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Watch: Reese Witherspoon Makes Tom Hardy & Chris Pine Act Like Idiots In ‘This Means War’ Trailer

Watch: Reese Witherspoon Makes Tom Hardy & Chris Pine Act Like Idiots In 'This Means War' Trailer

If yesterday, the “Act Of Valor” trailer, though jingoistic, at least displayed that the Navy SEALs do some actual work in protecting their country, it appears their brethren over at the C.I.A. have a lot more time on their hands.

The first trailer has arrived for “This Means War,” and despite assembling Tom Hardy, Chris Pine and Reese Witherspoon, it’s suddenly quite clear why folks like Sam Worthington, Bradley Cooper, Seth Rogen, Colin Farrell and Justin Timberlake all turned down chances to star in the movie that has been in development for nearly a decade. Its age clearly shows. The razor-thin plot centers on two C.I.A. agents who find out they are dating the same girl and then both decide she’s worth fighting for, essentially utilizing the agency’s time, resources and weapons to try and kill each other. Of course, it appears as though the very fact that the girl they were seeing was also dating somebody else isn’t a dealbreaker for either of these guys. And sitting through this turgid trailer, we’re not really sure why Witherspoon is worth Hardy and Pine blowing shit up in order to get her. It should probably be no surprise that this slick piece of schlock was directed by none other than “Charlie’s Angels” and “Terminator Salvation” auteur McG.

Anyway, if you want to ruin your shot at getting lucky, bring a date to see “This Means War” on February 17, 2012. Synopsis and trailer below (or in HD at Apple).

The world’s deadliest CIA operatives are inseparable partners and best friends until they fall for the same woman. Having once helped bring down entire enemy nations, they are now employing their incomparable skills and an endless array of high-tech gadgetry against their greatest nemesis ever – each other.

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This blog kinda makes sense. I mean it kind of wastes these actor’s talents, but since if they could earn some laugh?



ugh. Why does no one complain when a girl is “too young” for a guy, like in 99% of Hollywood movies? And what constitutes too old? She’s a year older than Tom Hardy. Four years older than Chris Pine.


I guess the premise does sound fun, but the trailer feels way too derivative of Mr. and Mrs Smith, to the point of making it look boring.


Come’on guys, it looks surprisingly fun to be honest.


I dunno, it looks kind of fun. I love both Pine and Hardy, so watching them against each other should be a lot of fun. Though i wish they had gotten someone other than Reese Witherspoon. She’s too old for them.


Hey, Hardy gotta eat. It’s actually not that bad of a trailer. Looks kind of a like True Lies/Mr & Mrs Smith type deal, but audiences quite like this sort of thing, and both Pine and Hardy will elevate the material. Women will come to see this one, which is probably why their agents urged them to do it.


well, there goes Hardy’s great track record.


I smirked when Hardy tranked Pine.

Cory Everett

Chris Pine’s face is almost perfectly symmetrical on the poster. Tom Hardy’s expression could use some work.


seriously, if only it had a creative, unique plot about a driver going after a mob boss after a job gone bad!

Kevin Klawitter

The trouble is they could have used the considerable resources and talents available to this movie to make something more worthwhile instead of another generic, disposable action/comedy.

Jack Reigert

Random Star Trek connection – Chris Pine (James Kirk) and Tom Hardy (Shinzon) together on screen. I wasn’t interested in this movie until they cast these two in it. I hope this movie is a grand critical and commercial success.


i guess that no one thinks to win some Awards with this movie so where is the trouble if it’s entertaining?

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