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Watch Now: 3rd Action-Packed Trailer for ‘Red Tails’ with Terrence Howard, Cuba Gooding, Jr.

Watch Now: 3rd Action-Packed Trailer for 'Red Tails' with Terrence Howard, Cuba Gooding, Jr.

Spike recently posted a third trailer for George Lucas’ World War II drama Red Tails.

As a refresher, the cast includes Terrence Howard, Cuba Gooding Jr., Tristan Wilds, Michael B. Jordan, Andre Royo, Ne-Yo, Method Man, David Oyelowo, and Aml Ameen.

See the action after the jump.

Red Tails Trailer

Directed by Anthony Hemmingway, Red Tails is scheduled to hit screens January 20th.

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Soooooo. . . it’s Top Gun? I mean, this is the only clip I’ve seen so far, but it looks like a black, period Top Gun to me. . .

Carlton Jordan

This movie looks like its gonna suck. Check out my website Hollywood Official instead.


This is the most exciting clip of the film I’ve seen so far. If they keep this up they should be able to get a nice opening weekend.


Why the bellyaching over the inclusion of non-actors. Its the subject matter we should celebrate.

Duncan MaNutz

Ne-Yo & Method Man…? are you serious ?..Have we run out of Real Black Actors ? I really don’t get it…..I refuse to believe that’s its about Marketing and I refuse to see a film that will cast a rapper over an actor, especially if they are barely entertaining in their own genre. …I’ll Pass.


I’ll rent it…

L.A. Proper

This looks awful! I hope the talented African-American actors aren’t squandered by another George Lucas fiasco.

I love Anthony Hemingway’s other work, and If you want to see a film by another award-winning African-American writer director, check out Barry Canty’s “L.A. Proper” at the link below.

Mark Buffalo

This is Cuba Gooding Jr.’s first non-straight to DVD film since American Gangster (2007). I hope it’s not his last.

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