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Watch: New ‘War Horse’ Trailer Shows Off More Of The Film’s Breathtaking Imagery

Watch: New 'War Horse' Trailer Shows Off More Of The Film's Breathtaking Imagery

Based on the novel by Michael Morpurgo, which has also been turned into an acclaimed stage play, “War Horse” almost seems too easy as piece of awards season bait (okay, maybe not as easy as putting Tom Hanks in a 9/11 drama, but still). The film follows a young man named Albert (Jeremy Irvine) and his horse, Joey, and how their bond is broken when Joey is sold to the cavalry and sent to the trenches of World War I. Despite being too young to enlist, Albert heads to France to save his friend. Essentially, a dude goes off to rescue his equine friend, tears ensue. Right?

Well, not quite. While Steven Spielberg could easily phone this material in, we’ll be damned if this latest trailer for “War Horse” that popped up over at Empire, didn’t put a lump in our throat. The director seems to be working at the top of his game, and while many will cynically want to toss this off as “typical” Spielberg, he really hasn’t done this kind of film in about a decade. Yes, he’s back in a familiar wheelhouse, but the scope and scale somehow feels fresh, the cinematography is downright stunning and the story has us suckered. This latest trailer utilizes the same template as the first trailer, focusing more on imagery and mood, but there is a bounty of new footage and scenes and less of the narration that carried the initial spot. All in all it works very well, and there is little doubt that “War Horse” will be a huge Oscar contender.

“War Horse” will open on Christmas Day. Be brave and watch the trailer below.

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Oh, sure, you’re a “scribe” working at a “trade”. Especially the “scribe” part is so obvious. Now go see if your pot of gold’s still there. Or is that a leprechaun?


Snarkers of Hollywood should shut their fucking cock-sucking mouths when it comes to works like this. I get it, your so indie, good for you, you hipster douch bags. I work at a trade and am jaded by so much that comes out, but this project is going to be fucking epic. People like brian, remy, kneber need to get off their mom’s couch and stop masturbating so much, the cum in your eye is affecting your vision.


Personally speaking, I scoff not at the story or the book it was based on or at loving animals and human beings or animals only or whatever. It’s the TRAILER I find cheesy, generic at best (“Hope survives”?? How many times have you seen that in a trailer? ). I understand that not every trailer out there can be “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” teaser or even “The Pig with the Froggy Tattoo” for that matter, but maybe if they could infuse more finesse and originality in the process rather than the usual suspects of the sweeping grandiose score, the melodramatic one-liners and the absolutely ridiculous intertitles.


The technical awards are all but assured, but the marketing department is leaving the actual plot out of all the trailers they’ve released so far. They better come up with a story-centered one before December.

Also, people, stop being so cynical, this is a film aimed at younger/whole family audiences, not every Spielberg film has to be in the vein of Munich. There’s a reason the novel and play have been so successful (and revered, not merely financially successful), and that would be what drew Kennedy & Spielberg to the project, an authentic heart against a seriously dramatic backdrop. But y’all aren’t content to just write it off as sentimental syrup, you also have to go on and on about how its very existence is some kind of threat to all other films and styles. Lighten up.


The “be brave, be brave, be brave” line is from Benedict Cumberbatch – “Sherlock” “Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy” and one of the great actors of our time (or maybe anytime).
Also its from a book loved for years by young people. It is from the viewpoint of the horse. The stage play is loved by people. I haven’t figured out why “emotion” and love for someone or an animal or anything like that is to be scoffed at. People Do care about others and in this case someone who through a war where thousands and thousands of horses were killed (read your history) he never gives up on finding his horse.
I see nothing to laugh about or put down about about it.
The main thing to do is just not go. And for the people who do see it and i’m sure will love it – good for them.


Looks like a joke trailer for an Oscar winner from Tropic Thunder 2. It’ll probably make a lot of money though.


I just can not muster any excitement on any level for this film. I trust Spielberg and will obviously not be surprised if this turns out to be great film. But for now….meh.

Ryan Sartor

That “Be brave, be brave, be brave” thing is gonna be a big deal, I think.


you Playlist people are so ridiculous


*This* put a lump in your throat? Seriously? I need back-to-back viewings of “Atonement”/ “Blackadder” Season 4 to recover from the “cheesiness” of this trailer.

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