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Watch: Guess Who Dies In The Excellent New Trailer For ‘Mission: Impossible—Ghost Protocol’

Watch: Guess Who Dies In The Excellent New Trailer For ‘Mission: Impossible—Ghost Protocol’

Yes, it starts off a little hammy with some pretty boilerplate dialogue — “We’re live.” “Abort!” “It was a set up..” — and an unnecessary plug for the iPhone, but it’s not long before the new trailer for “Mission: Impossible—Ghost Protocol” settles right in and delivers the big, badass set pieces you expect when you plunk down your $12 at the multiplex.

Marking the live action debut of “The Incredibles” director Brad Bird, he is clearly going big or going home. Like the “Contagion” trailer earlier this year, we get a character death in this one too as — **spoiler alert**Tom Wilkinson eats it in a rather spectacular fashion after uttering the famous line, “Your mission, should you decide to accept it.” From there, this thing goes full throttle and white knuckle with an endless array of dazzling set pieces and action sequences. Clearly, no amount of money has been spared and this thing is gonna blow out your eye sockets. And despite the presence of all kinds of digital gadgets and tomfoolery, ‘Ghost Protocol’ — at least in trailer form — avoids the trap of becoming obsessed with its toys and keeps things physical and visceral, because Bird wisely knows that’s the stuff that gets pulses pounding.

Yeah, this thing won’t be up for Best Picture, but we’d be lying if we didn’t say that “Mission: Impossible—Ghost Protocol” was near the top of our list of films to see in December. Could Brad Bird have delivered the best installment yet? We’re betting on it. Join Ethan and company on December 16th in IMAX or on December 21st at a theater near you. Turn up your speakers and watch below.

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Peter A

What would impress me is filmmakers clever enough to make an exciting movie without violating the laws for physics right in the trailer. Sadly, Mr. Bird fails that test. Sir, an explosion does not propel you kicking and waving through the air like a great gust of wind. The shock wave purees your insides even if shrapnel never touches you. Ask an Israeli or war veteran or others who have lived with explosions, instead of learning physics from past Mission Impossible trash.


The trailer is fantastic in the portions where the characters aren’t speaking. The minute they open their mouths, it’s really cliched and unsophisticated and the performances seem…barely adequate. At least they brought back the MI theme in this trailer instead of Eminem. The theme is arguably a bigger asset to the series than Tom Cruise. It was dumb to have skipped it in the last trailer.

Gabe Toro

Yeeeah! I too feel like a woman!


Woohoo!! Paula Patton looks like a strong, empowered and sexy IMF agent. Hahah.. freakin’ fantastic, can’t wait! Man! I feel like a woman!

Sam J.

Looks horrible.


I agree that this, along with Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows, could be fun improvements over their predecessors.


this looks terrible. Nothing worse than 40+ year old Renner and 50 + year old Cruise (in capri pants) trying to look young and play roles better served for guys 10 years there junior.

I know the film hipster thing to do is act like this movie is going to be awesome because it’s from a Pixar director, but this looks terrible


Any guesses on which villain character takes their face off in the last act to reveal the real Tom Wilkinson?


fuck y


Site continues to seem in the bag for Mission Impossible. Woooof. Trailer is terrible. Nothing added from the teaser this year. A big Dubai tax deduction. Renner passed on starring in The Master for this dreck????


Yahoo couldn’t suck more even if they tried.

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