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Watch First Episode of Milk & Honey Web Series, Exec Produced by Idris Elba

Watch First Episode of Milk & Honey Web Series, Exec Produced by Idris Elba

Here’s the first episode of the new web series Milk & Honey, which Tambay profiled back in January. The Idris Elba-produced scripted series, created by Chicago natives Brown Paper Dolls (Dana Gills, Asha Kamali May, and Jeanette McDuffie), centers on 4 black women living in Los Angeles, who are on “spiritual, professional and romantic journeys to make their dreams reality.”

The series stars Lance Gross, Faune Chambers, Bryce Wilson, Debbie Allen and brand newcomers Yaani King, Shauntay Hinton, Charles Divins and Rob Smith.

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Dirk Digger

WEAK. Why do black shows always feel the need to BE BLACK SHOWS? Just be a show with great character development Who are these people? Why do we care about them? Debbie Allen was the most memorable character in this pilot. Idris Elba should have fired everyone except Debbie Allen. Here is some news, just build the show around Debbie Allen. She will hold it all together.


I am always pleased to see brown faces at work, especially when they aren't casted as pimps, drug dealers, hoes, and baby mamas. The pilot did what it's supposed to do…leave you with questions. I look forward to seeing more. Give it a chance people. It's not a big-budget Hollywood production; it's a web series.

Pinkie Winkie

Interesting….I look forward to more!!


Disappointed. They hooked me with the glossy promo and inclusion of Debbie Allen and Yanni King, but…where is the substance? They give you no idea of who the characters really are, just what they do (or want to do) for a living.

I’ll admit upfront that have an issue with watching web series about actors pursuing their dreams- it’s so overdone and, at the end of the day, not that deep- but I was really willing to overlook that for this one. It’s too bad that the woman playing the actress is not good at all. I was relieved that she didn’t get into the master class; she WAS terrible and who can’t be off book for a four line poem or whatever that was? Also, who auditions with a poem and not a monologue?

I felt like this episode was just snippets and I don’t know how they got 11 minutes of episode out of what seemed like 4 pages of material.

I really, really want to like this but I need more to go off of. The cinematography is amazing, there are some really great people involved, and of course, HBCU love, but come on. Get thee to a writer’s room!


Not perfect but it looks promising. Either way, this show is seriously giving me the urge to go makeup shopping.


Been waiting for this forever! Gotta say though, I’m not a fan of this pilot. But I intend to give it a few more episodes, and I’m hoping it will get better. Does anyone know how often they will be dropping episodes?


I want to like it but I don’t. I need more of an introduction to these characters. I need a reason to care. It looks good visually though. I hope it gets better. I want success for the Milk & Honey team.


I really like the looks of this. The inclusion of Debbie Allen adds a level of flair to the project that is definitely appreciated. And Shauntay Hinton, who’s been off the scene for while, looks better than ever, if you catch my drift.


I agree with darkan; this episode didn’t make much sense or give me an idea of who any of the characters are or their relationships to one another. It felt like it was trying to imitate something we’ve seen before. I really, really hope future episodes get better, with the characters being more defined and the story lines actually going somewhere.(On the upside, a lot of my favorite shows had pretty weak pilot episodes, but got significantly better over time).


Thanks for posting about this. I’ve been waiting to see it. I liked the first episode can’t wait to see what they have next.


…. The editing and bad pacing killed any and all character development. I have no idea what the show is about or who the characters are? WTH was that?!!


I like it so far. Lots of room to grow. Not a fan of the Nia character, but it has potential. This is def a buppie girl fantasy. lol

IJ Clinton

Thanks! Been looking forward to this for a while.

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