (Well, maybe this one in particular)

This was a lazy assemblage. Most of the fight scenes reference Yuen Woo Ping’s own work. Where’s the wonder in that?
The literary / Anime references were acknowledged in the films EPKs / extras so again not a big revelation.

Running up a decade later with your FCPX skills and dumping it on the world with a ish eating grin like you discovered the Ark of the Covenant is not the one.

If you cut this down to the new finds this would be about 30 sec long.

Plus they missed a the nose flick at the start.

That was pure Bruce Lee baby…


Hollywood should be thanking anime, Asian-action-cinema, Chow-Yun Fat* and Philip K. Dick for creating sooo much for them to jack, I mean re-invent, transform, transmogrify, etc. But again, how many times can you film SWAT storming a stronghold or Master-Teacher and young grasshopper performing age-old jujitsu techniques of over-hand backstands in 0-gravity or twirls and spins, kicks and punches before all become familiar and seem familiar and are familiar and nothing new under the sun…? Great mash-up.


As usual, had a long response, but trying to rein myself in

Loved the video, love THE MATRIX and nothing is new. Accept that & you’ll live longer LOL

Thanks for the Friday chuckle Tambay!

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